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  1. Slotto

    Barcrest high rise

    Well Friday night after a few to many vodkas I got a message from a friend offering me this said it was in good condition and fully working so I thought why not so it arrived Saturday looked ok few scratches opened the back that's were the looks ok ended 😩 To start the tubes ( see photos ) only the token tube and 20p tube were present strange gets worse the £1 and 10p pay out units were missing as you can see white pipes in there place very crude but the pipe where the 10p tube should be it put the coins straight into the pay tray and when you collected you only got 20ps the pounds counted down but as no payout unit there nothing could pay out really why do you do that but that's not it upon switching it on it was dead except the token solinoid half pulsed but no light on the mpu so it wasn't a working machine then so I removed the mpu and yep a very rotten battery removed it but the board was damaged not really anywhere to re fit a new battery as the solider points were rotted away so I thought well this won't work again but gave the mpu a good clean with electrical cleaner put it back in the machine and just plugged the power supply into and by some miracle it lit up so I replaced the rest of the plugs and one fuse in the power supply and you can see the end result it worked took 4 hours to re wire and rebuild the pay outs and some other cosmetic work and that's the end result it only has one problem the token mech switches are dead takes tokens no credit and a tube sensor plugged in causes an alarm it's gonna be that mpu I'm lucky it worked at all so for the time being I've got it paying out 20ps instead of tokens for now until I sort an mpu and the coin mech just needs reprogramming just thought I would share was an interesting little project and a warning don't drink and buy lol 😩
  2. Years ago They did a special £1000 jackpot version in that machine for the casino market I played it a few times would like to know how much it would take to get the jackpot 😩
  3. Slotto

    Refill key 87000

    Pm me your address I will post you one off got plenty spare no prob
  4. Hi I've recently purchased a fully working jpm plus money it's a great machine in very good condition but it just needs a couple of bits the chrome work needs restoring which is not a problem what I really need is a set of reel bands the ones currently fitted are un damaged but very yellow from the years of fluorescent tube lighting does any one have a decent set of reel bands or can re-produce a set for me I will pay for them either way it will just set the machine off once the chrome work is restored 😊 Thank you
  5. Slotto

    Coin-mec barcrest

    Glad you sorted it out and the instructions helped just takes a little bit of patience
  6. Slotto

    Coin-mec barcrest

    Pull the long retaining piece off the top it slides towards you then the main part will will come off this has an L shape bar two screws hold this in place you need to adjust this bar so the new 50p slides along the main part of the mech you took out and the L shape bar it only needs a small adjustment it's reall trial and error I've done all mine new 10p and 50p once the coin slides without falling through replace it back into the main mech and test it you'll prob have to adjust it a few times to get it right also the black piece of plastic on the coin mech you'll need to put sometime over the gap or the coin will fall out the back or jam before it reaches the micro switch use tape or a small piece of plastic carfully glued to it if you really struggle you can send me the piece of mech and I will sort it and return it hope this helps
  7. Slotto

    Mpu 3 power supply prob

    Thanks Ronnie will have a look but it's years since I tested anything like that lol will see if I can remember
  8. Slotto

    Mpu 3 power supply prob

    Thanks midibob when the fuse breaks you can still see the wire each end of the fuse but it blows instantly can you tell me what 7.5 amp fuse/12v supply is used for in that Machine I think it's the board to be honest it's in a bad way to begin couple of the outer tracks were blown badly lifted away from the circuit board the cover inside was very marked where it had blown I repaired the tracks replaced the leaky battery and it worked but the alpha display was a lot brighter than normal the machine it came out of was arwful the power supply was bodged all the fuses were 20amp no lights and very burnt wasn't mine I brought it cheap and now I know why oh well thank you for the info I will have to re look at it
  9. Slotto

    Mpu 3 power supply prob

    Hi I'm after any more info if anyone can help I've changed the bridge rectifer 7.5 amp fuse still blows when it's connected to the mpu disconnect it from the mpu and the fuse doesn't blow it goes instantly I'm pretty sure it's the mpu just wanted to ask if there's any thing else it could be ? Also does Anyone have any working mpu3 boards / power supply they want to sell thank you
  10. Slotto

    Mpu 3 power supply prob

    No prob thank you will test them first and if they are faulty will find some if for some reason there ok is there any thing else it could be ? Was on today for 2/3 hours then just went off ?
  11. Slotto

    Mpu 3 power supply prob

    That's great thank you for that information do you know which type I require and were is best to get them from
  12. Slotto

    Mpu 3 power supply prob

    Hi was I just wondering if anyone can help I have barcrest royal exchange mpu3 and it just went off found that the 7.5 amp fuse had blown in the power supply changed the fuse just blew straight away no smoke or smell coming from the mpu etc I'm reluctant to try the board or Power supply in my razzle dazzle in case it damages that machine any idea what I should be looking at thank you
  13. Slotto

    CTL Eachway Shuffle (SRU)

    Looks great will be worth all the hard work in the end a classic brought back to life 30 years ago we dumped them by the lorry load such a shame I didn't realise at the time what they would be worth now not money wise but to a genuine collector that needs one 😔
  14. Slotto

    £1 not going into hopper

    Some of these mechs have an extra plug fitted next to the routing plug with a single wire normally white this is a pound coin divert depending what machine it is this needs to be plugged in and I have had issues with these being converted to new pound and ignoring the routing plug and putting all coins to the bottom and giving £1 credits for a ten pence just extra info in case
  15. Slotto


    Phil it could well be I did enough of them must be some floating around out there I should of signed them 😊