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  1. fruitsnappa

    BFM Club Wild West

    Thanks for the update Clo and to Popeye rom provider. Much better with sound.
  2. fruitsnappa

    Deal or No Deal Power 5 £1 Hopper Issue

    Missing routing plug or wrong one fitted?
  3. fruitsnappa

    Yabba dabba darts

    Do you have the coin mech plugged in correctly. Failing that i'd try a different mech.
  4. fruitsnappa

    MFME 1.98

  5. fruitsnappa

    BFM - Strike It Rich

    Many thanks for this.
  6. fruitsnappa


    Untested but may help you out? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BARCREST-MPU4-4-Reel-17765-1-PCB-backboard/123531141311?hash=item1cc307a0bf:g:~iYAAOSwEOJcCiXw
  7. fruitsnappa

    Mpu6 alarm

    Try leaving it switched on for a while (speaker unplugged) possibly a battery issue.
  8. fruitsnappa

    Jpm Silverpot (classic)

    Many thanks for this.
  9. fruitsnappa

    Barcrest count ya cash mpu file deleted

    You may have some luck getting your program from https://e-service.co.uk/ unless someone on here has the MPU6 program files.
  10. fruitsnappa

    club monopoly running Scorpion 4

    Program card come loose
  11. Try taking the memory card out and re-seating that
  12. fruitsnappa

    MayGay Caesers Palace

    Would be nice to see this emulated if a full set of roms is available.
  13. fruitsnappa

    Mazooma - Club Rolling Thunder

    Reno Casino was a poker one wasn't it?
  14. Glad you got it sorted, it must have been trying to pay out it's IOU. However does it go into test just pressing the one on the MPU? I'm sure they should have an extra one somewhere and both have to be pressed. Cheers Mike.
  15. Try underneath the reel shelf. Did you replace the hopper like for like? Assuming SCH3 type and known working. Does it boot fully or stay on hopper error?