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This is my experience of reversing the decimal conversion of the BFM Penny Target machine.

The machine was introduced in the later '60s in 'arcade' form, with (old) penny play, 1/- top payout. It doubtless came as 'ready for decimal', and with an engineer's conversion 'kit' available; possibly included in the price.

The process must have included a coin acceptor and payout slide for the New Penny, but also some additional operations were involved. The top payout was reduced from 12 to 10, presumably to keep within the 'arcade' maximum of 10np.(2/-). This was a simple soldering job,  simply transferring the top payout wire onto the terminal of the one below.

The next part of the process changed a plum on the first reel to a cherry. Both my 'Targets' have had this 'mod', but I have seen them without. It may have been a later requirement concerning minimum payout percentage. Whatever the reason, it was easily resolved, once again by de-soldering the 'extra' link, and returning the first-reel stud wiring to original.

Removing the stuck-on cherry leaves a mess of glue, and a damaged plum. I had to do some one-off artwork here.

The awards glass had a peel-off sticker behind the 'pays 12' section, which was replaced by a '10' sticker, presumably supplied for the purpose.

This is the only part which has stumped me so far. What did the original sticker look like?

Did it say '12', or '1/-' ? What colour was it?

Does anyone have a pre-decimal pic of the awards glass, or access to the engineer's instructions?

(Or perhaps just a long memory for trivia?).

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The original top payout was 12 in a white circular decal or 1 shilling ( 5p in todays money), the conversion as you say was just the coin mech and payslide and the top decal but none of those conversions were from BFM, they would change the reel bands and glass for new.

Once converted to decimal coinage the maximum payout at the time was 10p cash so the hence the 10 decal

The penny badge above the coin mech is original Bell Fruit which is the same in any coinage used old or new but,

Operators are the culprits for the conversions, sticking symbols over the top of the reel bands and wiring alterations but you are right they would have been doctored to reduce the % payout.

Do you have both Penny Targets Red and Blue?

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Thanks, BF74, the '12' was the last unknown factor. 

Yes, I have both the red and the blue 'Penny Target'. The blue one is back on old penny thanks to an opened-out 2np acceptor from a Jamieson's Bingo, and a 50np payout slide from the same machine.

The red one will be next, it's awaiting the same parts. The glass is flaky on this second one, and a better glass would be welcome. The artwork is very detailed, so I expect reproducing it commercially would be highly expensive. I don't even know where to look to obtain a quote.

These pre-decimal  types are my favourite  E/M machines, although that doesn't stop me buying later ones.

I think you know the feeling!

Thanks again.

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