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  1. Big J

    BFM - Hi-Lo Silver 2p

  2. Big J

    ALARM 3.2

    Wouldnt know but lets leave that to shitestirrer666 eh mate, he seems to know all the fucking answers!
  3. Big J

    ALARM 3.2

    Get use to it mate, there is always someone who is up their own arse looking for an argument. Just ignore it, the cockroaches soon disappear😏
  4. Big J


    You have plenty of great layouts here with info too but you need to visit here for the up to date emulators plus 1000s of layouts, https://www.desertislandfruits.com/forum/index.php?/portal/ If you haven't joined already you will need to make a good introduction and check out the FAQs thoroughly first. You can also join here for layouts that are only exclusive to this site and would suggest you join here too, https://dadsfme.com/index.php
  5. Big J

    JPM Red Arrow wiring diagrams

    Love it mate and you get a first class review from me😊😊😊😊😊
  6. Big J


    Welcome to The Mecca😊
  7. Big J

    Does anyone have a hi res image of this machine

    💩poop for you😉😋
  8. Big J

    Does anyone have a hi res image of this machine

    He is cool in my book I suppose as I'm use to him, at least he isn't a cunt like some in emulation land, Richy being one of them, no not 100 on here.
  9. Big J

    Does anyone have a hi res image of this machine

    All you need now is a please Mr Infecto😋
  10. See, that is better!!
  11. Big J

    Hi everyone

    Welcome to The Mecca.
  12. No one wants to push anyone away but there is a great saying about actions and reactions.
  13. Who told you you HAD to make a donation?? You were asked TWICE to make an introduction so a double blank won't give you any credibility. It is an inept attitude that causes no one to help. Take a step back and think about it.
  14. It doesn't so much come down to what you say it is how you say it plus these gents in here have their community and it is a damn good one. If it was me I would of come across a bit less wanting and slung a donation in the pot(I do anyway), you never know when you will need help with real fruit machines one day plus Pete who is admin is brilliant at dealing with this site as a few others so it is well deserved. I hope you get the help you need but in essence hope you don't just bugger off as these guys have great memories!!
  15. Big J

    New Here

    What's an Epoch😉