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  1. Dazza

    Scorp 4

    How’s the Pharoahs mate?
  2. Dazza

    Scorp 4

    Excellent cheers guys, I took the battery of the board and fly wired it ages ago and the board is in good nick so hopefully will be a connector. Hopefully get a chance to look at it tomorrow thanks again
  3. Dazza

    Scorp 4

    Hi all, I have a scorp 4 club machine that I’ve switched on today after a while sitting in my unit and have the following message come up on screen. Gen meter error 60 Any ideas what this means? Cheers all
  4. Dazza

    No Button lamps

    Done that mate still the same, must be something simple as all the buttons work correctly just not lighting up. I assume the buttons just not getting the feed to light them up so if I knew what pin or plug the supply comes from I could trace it back. Dazza
  5. Dazza

    No Button lamps

    Hi all hope everyone is good. I have a bwb MPU-3 machine that works fine but I have no button lights working at all. All other lamps work as they should and all the buttons work as they should just no lights. I have put two working boards from other machines in it still the same also a different power supply just to see. Any suggestions guys. Cheers Dazza
  6. I’m not able to copy them mate I don’t have the equipment required. I thought there was a picture of Ace Chase £3 game card earlier in this thread?
  7. I have fully working Ace Chase £3 JP if anyone wants pictures ect.
  8. I think two of those in the picture were mine.
  9. New resistors arrived yesterday as per Rons diagram and the advice on here now working again. Cheers all
  10. That makes sense then, As I said in the original post most of them burn out I have 9 Project machines and these have burnt out in most of them at some point. Obviously only a few where replaced, I’ll do mine. Cheers
  11. Where do you guys get these from? There are loads online but I can’t seem to find the same ones, different bands and colours ect.
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