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  1. lammas10

    1993 Pink Panther machine.

    Never an easy fix on m1 machines. Best of luck though.
  2. lammas10

    1993 Pink Panther machine.

    Does it work? as working M1a boards are becoming impossible to find. The same goes for finding someone to fix one, that's if its even repairable. The battery leaks and causes a lot of damage.
  3. lammas10

    Red Dwarf emulation now possible?

    get well soon Andrew
  4. lammas10

    Dels Millions Deluxe (Smaller Cab Help)

    Good news. I’ve sorted the switch wiring issue now and all works well. Does anyone know if this machine ever went 20play £6 JP? And if there are all cash roms? I have downloaded some roms from mame to try but have a nightmare getting them to run in the emulator. my machine is currently 10p £6 token. Thanks in advance
  5. Hi Everyone I'm hoping someone with a smaller cab Dels Millions Deluxe can please help me. The deluxe Dels I have has lower amounts on the trail than the taller cab one, it goes up to £3 on the trail then onto JP final square of either £6 token or £3 cash. I have restored mine and have two problems if anyone can help me please? 1 - The Token/Cash Switch behind the coin mech, please can someone take a photo or advise me which colour plugs go on the switch? as i made a schoolboy error and forgot to take a photo when i disconnected it to replace with a new one as it was broken. It sits near to the back door switch so i have spare wires hanging and im not sure which ones are needed for the switch. 2 - The roms I have seem to be 10p play £6 token jackpot. Does anyone know if there is a 20p play £6 all cash rom for the deluxe machine? I know they did on the taller cab but not sure about the deluxe with the lower amounts on the trail? The roms i have are currently are on 10p play with £6 JP. I think these should be switchable to £3 all cash once i sort the switch issue above but im not sure. However i would prefer if possible to go 20p play £6 cash JP. I have tried downloading an emulator to test some roms but im so out of touch that im struggling to get it working, plus the emulator is of the taller cab version. Thanks in advance
  6. lammas10

    JPM GUAB machine up for grabs...

    I was thinking it was the fruit machine but its the quiz machine, so this is still available if anyone wants it.
  7. lammas10

    JPM GUAB machine up for grabs...

    A very kind offer. I'd take it, pm'd
  8. lammas10

    New Here

  9. lammas10

    War of the worlds

    This machine was also available on 20p/25p stakes too with a decal change.
  10. lammas10

    Club Casino Crazy Reel Lamp Holder

    I have the same machine with the same problem. I super glued mine and they have stayed in place fine since.
  11. lammas10

    M1 Repairs

    So which machine you got then Matt?
  12. lammas10

    Club Trivial Pursuit Maygay M1b Manual

    yes its the one off ebay. I haven't decided my plans for it yet and need to get it working but yes of course you can have first refusal.
  13. lammas10

    Another Maygay M1 board repair

    Impressive stuff. Let me know if you ever decide to sell these as i'm sure that my friend who repairs my boards would find one very useful.
  14. lammas10

    Another Maygay M1 board repair

    Looks really good, I'd love to see a video of this working.
  15. lammas10

    Club Trivial Pursuit Maygay M1b Manual

    thank you for that, I just looked in the machine again and found the exact same sticker. So its nice to know epoch and M1a/b have the same settings for future reference. Thanks for your help.👍