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  1. Hi all all I can say is all I’m after is help I’m of an older generation and didn’t know I did anything wrong I only asked for help and advice I’m a total novice when it comes IT/computers etc this is the only way I could find on this forum I could find how to ask my question if I was wrong I’m sorry like I say I struggle to find my way round IT. But hi to everyone.
  2. Is this what I get for asking for help I had know idea I had to make a donation.do not pre judge me of what has happened before I thought I might get some help and advice from this site.
  3. I honestly meant nothing be my comment simply meant to have help and I would be happy to have working machine for my personal enjoyment I can’t help what other people have done in the past don’t judge all people the same by what they have previously done. Thanks
  4. Hi Andrew sorry for you previous experience regarding the above message but I’m a genuine person and I have bought this as it reminds me of my youth. Im not into it too sell for profit if you don’t do the chips anymore can you point me in the right direction any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  5. Can anyone help
  6. Thanks hopefully I will leave happy too
  7. Hi thanks for the add. can anyone help I’m after a programme card for a line up fruit machine arcade version. Thanks