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  1. A little video from a well happy Dutch man mike hope you enjoy https://youtu.be/2gQbo-TU8aY
  2. After a few hrs work heres the dutch owners game and monopoly? Sound roms could someone check if there a different revision cheers Tony omega(1).zip
  3. I'm hopefully getting the game roms tonight off the dutch owner incase there earlier revision roms and also if pictures are required for a dx too
  4. Amot

    Pc92 help please

    Cheers Bob ill try and find it now
  5. Amot

    Pc92 help please

    Hi ive read before about differences in pc92 boards im trying to find which components deal with the lcd display im sure louie bee mentioned something but I never found the parts as they weren't shown in the thread. Ive put a cpl of pictures on and on the 2nd board I notice theres a missing z80 any help greatly appreciated cheers Tony
  6. I believe e service got the rights from barcrest to supply these if you don't find what you need
  7. Cheers Bob your a legend
  8. Hi would anyone know if these sound card sockets are still available ive tried Google give the name and numbers to no avail cheers Tony
  9. Every hagar i can find some came off mame sites and a few were labelled hagar showcase not any machine I recognised if someone could try in emulator cheers Tony j5hagarf.zip j5hagarj.zip j5hagar.zip j5hagarg-2.zip j5hagare.zip j5hagarb.zip j5hagara.zip j5hagari.zip j5hagsho.zip j5hagarh.zip j5hagarh.zip j5hagsho.zip j5hagshob.zip j5hagard.zip jpm_sys_5-2.zip
  10. A few more roms from the allsorts box hope there useful cheers Tony roms 6 12 20.zip
  11. 5p £2 jpot super spoof and unknown jp golden winner roms hope there useful cheers Tony spoof.zip
  12. Amot

    some roms

    Awesome loo cheers mate
  13. Amot

    some roms

    Cheers loo appreciated mate
  14. Amot

    Sru saf

    With help from Paul gee ive got a link to a thread on here where possible bands are and thanks to riche100 for a flier to a similar machine or could it be this labelled wrongly
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