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  1. Amot

    MPU4 rom cart circuit diagram

    Would this be useful to the work roadrunner is doing and what Andrew96 was looking into regarding the chr cracking
  2. Amot

    Jpm thriller

    Is there a middle finger emoji lol
  3. Amot

    System 5 JPM Diagram

    Is it for a fruit or quiz machine yamaha or standard board as theres slight difference
  4. Amot

    Hyperdeal System 85

    I dumped mine on desertisle
  5. Heres the roms i believe not in the dat cheers Tony adders.zip
  6. Amot

    Jpm thriller

    Once I've got it nick no problem
  7. Amot

    Jpm thriller

    Managed to aquire this today another system 5 off the missing list happy days. Once I've picked it up I'll upload the roms for emulation cheers Tony
  8. Amot

    Red Dwarf emulation now possible?

    Awesome work Andrew can't wait to see the finished machine
  9. Amot

    Desoldering stations?

    Try farnell or rs avoid ebay as theres alot of fakes out there cheers
  10. Amot

    Bell fruit main board

    https://m.facebook.com/groups/513768722088412?view=permalink&id=1593963757402231 Bit of game play on mine
  11. Amot

    Bell fruit main board

    5v regulator https://cpc.farnell.com/stmicroelectronics/l7805abv/ic-v-reg-5v/dp/SC10586?mckv=stS3rJheV_dm|pcrid|224694866353|kword||match||plid||slid||product|SC10586|pgrid|46610520363|ptaid|pla-371020481498|&CMP=KNC-GUK-CPC-SHOPPING&gclid=Cj0KCQjwqrb7BRDlARIsACwGad7OSy0GKy19_8QvSyG66xmGe5388mfSRKmWif7n8mdYlGO6fxFbIhkaAqcUEALw_wcB
  12. Amot

    New toys

    Welcome Mark nice machines enjoy the mecca
  13. Amot

    Red Dwarf emulation now possible?

    Another part of the jigsaw Andrew, looking forward to seeing the finished article
  14. Amot

    Red Dwarf emulation now possible?

    Close up of the date
  15. Amot

    Red Dwarf emulation now possible?

    Cab now loaded andrew hopefully with you tomorrow mate