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  1. thanks for this, nice to see that Dave finally came up trumps 🙂
  2. Which machine is it? and whats wrong with it? if it doesn't boot then the MPU (battery leakage) and PSU are first port of call. Good luck.
  3. What’s wrong with it? It’s more than likely the M1a board has battery leakage that will need repair or replacement. It’s hard to find anyone to fix them though I’m afraid. Best of luck.
  4. More than likely battery damage on the mpu4 board.
  5. 🤣 which machine are you looking for a decal for? And I'll keep my eyes peeled. Yes I'm hoping this company does a good job. I've used them before for a door vinyl and it came out great and was good quality, but never before for a decal.
  6. Hopefully collecting them this week so I'll let you know once I have it. They was expensive though, they wanted £35, I got them down to £20 but only as I was ordering other stuff more expensive (vinyl door stickers) They said they would do £20 as a one off. I'm worried now after hearing yours wasn't good, I hope it turns out ok. I wonder if there is a thicker type of acetate or something else they can print on?
  7. I'm not sure if they do postal I can ask. They charged me £20 which I thought was expensive too. I found this place that i'll try next time. https://www.ezeeplan.co.uk/we-print/acetate?gclid=Cj0KCQiA7qP9BRCLARIsABDaZzisfnl3CudPaT_h2mbS-gBFBmiHvqvth6SHDIFJEzCRVkuHqNQGD9YaAtSpEALw_wcB
  8. I’m getting some decals printed onto acetate but the opposite side won’t be blacked out so not sure how good they will turn out. Waiting for them to come back from the printers. I was thinking I could maybe paint the opposite side with blackout paint apart from the bits that need light to shine through.
  9. Looking good Andrew, can’t wait to see it finished. Where did you buy those tools from? I could do with one of the red ones myself. Thanks Jay
  10. Never an easy fix on m1 machines. Best of luck though.
  11. Does it work? as working M1a boards are becoming impossible to find. The same goes for finding someone to fix one, that's if its even repairable. The battery leaks and causes a lot of damage.
  12. Good news. I’ve sorted the switch wiring issue now and all works well. Does anyone know if this machine ever went 20play £6 JP? And if there are all cash roms? I have downloaded some roms from mame to try but have a nightmare getting them to run in the emulator. my machine is currently 10p £6 token. Thanks in advance
  13. Hi Everyone I'm hoping someone with a smaller cab Dels Millions Deluxe can please help me. The deluxe Dels I have has lower amounts on the trail than the taller cab one, it goes up to £3 on the trail then onto JP final square of either £6 token or £3 cash. I have restored mine and have two problems if anyone can help me please? 1 - The Token/Cash Switch behind the coin mech, please can someone take a photo or advise me which colour plugs go on the switch? as i made a schoolboy error and forgot to take a photo when i disconnected it to replace with a new one as it was broken. It
  14. I was thinking it was the fruit machine but its the quiz machine, so this is still available if anyone wants it.
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