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  1. Ben Moore

    Can anyone recap an epoch power supply for me please

    Ok thank you good to hear save me a few pennies then is there a way to tell then if the caps need replacing in the future?
  2. As the title reads would anyone be able to recap an epoch power supply board for me and replace a broken connector as just got given one by someone and looks to work and lights up bar the broken connector and caps look like they need changing as starting to buldge @warlord Someone once told me you may be able to do them?
  3. Ben Moore

    Ebay machine

    He probably has a secret room out back full of them lol
  4. Ben Moore

    Ebay machine

    I think my IQ is just above 20 lol
  5. Ben Moore

    Ebay machine

    Have I missed something in the few months I've not been on here is john now a maygay collector or something lol
  6. Ben Moore

    Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach

    Any maygay stuff in there or simpsons stuff as after a bottom glass still for a simpsons m1
  7. Ben Moore


    Defentily lots of battery damage on the epoch board and power supply is missing a light so your going need a new epoch board definitely and a new power supply or someone who can repair it the other boards could be broken too put you won't know until you sort the first two problems
  8. Ben Moore


    Hi it looks like the battery has most likely leaked on your mpu and trashed it judging by the number of lights coming on the mpu can you get a clear close up picture of the epoch mpu board please so I can confirm my theory
  9. Ben Moore

    Maygay button part

    I have one you can have for 5 pound posted if you still need one it doesn't have the clear plastic lens bit but everything else is there can get you a picture tomorrow
  10. Ben Moore

    Laughable New Release by Bellfruit

    Defentily I saw that one it's a horrendous off the simpsons
  11. Ben Moore

    Snapped ribbon cables Coin mechs

    Defentily after you explained it lol mabye @MattyL may want to have it to see if he can do it
  12. Ben Moore

    Snapped ribbon cables Coin mechs

    I'll take it for free to experiment on if your going to bin it
  13. Ben Moore

    raspberry pi

    Good idea I would love to see something like this done in the long run
  14. Ben Moore

    raspberry pi

    Its good idea but I think it may be something for 10 or 20 years time when all the epoch mpus have failed and replacements have failed too. If you want you could give it ago but like matty said the pi wouldn't be able to communicate with the other board so something else would be needed
  15. Ben Moore

    donkey kong maygay jackpot

    @matrixnetuk may be able to tell you the setting for donkey Kong as he had one a little while back so may still remember