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  1. The software and emulating I'm sure a raspberry pi can cope with- but driving everything in the machine is alot of engineering. For an example getting a reel to stop perfectly on its index point you need to be able signal and control all the power driving to the reel board, the optical sensor signals have to come back and convert that into data the pi can use... Also because there's nothing custom on the mpu4 (mainboard) it can be reproduced IMO-that's bespoke boards and not really mass produced (due to high obsolete component costs). Something like an Epoch mpu would be the biggest candidate for a Pi to run as it's pretty much just one serial output port, a simple audio output and a few LCD meter outputs but I'm pretty sure they lata would get emulated out. The core of the Epoch mpu is also custom and secure which we can't replicate. Its beyond what I know about as I don't get Linux 🙂😂
  2. MattyL

    Glass Sticker

    Does anyone have any of these regulation stickers for £15 or £25? Thanks
  3. One of the diodes looks different... which is not uncommon but its worth a look. Can't tell if it's heated but it looks more like old flux which means it's probably been worked on/replaced before...worth looking at. When you say checked the values rich, what are you testing on the diodes? Diode test both ways or voltage?
  4. Awesome great information there oldskooler thanks very much 😎 Novice question level 100: how do you get into the electrical area under the playfield on these are they hinged anywhere? There's one I'm enquiring about that's 'untested', young girl selling but if I go and look at it I want to at least check it's complete or there's no areas majorly burned out before I'd hand over any cash. I'll take an 18v drill and a spare lock and key for them and waft cash for a look in it before I hand over a penny.
  5. Hi Gents, I have one eye on pinball machines possibly looking for a project. I'm looking at 70's EM machines. (Im Reasonably mechanically handy but never touched an EM machine). Does anyone have any advice at what to look at- what's too much work and what's a good project? Sourcing old relays etc? Thanks
  6. Nice work Bob, what era is the tech from? Looks like alot of work and alot to replace... are the cpu's rare? Always interesting to learn about a new tech. Thanks for sharing 🙂
  7. Fantastic explanation Cannonman as always. Thanks very much 👍
  8. Yeah the little 10k resistor mod is on the up/down pin. I guess it's to create a tiny bit of gain to stop the circuits totally sticking one way (that's a guess from a quick look though). There's a vast amount of unmodded boards though so I don't think it's super critical. Someone advanced (cannonman?) might tell you more.
  9. Hi Ronnie, there are 2 audio channels on scorp4 so left and right for stereo sound. Later scorp4s mostly just use the one channel mono audio. If you have a non booting parts board I'd swap them both. Some of the traces that go to those potentiometer's are vulnerable to the battery. So the whole area might benefit from a clean up and check.
  10. I've gotten as far as a pace station but no gun yet sadly. It came off nice and clean...in many... many...many bits 🙂
  11. Heres an Impact motherboard ive been working on for a friend the last few weeks. There were stray volts as 'noise' on the bus lines when testing, unfortunately there's no schematic for Impact so I marked out everything on the data lines with the intention to start pulling and testing looking for a fault. I stopped and thought about it and decided to have a really good probe around to look for additional clues, before doing anything else. Going around the 68681 I found 7... yes 7volts! on the IRQ pin which explained why all the bus lines were wild. The only place in my mind 7volts could be getting on the IRQ line in my mind was a short... and had to be under the game card header- I had a closer look and sure enough there was a tiny bit of old Rot probably been working it's magic for years... the copper was mostly undamaged. By the looks of it, it had gone through the header so had to come off and replace it. Good news all back up and running again now. (Replaced the 68681 and a few other Ics) Cheers to good old Matthew Potter for posting me the new 96way header and a few other bits.😎
  12. Here's the Epoch all finished. It's up and running nicely and back in its original machine.. Im happy with that one.
  13. Haha. Thanks Bob, I'm just using an iron and some low melting point Alloy for SMD removal. Microscope is on the wish list 😊
  14. Thanks... I think my eye's have seen all they're going to see now sadly gents, I'm 38 🤗😂 You could try packing your bench up and sit low on a stool so you can see super closely, combine that with loads of desk lamps and it's doable if you can work fine. Your iron at writing distance is a quite far away for fine soldering. It's totally normal for your eyes to be knackered the next day sometimes. 😎
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