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  1. Think there were 2 variants of 2p play shuffles. One that gave you 4p for 2 of a kind wins and one that gave you a 10p win but with no holds.
  2. The red came out first. Then the blue for the 5p play market. CTL ones came a couple of years later with 5p/£1.50 or 10p/£3 both with blue glasses Never seen a 5p/£1 EWS.
  3. A bit vague with your request. A few clever members on here who are clued up with their techs. Help may be available if you can state what your machine is doing or not doing along with all relevant info on machine name and make details. Then perhaps together we can get the wheels in motion.
  4. Here is Spotlight mpu2 being generous for a change
  5. Some mpu3 action now Starring Super Exchanges Unlimited.
  6. Sounds very Barcrest mpu1 early mpu2 perhaps. Would love to know which machine it was.
  7. Its been a while,so here is a JPM Double Top vid for you all now. Featuring a mention to Silver Ghost. Hope you enjoy watching.
  8. 100% agree with this. Have put all mine on castors for ease of movement. Worth considering this because dragging machines along the floor will eventually wear down the underneath and you'll end up with a rocking machine everything you press the buttons. Also if they are on a bare floor,the bottoms will eventually turn to wheatabix with mopping around it when cleaning the floor.
  9. Looks nice. Ha,imagine 1800 coins coming out of that pay tray....anyone got a bucket lol.
  10. Ooh yes please Rob. Bring a bunch up with you on your next visit mate. I want to back convert my Reel Crazy and Big Shot. Just love the sounds of the old coins dropping. Sounds real👍👍👍 Think I have enough old 10p's here🤔
  11. Thanks for the offer. Thats very kind of you mate. I could do with some old 10p tubes and old mars mechs and sorters still on the old coinage. Old,10p's old 10p tokens anything at all from mpu3 machines SRU machines tube sensors. And I'll be happy to pay for anything inc postage. Cheers
  12. Thought I'd share this with you all. A friend of mine has created a Snappy Viper game on his zx spectrum. Its quite amusing and clever how he did this Hope you can get to watch this and leave a comment for him. Cheers.
  13. Your a hard man big j😂😂😂😂😂
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