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  1. kevt

    buffy machine epoch mk2 help pleas

    also R29 gets a little to warm when the psu is simply powered on the bench. then when i bridge the two sync pins like in the pic Q1 gets very hot again with no load, its pulling 23w with no load 19.4w of that is just the transformer
  2. got an old buffy machine, replaced the old faulty psu with the mk2 and was all working fine for months then i left it on for around 20 mins and the psu burnt out., i replaced all the faulty parts and get lights on apart from neg 12v unless i bridge with two first connectors on the sync cable, the the fet Q1 gets way to warm and the machine gets stuck on got initialise 6 on boot up then resets any ideas ? the resistor r26 any idea on the value and package type i have put a 1206 0.5ohm but need to verify thats the correct value
  3. good morning all just joined in the last few days, got an old buffy machine i did repair with the mk2 psu and that burnt out so trying to repair it again.