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  1. Ghost train by empire mabye? very early 90s?
  2. MAGIK

    Mpu3 frustration!

    Reflow solder on the plugs for red and green also, they easily crack. And look in the plugs both sides make sure youve not got a broken pin the leads are getting on for 40 years old!
  3. MAGIK

    Mpu3 frustration!

    Check the resistor pack thats connected across the reel opto inputs on the board. You will get reel A fault with no reels connected ! with nothing plugged in all reels will appear to be jammed. If all the reels are spinning normally and your getting reel A fault, look in the back of the machine and see if you can see the reel opto lamps ( early cabs actually had incandescant bulbs for the light source in the opto sensors) lighting up. Sometimes they can die. If a reel is shuddering or not moving its more likely to be a drive transistor or one of the ICs buffering the reels (74LS0
  4. MAGIK

    Itt eprom emulator

    It does exactly what it says on the tin. Its an old fashioned 2708 /2716 eprom emulator. You use the emulator box to plug into a board where the real PROM should sit and you program the box with your code, so that you can see what it would do in whatever board /piece of equipment your testing. Quite an old, and rare find!
  5. If you dont get that blue battery off that board, and get all the corrosion cleaned up , all the carbon tracing removed, and the traces repaired and reinforced itll just go boom again.
  6. ah ! looks like an appolo9 rebuild.
  7. Bellfruit scorpion 4 , especially the later smiley 2 stuff is handy for the operators because theres a ton of spares around. They are everywhere! But from a collectors point of view the golden age is the late 80s early 90s, lots of absolutely iconic system 85 and scorpion machines still knocking around to this day.
  8. someone needs to get a hold of the tech docs out the office while they clear out! Sad news to hear BFM closing but not surprising, the internet is destroying all other walks of life so this is no different.
  9. Now that will be a bit of rareness - they must have made a 2p kit for the seafronts! I wonder how it plays when compared to the 10p ROM.
  10. MAGIK

    M1 Repairs

    thats a lovely machine, bloddy tall cabinet tho I had one a few years back tricky to get into the living room!
  11. MAGIK

    M1 Repairs

    funny you should mention that.... maygaytest.BIN
  12. Thats a nice crystal MPU4 that one. wouldnt mind seeing a gameplay video!
  13. MAGIK

    M1 Repairs

    key to maygay is test the RAM pins with a logic probe while there is no card in. They should all be floating (not HI or LO) . If any are showing a signal theres a shorted IC on the databus. Second key is a magic number - 20C0. In nearly al M1 games the very first instruction in ROM ( at 2800h) loads a register with 1. The next instruction after that writes the value in the register to location 20C0. That happens to be pin 4 of U11 on 1A and 1B which sets IOenable to HI , ie turns it off. That in turn sets RAM enable at the PAL chip ON. If you cant do that, you cant peform a RAM tes
  14. Your possibly a little off on your MPU release dates crest , stop the clock was released in 1984 was it not?
  15. nice to see this thread revived!
  16. MAGIK

    club seven

    itll be a dipswitch setting for the price of play on that. Small bank of switches on the mpu.
  17. MAGIK

    Scorpion 2 issue

    someone beat me to it lol, but thats the same fix .
  18. MAGIK

    Scorpion 2 issue

    have you checked the tracks that run under the battery area for volume up, down, OVL and most importantly SPC0/1? theres a chip select line to tell the sound circuit to use the sound ROMs high address lines and if it gets cut your samples all play in the wrong places! Watch my doctor who repair video ,shows you how to find and fix.
  19. nice strong traces on the board. Lots of vapour corrosion from the nicad but it looks like its only surface rot, you got lucky!
  20. Yep the serial communication ICs are probably dead. IC25 and 26 form the serial transiever. Pin 12 and 13 on IC26 tie back to IC4 CB1 and PB7 , pin 8 IC25 feeds back to CA2 IC5. I would guess that IC26, the input or receiver side is the likely culprit, verify you have -12v at pin 1of that first, then just replace it as the sound board will likely have data about sound playing or busy etc coming back on the dataport. I would do 25 as well as they are still fairly cheap and youve got scrap boards I think with them on anyway.
  21. Thats a weird cab that one, I thought it was maygay M1A/B at first looking at the front and then you open it and find out its an MPU4 inside!
  22. There is small plug and design differences but as far as the plugs go its just plug location, they all hook up the same. I think there is an extra "control" port on M1. Architecture wise M1 has two 8279 keyboard driver ICs instead of an 8279 and 8051. They used the 8051 on M1A to reduce component count and simplify the board layout.
  23. M1 can run on M1A or M1B easily enough. the RAM mod is quite easy to do you just need to remove the 6116 , clear out the extra holes thats already provided on the board , fit a 6264 and move the link to the 8k position. Ive done it quite a few times. You dont even need to use a 6264, any 8kbit RAM will do the job, you can still buy brand new at farnells for a fiver!
  24. 4049 is a bad example for a beginner because it has an unusual pin assignment. The easy way to find your power pins is turn the board around till the chip you are looking at his its writing the right way up, and the little notch or dot on the chip is to the left. Then , the top left pin is vcc (5v on a maygay board ) , and the bottom right pin is gnd (0v)
  25. get your multimeter out and check the voltage coming into pin 15 of the RAM.. Before anyone comments, I know thats not the power supply pin. But theres a reason for the check.
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