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  1. Andrew talking of scorpion test rigs any chance of sorting out the returning of my scorpion 2 test rig you borrowed please
  2. help rio section 31

  3. go into the operator menu you can turn the note acceptor float reserve down to zero ie even if the hopper has no money in it it will still take notes
  4. check the note acceptor has not been disabled in the operator menu
  5. you should have key for the inner cash door and possibly one for the old s16 rng box if still there, would guess the note box key is lost yes you need to remove the hard drive from the pc case to clone pc battery has gone flat, you will need to change and set up the bios, set power on to enable, and no errors on start [or words similar]
  6. thanks if i come across any t7 mux boards i will let you know
  7. you also have to have fans and coin mech fitted or it will alarm and best to have the BNV fitted too, this can be removed in test you will need to be able to clear the coin encryption
  8. heres some t7 hard drives i have cloned to for T7 this is a western digital drive fitted into the later panther pc [black case] this is a seagate drive that i have used in a tiger pc [silver case] im not saying you can use any drive, but these are two types i have used western digital drive running on test demo mode
  9. will take a look for the manual tomorrow, pretty sure i have one, sadly we junked all our reels for these machines, more trouble than worth and removed the feature but will take a look send me a pm/nudge if not heard from me on Friday
  10. i am steering clear of the sr5i, we have had them programmed but they seem to have a mind of there own when it comes to routing and credit, where possible i am changing for cf126 coin mechs and making new routing plugs had cf126 in our mpu4 2p nudger and pinball for a while and no issues yet
  11. you will need to update to a gba st2 http://www.e-service.co.uk/product/bill-validators/stackerless/astrosystems/52005100-gba-st2-pulse-interface-vending-bezel-gb
  12. he should of done that to update the coin mech when you get the coin mech back, plug it in , power the machine up in door open mode, go to test, go to serial devices set up, tick coin mech then set up see below SR3e reset info.pdf SR3e setup info.pdf
  13. pretty sure you need to clear the coin mechs serial encryption code,you will need a dedicated lead for this you will also need to access the service menu and set up the coin mech, i would try this first, if the coin mech has been upgraded they should need to clear this before they can update the machine should be saveable are you booting the machine with all doors open
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