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  1. Big J

    Bellfruit Timelord

    Where is the poop emoji on reactions?
  2. Tell me about it DIF has gone well manic over the last few months or so, JP's Simulator, New Designers (myself included), Front Ends like yours and New unemulated/non Dx'ed machines getting the touch of a bit of magic. I see good things ahead and tbh we need a good bit of luck after such a cunt year last year.
  3. Don't forget Dads site too that is the only other one.
  4. It can all be followed and downloaded here, https://www.desertislandfruits.com/forum/index.php?/topic/9585-fruitbar-mfme-front-end-system/&tab=comments#comment-75826
  5. Cheers and will sit well with the other similar Electrocoin techs like Labyrinth and Sphinx.
  6. Heard great things about your FruitBar and looks like a damn good front end. Thank you
  7. If it isn't in downloads or the Legacy section on DIF then it'll be a no. @vectra666 would be a good candidate for this as he also did similar ones.
  8. Big J

    cpld 01 pic ????

    Surf or Skate?
  9. Big J

    cpld 01 pic ????

    Well fucking said @MattyL. Oh @warlord could you fix my boards, I have a "kiss my arse one" and a "fuck you" one. Could you assist?
  10. Big J

    cpld 01 pic ????

    I wouldn't mind @warlord but this shite was around 18 months ago and it has surfaced now, someone is holding a grudge for that long ffs, best to let it go, whoever is wrong or right who gives a flying fuck, once bitten twice shy so leave it there. A lot of bullshit tbh smh!!!
  11. Big J

    cpld 01 pic ????

    No doubt bud, no doubt!!
  12. Big J

    cpld 01 pic ????

    Nice to see everyone is getting along.
  13. Big J

    cpld 01 pic ????

    @warlord there are a few on DIF that I have never met but speak to them off the grid and they have done a lot of good things for me (rephrased brilliant things) without wanting anything in return even when I want to drop them a few quid they get really pissed off (one day it will be drinks on me all night). Outstanding cunts (my way of saying gents) called @slasher and @Bungle who also helped me to create layouts and Dx's too, so knowing someone face to face or not don't mean shite if they are good hearted they are plain and simple as I had a complete prick on here promise me things only to gi
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