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  1. If anyone wants a bash of this by Chloe you can find it here, a damn sterling job she has done on this too, you can find and download it here. All thanks are directed to her, https://www.desertislandfruits.com/forum/index.php?/topic/7304-maygaybwb-monopoly/&tab=comments#comment-63930
  2. I think Dads would be a more suitable place for you😁
  3. Remember all of them, those were times when fruit machines were real and fun to play, I remember but only just (old age😉) when these went on its own little payout streak, was up about a tenner on the £2 version but you could also bag a couple of JPs on the £3 and walk away.
  4. Shame Pete didn't have Whippys on here, with a 31 rep he wouldn't last long with you.
  5. Pretty damn cool, nice one bud👌🏻 Just relived my youth as Reculver Amusements had Aladdin's and this together and now can play them side by side once again like many others.
  6. Big J

    PCP Nudge Break

    Not far off from Quids in, so loved PCPs.
  7. He's taking the piss mate, you gotta lighten up and get that soh to kick in
  8. I take it he is still on your Xmas card list😉
  9. Now that looks interesting. Thanks for this.
  10. Awesome Seb and thanks again, don't think Craig will be back on tonight so we'll have a bash tomorrow. You always come through one way or another and thanks to Tommy and anyone else for trying to help. Fantastic stuff.
  11. Added you into the PM over on DIF.
  12. Could take a while to pay that lot out.
  13. Posting this on behalf of Slasher over on DIF, Having an issue, wondering if anyone could help? It is a scorpion 4 machine, almost finished, however when paying out it's coming up UNK HOPPER then PAY UNIT ERR 17. I've tried ticking hopper 1, hopper 2, both and none to no avail. Anyone have any ideas what I could try please? Thanks for any help in advance.
  14. Haven't seen one of those in around 35 years, an iconic machine but wonder what the end result will be.
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