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  1. Generation

    The Simpsons Beer Guide not fully powering up

    Try older ones... as if it’s not been updated for new pounds, it may not be updated for new 10p
  2. Generation

    The Simpsons Beer Guide not fully powering up

    Lots machines don’t accept 5p’s. and are you trying old 10ps? Or the newer ones?
  3. Generation

    System 85

    Might not be much help, but. on my system 85 machine only the flur lights worked. The game card was absolutely fine, the issue was a leaking battery
  4. Generation

    Epoch repairing

    I have a couple of faukty lamp boards you can have if helps you out in any way?
  5. Generation

    ALARM 3.2

    I didn’t actually write that, I don’t even enjoy the line-up machine - but it’s a rank given by the website owners based purely on amount of posts I’ve made (hardly any compared to most) - eventually you’d have that rank after posting some more too, as has everybody else who’s posted more than me. thanks for showing your true colours by trying to attack though. best of luck with your problem
  6. Generation

    ALARM 3.2

    May want to include what the name of the machine is, and try asking nicely for help, not shouting it. people here aren’t paid to give help, and if people can’t even be bothered to ask nicely, why should be bother to try and help? i don’t have the answer, but I hope somebody can help you
  7. Generation

    £1 not going into hopper

    As said above sure was a one off - and sorted now anyway. Lots people have said stuff has been fine, so just one of those things. I have removed my posts for this reason, after noticing mark removed his. Maybe should concentrate helping original user with his issue
  8. Generation

    Hi Everyone!

    You’ve never heard of space invaders? welcome to the forum
  9. Generation

    £1 not going into hopper

    I’m sure it was Just a one off, no harm done. Had quite a few people tell me his stuff has been fine Maybe we should get this thread back to its origjnal question. Seems hakf the posts have now been removed anyway.
  10. Generation

    Road trip

    Yup, Caesar’s in WSM
  11. Generation

    Does anyone have a hi res image of this machine

    Pretty sure I’ve already PM’d you them on Facebook
  12. Generation

    Bellfruit who wants to be a legionnaire

    Check the mini MUX board inside the machine. If loose plugs/cracked solder joints but coukd be acid damage on main board causing issues with other parts
  13. Generation

    Line up fruit machine

    Fully agree, however again; on the other side. people may just be getting into these buy faukty machine and turn to google for help which takes them here. so I fully get why people’s first post is asking for help, as as for contributing elsewhere they may have no idea what can contribute to as they’re completely new to it sll
  14. Generation

    Does anyone have a hi res image of this machine

    I own one
  15. Generation

    Line up fruit machine

    Can see this from both sides, and understand why people reluctant to help sometimes. BUT all this does is push new users away, who MAY just have a stayed otherwise. Although it is annoying people using this place like Google