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  1. Yeah usually do mate and the nose cone as it's usually battered. Masked up the badge and speaker, its in primer in the pic. Never done gold paint effect yet though. Don't suppose you have any paint codes or Ral numbers from Bell? They usually come out like this, it's an old one I did
  2. No it's fine the battery is still attached to the main board retaining the memory. It's just like being in a powered down state. A new board will go in the machine for the next game. Its only if you power it with different proms it will clear it. The challenge is keeping the battery charged
  3. Hi gents, I'm doing a game conversion on my scorp4 club over Xmas. The existing game/board has taken a very long time getting it to a happy RAM stage where it pays it's %. This board will be in storage for about a year it would be nice to keep the memory intact. I'm fixing a spare MPU case to the wall to store it, first thoughts was just use a spare psu and power the whole board up constantly reseting to charge the battery up. My second idea was to get some type of 5v low current power supply and solder it to the batter wires. Does anyone have any thoughts or ideas??
  4. MattyL

    Scorp 4

    Hello Darren I was wondering if it was you. Yeah your old machine is all good ta, no Jackpot.....yet 🤣
  5. I'd pay £20 for that Epoch board posted of your interested mate? I can dump the Eproms for the Emu guys too if it's easier
  6. MattyL

    Scorp 4

    There could also be other faults but i'd put £20 on that every time 😎
  7. MattyL

    Scorp 4

    On the aux plug Red is +12v and black is 0v return/ground to the LCD sec meter The machine expects a response from the meter but it's not in a proper circuit because the corroded crimps are restricting power to it... this plug suffers because it acts as a shelf for battery vapours leaking above. People always try a new meter first which can sometimes be a problem. If this has happened you may need to clear the RAM as it's designed to spot people swapping meters (anti fraud) Then people put a new mpu in and usually give up at this stage. The loom usually goes unnoticed thou
  8. MattyL

    Scorp 4

    Yes mate, is it in the later eclipse cab? It's got to be one of the most common faults on Scorp4s these days ( most machines have had a leaked battery at some point). I've had this on 3 machines and it's always down to the loom crimp connections at the bottom of the board see pics- this is the aux plug you're looking at
  9. Nice one mate, should be good for the future. Just lucky there was a bit to solder on to on that one lol
  10. Great advise I've not had an mpu5 in years and know little about them- I have got a few on my list so it's good to know
  11. Finally got this resolved and paying from both hoppers. Even though the existing mpu runs single azkoyen hopper in another machine it won't run the duel set up... and errors. I'll look at it at some point it's probably shorted out by the tin foil bodge job. Now the machine is running I've started the cab renovation.
  12. Yeah the mpu is ok. Tried an identical hopper assy with untouched wiring and still registering faulty. I've noticed in switch test mode that the top door switch and lock stop switch don't work and surprise surprise someone has pissed about with it. 4 wires off 🤣 Guess I've got to sort those before the hopper system in case it's security?
  13. Thanks mate, the beauty of machines that get passed around like this is they're cheap, every fooker has tampered with it though 🙂 Free working board down to the Gen 60 fault it had initially though happy days
  14. Thanks John. Is that a diagram of the hopper board or on the Mpu itself? I've just tried the Mpu in my smiley cab and it's driving one of the big old azkoyen hoppers fine. It's gotta be the wiring or hopper board for sure. I've got an identical twin £1 Hopper tray coming tomorrow so I'll have a look at that one...
  15. There was Tin foil! Yes tin foil on the 16way connector looks like someone had used it to try and bridge the loom. Some old battery damage has leaked out of the MPU case and down onto the hopper case and onto the 16 way connector. Ideally I'd like to check the hopper wiring at the 16way connector but I don't fully understand the pin numbers via the block? Can anyone help or see anything in the pic?
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