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  1. Dazza

    New arrivals today

    I think two of those in the picture were mine.
  2. Dazza

    Project Coin reel sensor help!

    New resistors arrived yesterday as per Rons diagram and the advice on here now working again. Cheers all
  3. Dazza

    Project Coin reel sensor help!

    That makes sense then, As I said in the original post most of them burn out I have 9 Project machines and these have burnt out in most of them at some point. Obviously only a few where replaced, I’ll do mine. Cheers
  4. Dazza

    Project Coin reel sensor help!

  5. Dazza

    Project Coin reel sensor help!

    Where do you guys get these from? There are loads online but I can’t seem to find the same ones, different bands and colours ect.
  6. Dazza

    Project Coin reel sensor help!

    Ok, Cheers
  7. Dazza

    Project Coin reel sensor help!

    Hi all As per the picture could someone please tell me what this is ( part no or ID )that’s burnt out so I can order some more. It was the same as the green one next to it that’s still in tact.These seem to go on the project reel sensor boards all the time normally still work but this one is proper knackered. Cheers All
  8. Dazza

    10p Tokens

    Thanks mate but I have £10 worth on there way from one of the forums. Cheers
  9. Dazza

    10p Tokens

    Evening all, Does anyone have some 28mm 10p tokens they could sell me,. Cheers all
  10. Dazza

    Devon and Melons

    Is that ok, the first two times I tried to upload video it didn’t work but the third one should be ok.
  11. Dazza

    Devon and Melons

    IMG_1365.MOV IMG_1365.MOV IMG_1365.MOV
  12. Dazza

    Devon and Melons

    Yeah I’ll have a look tomorrow mate
  13. Dazza

    Devon and Melons

    Hello mate, Sorry didn’t get this sorted are you still in need of anything regarding lamps . I now have time if you need anything let me know.
  14. Dazza

    Any Interest

    Looks good that
  15. Dazza

    Scorpion 2 Board

    I have a fully working Pharoahs Gold in my shed the board on that is mint might have to dig it out lol