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  1. Hi im trying to repair a psu that is tripping a fuse when its connected to the mpu upon closer inspection this transistor disintegrated ive tried finding a bc337k there seems to be 3 choices bc337-16 bc337-25 bc337-40 would anyone know which one would be correct cheers Tony
  2. Amot

    Mpu3 fault

    I have other working boards Chris and replay works fine with them thats the reason I was going towards a board issue. Said board fails in both machines with a reel a error after one spin in replay that doesn't spin the reels on initialization and before the reels spin up for initialization on online . Ive tested the transistors for reel a and they appear fine but having read bobs mpu3 thread again I might change them anyway as he had a board similar, ill let you know how I get on cheers
  3. Amot

    Mpu3 fault

    Tried the board in another machine. In replay it doesn't spin the reels to boot so put it in online and it alarms straight away so thinking it must be a board issue
  4. Amot

    Mpu3 fault

    Hi ive been testing a cpl of boards and one faults after a single spin. Would anyone have any ideas what could cause this on the board. The machine works with other boards cheers Tony 20210626_175110.mp4
  5. It was this one everything else was fine
  6. Fookin awesome rich they looks the dogs dangleys
  7. Cheers barrie they look great, pity about the laminate ill see if it irons out any when I pick them up
  8. Awesome barrie greatly appreciated mate
  9. Not long got back from collecting the bottom glass today from Ian at instance automatics, I already had the top glass and i picked 2 x moneyline fruit machines up in the bexhill raid the other week and unfortunately one has a broken bottom glass so donor cab sorted happy days
  10. Awesome work mate thanks again barrie
  11. Awesome work Barrie really appreciate your efforts mate they're looking great
  12. Hope you got a warehouse phil lol
  13. Amot

    Mpu4 component help

    Cheers guys much appreciated
  14. Hi would anyone be able to tell me what part this is cheers Tony
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