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  1. Hi, I have literally just got my SP Ace Cash bowl up and running after some nasty battery damage in the last few weeks. I have about 3 duff main boards, and also I am sure I have V9 and V10 chips. I think the V10 is currently in my machne and V9 is spare. I added some high res photos to a previous post of the main boards. Let me know what you want and I'll see what I can do. Thanks
  2. Swtiched it on last night, then did a RAM clear using switch on PCB. 9102 error gone. Display says 0000 which I assume means OK.
  3. Thanks for that, gives me some confidence its not going to catch fire !
  4. its great, all works now, just need to sourch some old 10p.s
  5. Now fixed, thanks, turns out there are three reels, but you only see two from front. Reset them and all now works.
  6. See my photos, its an old mechanical thingy....cogs rotate with number on.
  7. Ah, you mean the display (plastic cogs)are not set correctly? After 00 credit, it goes 99, 98 etc. Is it best I keep going until it stops letting me play, or reaches 00 again to see ! Then at this point, reset the cogs to 00?
  8. Thanks to some of you guys, my Cash bowl is firing up and now working. I still get the error 9102 coming up, but this does not seem to interfer witrh operation. There are two ceramic resistors on the PCB, R10 and R11. Quite large beastes. I left the machine on for 10 minutes, and then removed the PCB. Boy it was very hot, including the track and surrounding parts. I guessed this is wrong, however how hot should the resistors get? Could this be linked with another faulty track? or ground problem?
  9. I've got my Lucky two's now working, and paying out (old 10p's!) It lets me play, even when it gets down to 00 on the credit indicator. The back door is shut. Any ideas? Technically it should not let me play if I have zero credit Its not a major problem, but I'd like to fix this last little glitch so another one of my "toys" is working. Thanks
  10. Change Reel MCU chip from V9 to V10. All lights now work as expected. Audio is quiet and crackly. I noticed two ceramic resistors, white rectangular things, getting very very hot - ie PCB was very warm as well. This doesn't seem right. Its says 7W on em. These are comoing of the +VLAMP line to ground. Is it normal they get really hot? Still getting 9102 error though.
  11. Thanks, found a break, still gives me a 9102 error, but can now works with the sound boards. Can now enter credits, but lights are going nuts. all sounds work, but where lights are going mad, can't see what going on. Any more ideas? Thanks, spending hours, but getting closer !
  12. Hi, Under other threads, I have now managed to fix the PCB on my CASH BOWL and get her to fire up. In order to get the thing to fire up, spin the reels and light up, I have to firstly disconnect the audio / expansion board. Then, she starts up, but I get an erro 9102 - Box meter RAM corrupted. Anyone know where this relates to, or how to fix it. With the audio board in, she keeps going through start up and before spinning reels - resets. Thanks again
  13. Thanks, this likely to be another broken track somewhere, or a damaged chip.
  14. On another thread, I asked for help to get a Cash Bowl machine up and running. It now powers up, but I get an error on the display PC= on the top display and 72 or St on the bottom (credits display). I cant find anything in the book. Any ideas? Thanks
  15. This morning, found a through hole track on the board that had corroded. Fixed it and now get power and startup. It now goes throught he sequence of identifying the stake CA06 5jp etc. The comes up with "PC=" in the display and "ST" on the bottom display... Cant see error PC= anyway in the manual. Any ideas? Thanks. Chuffed that it seems to be getting there, from a dead duck.
  16. Just thought I'd say thanks for the comments provided a while ago on this one. I have finally got spare spare time allowance from the misses, so over the weekend was trying to get this working, and also my SP.ace Cash bowl. I removed the battery, board and gave it a clean, then fixed two damaged tracks. All now works - so thanks to all. Now I'm onto my cash bowl :-(..poorly thing, but hopefully over the next week or so, I can fix it, or some boards turn up out the blue.
  17. Replaced U29 yesterday, but called it Q29 in listing. No joy either after changing this. Are these boards multi layered?
  18. Battery off, removed tranny Q25 and Q27, one of which the legs had eaten through.Chip Q29 looked knackered so replaced it with one from a spare board. Once replaced, followed all tracks back, and seemed to be ok. Upon switching on, I get a click - looks like reset light goes off on PSU, and then nothing. If I spin the reels, the light comes on for each on. so power is getting somewhere. I have followed most of the tracks below the battery with a continuity tester to make sure no tracks are broken. Any other ideas? How can I trace the power through to make sure its getting everyw
  19. Spare board and PSU board
  20. Right then, lets give it a go.
  21. hi. I have been trying to get my cash bowl working. Tried different second hand boards and also 2 psu's. No joy. Can only assume all boards duff. If any one has any tested boards or a machine lying around i'll swap em for some beer money! Would rather get it working than bin it. I bowl (ten pin) so would be good to have in my games room.
  22. Thanks, will post some photos in a day or so, and check these things out you mention. Cheers
  23. Hi, I have tried a second and third board, also swapping eproms as we go. First board had battery damaged, and a tranny was shorting, Second and third boards in good nick, but no batteries, Will this work without a battery?? The PSU seems to be working, and the coin mech light comes on. But get nothing else apart from a little speaker noise.. Any more ideas please? any tips on checking the boards? Anyone have any working boards I can "buy" ? Thanks
  24. Cheers for that. The tracks look damaged from the battery - does anyone have a spare?
  25. Hi, slowly getting my bits out of storage to play with em. When you plug this in, the alarm kicks in. It has started say 3 times out of ten, the other times its "dead" and then sometimes the alarm sounds. Looking inside, seems to be power on the main board, and their is also some plug in smaller boards (one has the battery on). This one looks a bit rough, and the battery is fury. Is this likely to be typical battery damage. Or is there a way to ruen off the alarm ?don't have a key for it... only the main locks. Anyone go one of these boards ? (If this is likely to be the cause)
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