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  1. Big J

    Blue moon for Big j

    Fantastic, thank you😊
  2. Big J

    BFM Club Wild West

    Nice one Popeye, thanks heaps bud😊
  3. Big J

    Jpm thriller

    No but you can use this,
  4. Big J

    Jpm thriller

    It can only be you @riche100🤣
  5. Big J

    Adders and ladders £2 jp

    Cheers Tony, nice one😊
  6. Big J

    Any ideas please

    That is awesome that someone else remembers them, thanks for that. Don't remember a gamble on it but maybe I was mistaken. They are dull machines (one I definitely did not play much)I totally agree but still a classic in one way or another and deserving a place in retro history. Now the next question are there any around, would be good to see it emulated even if it is for legacy purposes.
  7. Big J

    Any ideas please

    @BF74 or anyone else I've got some more info for this as remembered most of it now, A £4 or £4.80 JP (think it was the latter), three reel, first two had cards on with the third having payout amounts on them. When the reels spun the cards and amount had to be on the winline, if one of the reels was in between the cards or amount you got nothing, there were no nudges on it but there was a kind of streak to it that use to spin in the cards with the same amount on the lined win line next go. It could give it a few times but think it was only on the JP, no nudges as said above but did have holds and use to hold too on a win I believe, think it was just picture cards and aces nothing else. Quite tall and maybe a barcrest but not sure. Ring any bells anyone??
  8. Big J

    Blue moon for Big j

    Thank you mate, very much appreciated😁😊
  9. Big J

    Jpm thriller

    Tony you are a damn nice bloke, always giving without wanting nothing in return. Plenty of good people in the reel (yes reel) world and in FME World. Thank you in advance😊😊😊
  10. Big J

    Hyperdeal System 85

    Thanks for that generous offer @scoodyemu. Thanks to you too @Amot for dumping (that sounds wrong)🤯
  11. Big J

    PTL System 80

    😱 Never thought I'd see one of those again😱 Thank you Pete/Amot
  12. Big J

    Database of all 80s machines online?

    Most certainly.
  13. Big J

    electro on ebay

  14. Big J

    Database of all 80s machines online?

    Those were the best years @BF74, my childhood mixed with my exploitive years, you always bring back the memories with those retro black and white snippets. 99% of the time you always produce the goods, that is what I love most about here and with DIF too on the main emulation side (although there are some pretty fine layouts here which I've nicked😉) it is, in a nutshell, the whole package. Hope you don't mind and will ask permission if I can nick some of your papers and snippets within your profile, blow them up and put them on my walls in frames and no I won't do it anyway as respect others wishes.