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  1. Hi Guys Well the Lamps are not multiplexed for sure as there is 10 lamp transistors and 6 buttons with bulbs and 3 gamble bulbs Would be great to see the other side of the PCBs if possible ... may give a clue to whats happening to the I/O Again a great machine and thanks for sharing Dicky
  2. Hi guys ... I had a look for the ZNA129 and it does not seem to exist ... the chip has a date code of 18th week of 1976 .. and checking Ferranti Wiki page it shows the first commercial CPU was released in mid 70s and cost £57 each chip for a minimum of 100 units which would have been way too much for Barcrest in those days. here's an excerpt from the wiki F100-L[edit] The introduction of the first microprocessors in the early 1970s cut into Ferranti's military computing business. While these early designs were not competitive in performance terms, their price/performance ratio
  3. in keeping with the George Wilson collection there is also this interesting article by Alan Meades it called of showman and seasides it also includes some of the photos https://romchip.org/index.php/romchip-journal/article/view/60 all the best ... Dicky
  4. Hi guys its been a while since i have posted over here at MPU mecca .... its been a funny old year ... with C19 and loss of Wizard, some serious bad shit this year just to cap it off for me, i ended up testing positive 3 weeks ago, although im now on a full recovery it was not enjoyable, But on a positive side im hoping this will prevent me getting it again if my antibodies can break through the red wine in my bloodstream So firstly i would like to wish everyone a happy new year ( its got to be better than the last pile of poo ) anyway the reason for posting here was i was over
  5. Thanks Warlord ahhhh so the bulb use is as simple as that there was me thinking that it had a more technical use .. The Ditchburn above was originally a 16 play 78rpm MK2 that was built in 1947, in 1958 it was converted to a 30 play 45rpm machine, the mech is based on the Wurlitzer Simplex mech and is facinating to watch ... like the discomatic it does everything from one motor all the best Dicky
  6. Wow ... thats sweet ... very nicely done buddy a great looking mech Correct me if im wrong ... but the bulb... does that act as a current limiting device for the motor ... i have seen similar lamps for this purpose on juke boxes in that if the motor stalls tha lamp acts as a resistor to prevent the motor burning out ? great restoration A lot of time and effort to make this look good ... im sure like me you find these restorations enjoyable ... one of my personal favorites was restoring a Ditchburn Mk2R still play it nearly every day looking
  7. Thats it guys for now as PCP said all button Kits gone ... I have to close Dickys Toolbox for a few weeks ... my work calls for me to be in another country i will keep the other items on ebay until saturday evening Many thanks to everyone that bought, helped and supported this thread ... its been a fun couple of months ... all the best Dicky
  8. Just 1 kit left here is the link https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/AWP-button-Removal-and-Fitting-Tool-Kit/264775833936 all the best Dicky
  9. Hi guys Im currently printing the next 3 sets of Button tool Kits About another day or so of printing so they should be finished by Saturday morning Just to make sure that the Forum Guys here get them first ... use the link below So far i have a set for 1, Sulzerned SOLD 2, SOLD 3, SOLD Now 2 units left ... here is the link https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/AWP-button-Removal-and-Fitting-Tool-Kit/264775833936 its not for sale in the Ebay Fruit machine section but in a different section to allow you guys to get them first get them now if you
  10. Just a quick update .... from the nightmare world of 3D printing all had been running fine until i decided to upgrade the printer with a new print bed This seemed the best way to go ... so fitted this on Sunday and disaster ... i could not get nothing to stick to the bed ... all the prints kept failing after looking into the problem ... it became apparent that these type of print beds need totaly different settings than stock print beds and also need different running temperatures this meant all my Gcode files that i had generated for the Dickywink products n
  11. eerr ok ... i wasnt expecting that ... unfortunately it does not show whats hidden beneath the black plastic ... im guessing some photo transistors ? Would be great if you could remove the 2 screws on the back of the pcb and slide off the black plastic ring ( if it will come off ? ) so we can see whats inside there ? im not sure if this is going to help but at least we may have a clue to how it works and where to fault find Dicky
  12. O..M...G.....😲 Well i didn't expect that .... all gone .... the 3 sold sets are already in the postbox so expect them soon i will get the next 3 sets in the oven as quick as i can .... i have to fit a new bed to my printer as i have worn out the original bed over the last few months so as soon as its fitted and set up, i will start the next batch it takes about 38 hours to print one toolkit so i will start on the next 3 sets and get them back on Ebay as soon as they are complete Again many thanks guys ... all the best Dicky
  13. Hi Guys the link for the button Tool kit is here https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/264768358971 all the best Dicky
  14. Hi Guys Just a quick update and heads up ... the Push button toolkits will go live on Ebay at 5pm tomorrow Friday 19th June will post a link here when live all the best Dicky
  15. haha yes i do have a habit of repeating myself sometimes all the best ... dicky
  16. Hi generation ... thanks for the reply ... Just to clarify i have not mentioned that they are made to order, but i did say they are made as a one off.. meaning i have to make one kit at a time not mass produced but i guess because i made one for homer who is local to me it seems like that they were made to order ... the reason i did this was as he was picking up and paying meant that i could skip conformation of order, the payment, packing, postage, process... the Ebay way actually makes really good business sense because with one click i can see who has bought who has paid, the con
  17. haha ... you missed my point i wanted to know what was on the other side of the top board ... the one i marked with yellow rings Dicky
  18. Hi PCPfan, i have put your order in the post today so it should be with you very soon ... Hi generation I am still printing these at the moment but i will sell them via ebay only because it makes life so much easier and simpler regarding postage and order tracking, i did do a post regarding this somewhere in this thread, and i can monitor sales and i dont want to take orders that i cant fulfill ... i will have 3 sets by the middle of this week but i will post here when it goes live on eBay, and as soon as those sell i will make more until the world no longer need t
  19. Hi BF74 Did this machine make it into production ? i cant ever remember seeing this one .... and i wonder how they controlled 6 reels ... did it have 2 MPU4 boards or did they have an reel extender board driven from the Aux port or switched the common feed for the steppers between the 2 reel sets ... but then you also have the extra optos as well ... anyone have any info on this one ? Dicky
  20. That the Non-Vegan Reel set ... that contains Real Leather washers ... anyone that has worked on Bally Bingos will know the importance of keeping them soaked in Neatsfoot oil I love the principle of this other reel set in that you do away with the buiscuit board ... the wiper alignment and the blooming great motor ... maybe one of the simplest reel sets ever But i guess the downfall was that as soon as the spindles became caked in tobacco crap and dust the reels would not turn freely enough to complete the spin although have to say a good try by Barcrest .... Anyway bac
  21. So it looks like there are 5 components on each board ... the feature real board with the connector on just has the caps and a LED maybe this is infrared and posibly the transmiter ? Not sure on the other boards what they are without seeing the other side ... im guessing the 3 pin components could be photo Transistors ? any chance of a photo of the board on the other side of the feature reel ? all the best ... dicky
  22. Yes thats the reel mech i remember ... with the holes in the reels ... using optos to detect the position apart from that im not familiar with these machines ... but if the problem relates to one reel i would look at the opto sensor board for that reel and make sure the Tx Rx on the opto is working May be one of the more knowledgable guys may be able to answer this ... im wondering if the sensors are used to detect the reel position whilst it is spinning or only checks the reel position once it has stopped .... but as during play your feature reel does not stop.... im guessing
  23. You are Very Welcome buddy ... i hope it makes life easier when working on your machines All the best Dicky
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