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  1. Hi Phil yes I remember them all had all those in the arcade all very rare and great to see them in such fine condition would love to have all three but lack of space and no work for 15 months 😩
  2. Hello and unfortunately Your going to need a new mpu 4 or get yours repaired if it's not to badly damaged the battery has probably leaked and damaged it I've got one with exactly the same fault
  3. That would make a great addition to any collection but as it's rare prob a little out of reach going on current values but nice to know someone still has one out there πŸ˜€
  4. Lovely machine but I'm afraid you'll have more chance of finding rocking horse poo 😩
  5. Yes was happy it all worked for Chris sometimes there put on all cash due to a payout fault on the token side so once it gave a jackpot and it payed out perfect which was a relief was happy there were no issues and it's always nice to have them back to original especially with the nice big clunky 10p tokens the sound and the tokens shooting out the pay tray and trying to stop people Around you grabbing your run away tokens 😩
  6. At some point someone had wired the two triac packs together using the 10p solinoid side checked the wiring was all correct and put it all back to original and it worked perfect one happy Chris 😊
  7. Your very welcome mate glad to see the old girl back to her former glory and now firing on both cylinders 😊After what we said double jackpot more tokens would be required lol and thanks again for a great day jackpots galore all round πŸ˜€
  8. Hi judging by the age it will be an ms126 or m.e style mech tokens are selected with the links inside the mech ( under the front cover ) if you have the facility to program it you could fit a new cash flow they can be programmed to direct route the coins and tokens to the required tubes etc
  9. What machine is it and is it all cash or cash and tokens it will need a routing plug as well if everything is missing ?
  10. Yep they were blatant copy's of blue moon and cloud 999 rumours were barcrest were not happy and threatened court action as the programs were exactly the same as there's had them both at work years ago I think the software was re written and game was crap so they just disappeared
  11. Nice find I remember playing one of those fair play machines in a little chef many years ago 😊
  12. Last year a fully restored paper boy was for sale at a show I was at £7000 looked like new and in one of the pictures is an old dragons lair cabinet had it still been that laser disc game and mint they change hands for over £10k I had one at my parents house it got scraped 30years ago 😩
  13. Friend of mine needed some and theses are all he could find he tried everywhere theses were the only ones he could find on eBay think they still have some hope this helps
  14. Thank you Worked with fruit machines for over 40 years converted 100s it's easy and I stripped loads of these down and converted them each way nugders and nudge double ups etc at least when I'm bored of the game I can swap it 😊
  15. Thank you got limited space for machines so it helps and I can convert it in less than an hour 😊
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