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  1. check the tracks near the battery and follow the + track to the diode - it supplies the ram.
  2. post a foto of the display board.
  3. it's not my vauxhall, it's a m8 who dont mind the drive but i'd need to fill it up. wasnt his choice of shitbox on wheels either - his bitch chose it!!!
  4. system80

    Stakeup mpu4

    yuk - old coinage!
  5. more than i have, and it's *not* an economical car - it's a fucking people-carrier. it's also an oil-burner but it drinks more than a petrol engine because it's too damned small for the weight of the car. fucking vauxhall junk! i suspect it's doing about 23mpg. my m8's 5l v6 camaro did 29+ machines are £25, i suspect they will stay £25 - very specialised thing running german stuff. unless you understand them they will lock after 60days and do fuckall.
  6. ask for a copy of the police reciept. any time the police take stuff they are obliged by law to provide an itemised reciept with there name and your signature on it. this is to avoid any claims of theft afterwards.
  7. first - change the bulb again - sometimes you get one that has a broken filament because it was bumped about or the 2 wires at the base arent very straight. then it may be the holder if you only have one or 2 bad bulbs. but it's more likely the diode on the holder. it should be replaced by a 1N4007 if you change it.
  8. that would be interesting, i'm running low on options with that. trying to calculate the fuel cost to warwickshire & back.
  9. PC = program counter - the cpu card isnt running right.
  10. on those haunted machines - unplug the mpu yellow connector. see if it still fucks around. something i noticed on the schematic!
  11. how can you have an "impossible fault!" on an MPU4???
  12. no, but i can probably get the screw ones. the mounting hole is pretty standard. or just use maplins. or be clever & fit circuit-breakers that fit in the hole - but they cost about 10 times the price of a fuseholder!
  13. system80

    MPS2 Help

    open the mpu and check for battery leakage. and remove the battery.
  14. it's a plastic-nut - unscrew it. the old cap has a stud welded to it.
  15. need to get the working card or very good foto's of both sides.
  16. change the 74c374 for a 74hc374 c = cmos = static sensitive. it's an 8bit latching buffer btw.
  17. system80

    Strim Alarm

    try pushing the test-button or opening it before you power-up then close the backdoor when it's on. if it's mpu4 then there is a system manual in resources section,
  18. qix is best to use - the others will be over-complex because they support multiple video-modes.
  19. i'v got over 100 z80's burried in my shed!
  20. i think it's the 129 interface most likely.
  21. caps, but check the fuseholders - they can be a bit shit.
  22. yep, brent sells em, bout 2.50 each. *but* there is nothing printed on them afaik.
  23. system80

    Stakeup mpu4

    the good door switches dont need to be taped, you can pull them into a third position.
  24. system80

    Stakeup mpu4

    well you could have just clicked on "resources" at the top of the screen! open circuit error can happen if you have too many blown bulbs - it will not detect the current when it runs em. as for dr-slots, dont you dare scare him back to the "slot-tech" forum! that place has maybe 1 post a month - maybe!
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