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  1. Deanofitz

    Deal or No Deal sound eprom error

    Yes I read this elsewhere, but I knew to align the notches when moving to the new card. May try another card incase for the sake of £15, but I'm hoping someone knows where I could get replacement eproms
  2. Deanofitz

    Deal or No Deal sound eprom error

    I've only just replaced with a 'tested' program card purchased from fruitmachineworld. Think it's worth buying another in case it was defective?
  3. Deanofitz

    Deal or No Deal sound eprom error

    Hi, I picked up a non working Bellfruit DOND Big Deal £70 jackpot machine off fb market place literally knowing nothing but thought it would look cool in the home bar. I worked through the first 3 issues being the power supply, the scorpion 4 mpu and the programme card. Now I am getting a SND PROM ERR 95. Checked the proms are seated correctly and have continuity from proms to board and still the same. Thinking I need to replace the proms. But how to find them, programme them or where could I get them? Many thanks.
  4. Deanofitz

    Hi, I'm clueless

    Everything..... But it's now got a refurbished mpu and program card. Got issue with my sound proms now it seems. Have SND PROM ERR 95 showing on display. Checked they are seated and have continuity and checks out OK, so next is to replace Proms I think... But how???
  5. Hi, I'm a unfortunate owner of a bellfruit DOND machine, (I can hear the groans) a impulse buy from FB market place as a non working machine. No clue or experience but working for a electronics manufacturering company I thought with the aid of the design and test boffins in the office 'we' could get this machine working. Hahaha hahaha. Short of burning it, or creating an elaborate coffin for Mr Edmonds himself, I'm going to be pleading for some geniuses good nature in helping me out.