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  1. Have checked the MPU - I can't see this doing much to hinder this working... Just need to crack/patch barboot.
  2. Thanks @Andrew96_ Do you have anymore information, specifically the purpose of the MPU does it handle encryption?
  3. So you're telling me there is no way to get barboot working on windows xp......
  4. I've cloned a working drive but I'm unable to get it to boot at present, I assume you have this running on a pc? Any info on how to get it to boot? barboot.exe doesn't exist... thinking there is some kind of on the fly decompression. Any info helpful as my aim is to get these running without an MPU.
  5. just to confirm yes this unit has a mpu6
  6. What is the purpose of the MPU? I thought it was to handle notes, licensing etc not actually running the software? Can't be as that runs on the windows side? BPAK files?
  7. Hi All Anyone know if anyone has successfully cloned a drive and emulated it via virtualization software? Would like to have my own "PC" terminal that plays everything. Any info on barboot and bpak files would be appreciated. thanks
  8. Hey all New here, long time programmer in multiple languages / hacker / modder / tinkerer I have a access to a T7 terminal I believe and two hard drives with multiple games on. I have cloned one already with the aim of building a windows VM with the software working - have lots of experience with this kind of stuff and vm's / modifying software. Firstly just wanted to say hi and also ask, does anyone have an further information in regards to the the ability of running BPAK files in windows? Let alone extracting them? Not looking to run anything in 'real' mode just
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