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  1. TopCat

    New in at chris217 amusements

    👍cheers Chris BTs haven't spoken in 37 years. I think the they have broken, Jack and Vera's record
  2. TopCat

    New in at chris217 amusements

    I'm glad your happy Chris, enjoy LAN, I know you'll look after her. Hopefully more machines will be coming you way:)
  3. TopCat

    My little row of Goliaths

    Yeah sf2 been a six button game a lot of cabs got drilled out, I remember quite a few operators drilling their machines near me. I remember the bas cab, they are a beast very nice. Just got my little ace cabaret ex poker cab for games at the mo. I do have a streetfighter cab just to play super street fighter 2 turbo on, but its stripped down and going through a thorough cleaning:) May as well as I'm furloughed for the time being, It's something to do:)
  4. TopCat

    My little row of Goliaths

    Love the goliath cabs player:) Played so much sf2 and shooters on these electrocoin cabs in the late 80s early 90s They look great! What game pcbs do you have player? I've got a few, I also do trades for other games when I get bord. Let me know if you have anything for trade.
  5. TopCat

    unknown machine

    That good news! Should I test the smoothing capacitor? I'm not sure where that is located, I'm presuming near the power in on the mpu? Btw, after testing the machine yesterday I checked the 12v fuse in the cab and was warm. Is that normal? Thanks for your help Andrew.
  6. TopCat

    unknown machine

    Thanks Andrew, I've done a few readings across the bridge rectifier. lead + to - on bridge and lead - to ~ on bridge = 450 If I reverse the leads = 1 lead + to (other) ~ on bridge and lead - to + on bridge = 432 If I reverse the leads = 1 lead + to - on bridge and lead - to + on bridge = 804 If I reverse the leads = 1 I hope this information can be helpful, Thanks again.
  7. TopCat

    JPM Pool Play Incoming!

    Thanks BF74, so I guess it made it a little more difficult on the centre line, learning the the reels always came in handy:)
  8. TopCat

    unknown machine

    Hello, So a little more progress today, everything has been installed back in to the cab, except the glass. Connected up the mpu, and speech board (which is just a small ribbon cable and power) then double checked everything, all good. So I switched it on, the flo tubes and bulbs lit up and a constant tone started, according to the manual the tone should stop after 8 seconds then go in to door open, unfortunately the tone continues until switched off. So I checked some voltages around the psu and the (supposed) 12vac from the transformer to the bridge rectifier at the input is reading at 11.84vac I also tested the 12vdc (supposed) ouput of the bridge rectifier and it reads 9.13vdc The mpu and speech pcb run on 12vdc according to the manual. I'm a bit stumped is the psu at fault or the BR, or could there be something else? If anyone has any knowledge on this your help would be appreciated. Thanks
  9. TopCat

    JPM Pool Play Incoming!

    The cabinet looks in good condition, apart from the door, the reel bands look in excellent condition too. Nice pick up! Is that aluminium trim around the glass? If so does it have thin grooves running up it? It looks very similar to BTs trim Ronnie why did the early nudge machines have the winline at the bottom rather than the middle? Something to do with seeing more of the reel maybe when nudging, I not sure.
  10. TopCat

    Original Tuppenny Nudger and No Limit Nudge

    The version I had back in 86 was 2p play, but 10p was the minimum coin no 2ps, but it accepted 10p and 20p coins and possible 50s too. I remember the double or nothing and win ladder was next to reel 1. On £1jp I think it had blue stars for the 27 ways to win Does anybody have a pic, i can't find one anywhere:(
  11. TopCat

    unknown machine

    Thanks warlord, I will be continuing with progress today, but I'm sure there is a problem with the 12v to the mpu and speech board. I will report my findings.
  12. TopCat

    unknown machine

    Hi guys, So here are some update pics of Bonus Talker Joystick, cab, glass, payout tray and display.
  13. TopCat

    My YouTube channel. chris217

    Great video Chris, looks like you caught the machine in a happy mood:) Thanks for the shout out! 👍
  14. TopCat

    Any Interest

    I have one of these, it was a mess and the monitor was shot, so I stripped it out totally gutted it and made a little jamma cab from it, Phillip's 20 inch TV which just fits in. These little cabs don't take up much space at all. Few pics
  15. TopCat

    unknown machine

    Will do, thanks MikeB!