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  1. Thanks captain haddock Looks to me like the 2ndpin in for 50p. Does that wire return to the switch port onto a different pin?
  2. Hi Everyone Does anyone know which wire on the switches loom (orange lead) is for the 50p payout please. My Blue Moon pays out invisible 50p's that has no solenoid or tube for. The main issue is that it has an incorrect switches loom fitted So there must be a wire for 50p that makes it pay it out. If I'm not mistaken this said wire should come out of one of the pins via a tube sensor and come back to the switch port via a different pin. Just need to find out which ones. Thanks in advance
  3. Line Up Chris

    Mpu3 fault

    Instant Replay doesn't spin reels on initialization Tony. They just shudder. I wouldn't consider a board fault yet. Could be a faulty reel opto. Swap over the offending reel opto lead from reel 1 to reel 2. If the fault moves,then it's the opto. If not,then it could be the board. Please let us know how you get on mate
  4. Did you manage to sort your fault out mate.
  5. Line Up Chris

    Mpu3 fault

    Spray contact cleaner into the ends of each plug on the reel driver board And on both ends of the red and green leads common fault..
  6. We missed you Dave. EWS is a whopper as well.
  7. Thanks Massive to Nick for another brilliant afternoon. And to Rob T,great catching up as well mate. Don't forget,your next trip up to ours🤗 There are some more videos. Please feel free to tune into my YouTube channel Many thanks everyone
  8. Barcrest Anyway Nudger Got to love those old sounds. This one is an mpu2
  9. Fare Play from 1976 Ha,when I gambled to 40p,it sometimes alarmed and gave me an extra 20p lol. Another one in amazing condition.
  10. Some early Barcrests Wild Thing This in such great condition. Love the artwork. Amazing the red hasn't faded for its age.
  11. Next up we have Razzle Dazzle. Being tight as usual lol
  12. Had a fantastic day yesterday. Went to Sulzerneds and had a decent blast on his Classic collection of 80s machine. So a massive thanks to Nick for another top day. Here is some videos for you all starting with £20 credit challenge on Club Premier by Bell Fruit
  13. Press test button so reels spinning to position 1 on the win line. If it reel 1 alarms and the reel is not aligned you may have to re-aligne the motor. If all reels aligne on the test spin then I would suspect a faulty connection on the red and green leads or the opto lead. I regularly spray contact cleaner into all the leads that plug onto the Reel driver board and on both ends of the red and green leads.
  14. Bernard has uploaded another video. This one showcases the examples of GAIN on Super Line Up.
  15. Hi Everyone Following on from Snappy Viper My friend Bernard Mitchell has created another game for his ZX Spectrum which is,Super Line Up mpu3. In a similar fashion to Snappy,it has some robotic style sounds which mimmick some of my catchphrases lol. Here is his latest video. And hope you can get to watch it. He would love to hear any feedback if you leave comments for him. I must admit,I like this a lot. His next project is Chances Unlimited. Thanks Massive to Bernard who visited me a few weeks ago and is a genuinely nice chap who is into this stuff. This video and Snappy can be seen on his YouTube channel
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