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  1. Hello colleagues. 😀 I recently got a reelmagic machine with a Scorpion 1 motherboard. Unfortunately the machine doesn't work. I would like to try to get it working, but I will definitely need your help. I lack information and knowledge. The machine looks complete. There is probably nothing missing inside. After switching on, the cylinders rotate for a few cycles and then nothing happens. It seems to me that I will start by removing the power supply and motherboard and checking these elements because everything is dirty and you can see corrosion. I will describe further progress in this topic. I will need a machine diagram and manual, I saw that there are these materials somewhere on the forum, but I probably don't have access to them
  2. I installed all the elements but without the memory battery. Sound works but nothing shines. The door opening alarm is also triggered. I have no ideas what to do next. 🤔
  3. By mistake, I called the regulator a transistor. Sorry mistake 😁 Today I replaced the capacitors on the motherboard and in the power supply, but unfortunately they were of a different size and I had to make changes. I hope that this is not a problem. I bought a 211 resistor 2.7r 0.5w, not as originally 0.25w, there were no other in the store. I think it will be ok too? I still have to buy SW1 switch. There is a spacer between the regulator and the heat sink that I need to buy. I have a question, should I put thermal paste between the plate and the heat sink? I think that for now I will mount the motherboard and check if anything turns on. This will give me an egergy for further work. I just don't know if I can run the machine. there are two keys on the front. I don't know what they are for. I don't have a battery and I wonder if I can run the game properly without it. I wonder what to buy.
  4. Today I took out the motherboard and power supply. In the power supply, 22000uf 25v and 4700uf 63v capacitors are swollen on top. I decided to replace all the electrolytic capacitors in the power supply and on the board. I have to buy them. Memory battery leaked on the motherboard. I washed off the raid and took out the batteries. Next to it there is a transistor screwed to the heat sink. There are traces of an old repair on the disc. I must check this. resistor 211 looks very bad. I removed it and measured the value is 2.2R but I do not know if it is the correct value because it is impossible to read the stripes. Maybe someone will help and give a value from the diagram. I checked the power supply but the given voltages are a bit strange for me. The power supply gives different values on different pins. 5.2V, 43V, 15.2V, 42.8V I wonder if the film capacitors should also be replaced on the motherboard (I mean those in a white plastic housing), I do not know if they get old as it happens with electrolytic ones)
  5. Welcome gentlemen. 😀 At the outset, I have to apologize for my English. I come from Poland and I think we could talk, but writing and technical language may be more difficult. The google translator has learned a lot over the years but still makes mistakes. 😁 Since childhood, he has been interested in electronics and small mechanics, I like to repair and restore old items. For my last birthday I received a bellfruit machine. It's out of order, but I think with your help, this machine will start working again. I will report on the progress in the appropriate section of the forum. greetings! 😁