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  1. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/390020130634?hash=item5acf02e74a:g:JLQAAMXQoiJRg0q6 This looks to be the correct one and what I would try first (You need REV 02E). I'd make sure yours is all connected correctly at meter and MPU first though.
  2. This is the sec meter. It's displayed near coin entry top right. What is the alarm codes on the display? If you need to replace make sure the numbers match (REV 05C etc).
  3. I'd start with the refill(SEC) meter next to the coin mech. Check it's all plugged in correctly or replace. Does it accept coins ok in test mode?
  4. If it's Reflex Gaming's Freezy Money? FreezyMoney£100V2.0.zip
  5. where do i look for messages on screen? On the screen where the bank/credits would be (bottom glass, front of machine)
  6. The part where your bank/credits would be. I'd hazard a guess at flat battery. Unplug the speaker and leave it switched on for a day.
  7. Any error codes or more messages on screen?
  8. I don't know sorry. But it must be a fixed or programmed chip on the board (not socketed). They do the same with Scorpion 6.
  9. You need Nv10usb, Make sure it has button in place of switches.
  10. No you've been ripped off. You need an acceptor with a little button where the switches are (NV8usb)
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