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  1. Slotto

    £1 not going into hopper

    Some of these mechs have an extra plug fitted next to the routing plug with a single wire normally white this is a pound coin divert depending what machine it is this needs to be plugged in and I have had issues with these being converted to new pound and ignoring the routing plug and putting all coins to the bottom and giving £1 credits for a ten pence just extra info in case
  2. Slotto


    Phil it could well be I did enough of them must be some floating around out there I should of signed them 😊
  3. Slotto


    Fantastic job pain staking restoration but worth it in the end I remember converting theses onto old supa track and fast tracks etc and they never looked that good 😊
  4. Slotto

    pretty penny arcade

    Nope she had them all scrapped while I was away so she could sell my house evil bitch 😡
  5. Slotto

    pretty penny arcade

    Lucky b*****d what a dream room I used to have a room with 16 machines all 80s machines and all ex demo so like new till my ex wife nicked them all and ran when I was away along with everything else I had 😔
  6. Slotto

    JPM Pool Play Incoming!

    Sorry late reply it was in Leicester and it was around 1980-82 I think everywhere had machine in laws were totally different then even the barbers shop had a bell fruit fore aft in there 😊
  7. Slotto

    JPM Pool Play Incoming!

    Yes I was young when I played it in there the chippy had an adders and ladders and the video shop had a doddgy club machine in the back and a win sprint in the shop
  8. Slotto

    JPM Pool Play Incoming!

    I remember that machine well they had that in the local Chinese where I lived in the days where you had fruit machines in every chippy and cafe and video shop will be nice to see it restored and working 😊
  9. Slotto

    Small (225mm) flow tube.

    I have completely removed the flo tube systems from the machines mainly electrocoin and Astra casino cabinet as they had upto 6 tubes in each I use a strip led that you can cut to any length it's 12volt electrocoin I use a direct 12 volt from the machine the rest I use a 240v to 12v transformer I've taken hundreds tubes out it's neat saves electric and no heat generated I also replace the button and nudge etc bulbs with small led wedge bulbs they work fine give a nice crisp white and fit perfect in buttons and lamp masks but you cannot get mini wedge led bulbs there far to small
  10. Slotto

    Small (225mm) flow tube.

    Got loads as Ive converted my machines at work to led drop me your address and I will package a pile up and send them to you no good to me will only end up in the bin will stick some serial starters in as well
  11. Slotto

    Newbie!!! Hi Everyone

    Hello and welcome
  12. Thank you I'm pleased how it turned out should have the razzle dazzle finished next week just waiting for a couple of bits then it will be 100% will put some pics etc up once it's running
  13. Here's the finished royal exchange all working fine just a small mod required on the 50p payout but takes all new coins and no faults now also many thanks to Phil 1974 for the working and updated mpu 3 as the original was dead and yes they hold a lot of 50ps 😳 IMG_0632.MOV
  14. Slotto


    This is the royal exchange before and after now running all new coins just needs tongue changing/modifing on the 50p payout so it pays out 2x50p not 3 as old 50ps were very thick that's my next job but apart from that it plays perfect And many thanks to phil1974 for the perfect mpu main board as the original was dead 😊 IMG_0632.MOV
  15. The royal exchange is now fully working just working on the coin mechs to take new coins it's looking good now will post some pics etc later 😊