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  1. Bit anxious eh John, I say patience but don't blame you really as machines like this are not only iconic but anytime I see one on here I shoot my load in my pants. I really must stop visiting the Mecca.
  2. I'll ask him, cheers fella but think John is after a sneaky 50 quid buy on one of these as per. I'll keep my ear to the ground 50 quid finders fee..... Zippy🤐
  3. I'm sure I have seen this before over the last couple of months either here or DIF. Zippy🤐
  4. Probably Mr Lancett Zippy🤐
  5. Cheers Chloe. Zippy🤐
  6. Hope it finds a good home though, she is an absolute beauty. @Player you upset everyone Zippy🤐
  7. Wow that is quite interesting as JPM payed that forward to Hollywood Nights, Pinball Wizard and Intrigue for the multi reel nudges and this just drops into the 70's category 20 odd years earlier. Shame as we could of done with a few resources from this one. Zippy🤐
  8. There are layouts here but the main site for layouts/emulators (most current ones anyway is https://www.desertislandfruits.com/forum/index.php?/portal/ Sign up and have a read through the FAQs, when done sling an intro up. Seems a bit of a long process and on signing up you'll know why. Zippy🤐
  9. Witty............ very witty!!!! Zippy🤐
  10. Yep, use to play it in much much much younger days, there is a picture around here somewhere. Here, Zippy🤐
  11. Zippy

    Black Box Fiesta

    You can burn the roms off from this site, Zippy🤐
  12. Hey it's my post I am meant to say it🤣 Please.... Zippy🤐
  13. Chloe is doing her classic first when got round to bud. Zippy🤐
  14. Any chance a cherry can be put on top John? Zippy🤐
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