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  1. Sock

    fruit machine

    wow piggy back chips 🤣
  2. Sock

    Red Dwarf emulation now possible?

    nice work, thats how i did the homebrew decals for the mario kart £10 jackpot
  3. Sock

    Lamps not working.

    then the board will be fine knows his stuff does mick
  4. Sock

    Red Dwarf emulation now possible?

    nice work when you have finished making this will it be the only one?
  5. Sock

    bully for you barcrest mpu5

    hi chaps need a little help the refill key switch was missing from this machine the two wires i think are for the switch blue and yellow don't seem to do anything. could one of you fine gents tell me where on the board the refill switch goes too regards keith
  6. Sock

    sr5 upgrade to new pound coins

    hi all is there someone who can upgrade this mec too new pound coins beer tokens at the ready regards keith
  7. Sock

    Epoch no sound

    you will have to test the 2 wires from the speaker follow them back from the speaker and then check continuity from any plug you find until you get back to the main broad
  8. Sock

    old machine

    where are you ? how much do you want?
  9. Sock

    old machine

    nice find
  10. Sock

    donkey kong jp rom

  11. Sock

    donkey kong jp rom

    could you scan your £8 please
  12. Sock

    donkey kong jp rom

    I will scan it tomorrow and post it
  13. put a call out to mark 300 he does them just sent him my 4th mech
  14. Sock

    donkey kong jp rom