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Twice as Nice £4.80 Classic

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Posted (edited)

 Next up is a machine i've wanted to do for an age, its a machine i remember playing back in '92' down @ Burnham on sea holiday park i worked at for a short time
it was on 10p play with a £4.80 repeater which repeated 9 more times for £48 in tokens happy days i thought till i lost it all in cash wise/chain reaction lol
 It's Twice as Nice a previously un-runnable machine but thanks to Wizards advancements in Mfme we can now experience this classic machine from the nineties 
It looks similar to Blue Chip but this has loads going on,  unlimited nudges , hold one reel, hold all three, hold two for reel match the list goes on, then there's the 7's repeat for the £4.80 repeat chance. 
 A BIG Thanks goto to Wizard for setting up this layout from getting the thing to run to putting it on its 20p setting and maybe more...
According to Wizard,There is a bug in the code which affects the first payout the machine makes after a reset, you'll hear all the triacs firing when the first coin is payed out.
He'll fix this in the next update.
i would love to see this dx'ed but images are hard to come by, but have left this un-locked just incase.
I think i've got the reel symbols in order, if they're not please,please post with the correct order and afaik most of the lamps are in their correct places, due to no test mode as such on this machine i couldn't identify them properly except from playing it for hours lol, So if not placed correctly again, post away!!!
shortcuts are as standard
                                                                PLAYS IN MFME V19.6 +
  Enjoy and Happy Gaming!!!



Twice as Nice £4.80 Classic.zip

Edited by vectra666
ticked checkbox 20 to stop the TT lamp flashing thanks to wizard for advice (again)
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Wow, thanks a lot for this Vectra! :)

Not one I've ever seen before. I'm very familiar with Blue Double Chip, so this should be good.

I'll give it a blast. Good work!  :)


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