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  1. Dotteddown

    De soldering station -pace

    Hi Bob, Just played it back and yes your right it does ! Bloody hell I didn’t realise it was so loud, I’ll try put another vid up tomorrow with no music. Thanks for pointing out, I was in a rush as per usual I must use my brain more 😆
  2. Dotteddown

    De soldering station -pace

    Anyone please ???
  3. Dotteddown

    De soldering station -pace

    Good evening everyone, I recently bought a de soldering Staion of e bay with the hope of leading to use it on old boards. Then eventually try to repair my own machines at home. After a short wait it arrived today and couldn’t wait to take a look. Bit disappointed with the condition to be honest, I’ve no idea what I’m looking at and don’t even know how to use it but it looks like it’s had a hard life to me ? There was no power lead supplied either so I can’t even switch it on to test! bugger ! Ive uploaded a short vid, if anyone could tell me what they think and also is there anything else I need to get me going apart from a power lead ? I did buy a brand new tip which came today as well. Cheers Jamie IMG_6147.MOV
  4. Dotteddown

    Get Lucky (Mpu3)

    Great story Steve, a rare find 👌🏻 look forward to seeing it on your page all the best Jamie
  5. Dotteddown

    Desoldering stations?

    Thanks for the advice i managed to get a 624 type for now from Farnells to get me going.
  6. Dotteddown

    The first fruity..

    What a great story, awesome ! I too love the barcrest mpu3 machines, so nostalgic
  7. Dotteddown

    Desoldering stations?

    Hello chaps, I have bought this with the hope of practicing on a few old boards with the hope of learning to do small jobs on my machines in future. Like battery removal Thanks for the heads up Andrew, where’s best place to buy a new tip from anyone ?
  8. Dotteddown

    CTL Eachway Shuffle (SRU)

    Looking forward to seeing the finished product, I wish I had the capabilities to take on something like that. Brilliant
  9. Dotteddown

    JPM Eachway Nudger MK2 Glass for sale

    Sorted it Rob 👍🏻 Lot easier to get in and out to work on thanks mate
  10. Dotteddown

    Coin-mec barcrest

  11. Dotteddown

    Coin-mec barcrest

    Well after many many tries I finally got the new fifties going in 👍🏻 once again thanks slotto for the instructions 🙏🏻 It has given me a little insight to how the coin mecs work now. excellent 😃 Tried to load a little clip but didn’t work will try later IMG_5868.MOV
  12. Dotteddown

    Coin-mec barcrest

    Hi Slotto, Ive got a few hours spare today so will give this a go, thankyou for the help mate it’s appreciated. Even though I have limited knowledge I do enjoy working on these machines.
  13. Dotteddown

    Coin-mec barcrest

    Hello peps, I’ve got to do a little work on my machine to get it perfect, one job being to get it to take the new 50p. It may of already been updated to do so I’m not 100% sure but previous owners think it is. lookimg at the coin when dropped in it gets stuck in the channel as the channel seems to wide for the coin to run down ? Is there any was of adjusting this, I’ve had a look but can’t figure it out? unfortunately I have no experience with coin mechanisms so another learning curve for me 😃
  14. Dotteddown

    JPM Eachway Nudger MK2 Glass for sale

    The anger/rage when it are all your pocket money or wages 😂
  15. Dotteddown

    Tuppenny Topper

    Looks awesome, never seen one of these before 👌🏻👍🏻