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  1. Last year a fully restored paper boy was for sale at a show I was at £7000 looked like new and in one of the pictures is an old dragons lair cabinet had it still been that laser disc game and mint they change hands for over £10k I had one at my parents house it got scraped 30years ago 😩
  2. Friend of mine needed some and theses are all he could find he tried everywhere theses were the only ones he could find on eBay think they still have some hope this helps
  3. Thank you Worked with fruit machines for over 40 years converted 100s it's easy and I stripped loads of these down and converted them each way nugders and nudge double ups etc at least when I'm bored of the game I can swap it 😊
  4. Thank you got limited space for machines so it helps and I can convert it in less than an hour 😊
  5. And I think they made a 2p £1.00 or £1.50 jackpot called silver shuffle ctl conversion
  6. Hi all built this cashfalls up today had the glasses and reels etc hanging about it was a super track before and before that a plus money and fancied another change lock down boredom I suppose I've not Seen this game for years the glasses are 95% good few little tiny marks but touched in what i could and the game plays well it's different to super track and I can change it back to any of the previous easily 😊
  7. Hi sorry about the delay I think you would be better buying another board with an actel chip that can be removed then just swap over you actel and eproms into it and do a reset and you should be fine
  8. Yes the actel chip needs to go with the roms looking at your pic again if your original board is the one with the soldiered chip then you then the new one you brought is no good what ever you do you need that actel chip with your rom set and I never had a battery leak on one of those to be honest I've not come across many old machines with them in mostly new ones what machine is it out of interest ? And which is your original board
  9. Also be careful when you remove the actel chip easy to bend the many pins on each side remove from the corner with a very thin tool i.e. Long pin if you don't have a chip removal tool and it needs to go back in the exact same way and when you power up keep the test button on the board pressed down to perform a ram clear
  10. Hello You'll need to swap the actel chip ( second plicture were it says Heber ltd ) from your old board to the new one if you cannot then the new board won't work as that's part of the program to make your game work also check it there are any links on your board j1 j2 j3 these links if fitted need to match your old board
  11. Scoodyemu as requested a video got a couple of jps 😊 IMG_0787.MOV
  12. I'm sure yours will look great I was just right place right time played it tonight great game I've not played it since I was a kid so good m very happy 😀
  13. Sorry I've just picked this up today it's a minter and a great game hopefully yours will be even nicer once you've finished 😊
  14. Slotto


    Hi is this a rio video cabinet if it is and it is displaying that on the screen normally it's the pc not booting up there's a small red button on the pc were all the leads go if this not lit then it won't boot up press and hold the button this will boot up the pc and game should start the main cause is a flat battery in the pc so auto boot up the battery can be changed unfortunately the cmos needs an access code to allow you to reset the auto boot and barcrest at the time wouldn't give out this info this might be no help but working on theses for many years it was a common prob on older units
  15. Hi all I'm having an issue with a jpm mps power supply ( yellow label ) it's lost its 5volts can anyone point me in the right direction to what could be causing the issue with it and what I might need to do to fix the issue many thanks
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