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you can do it old boy

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hi guys girls, im fond of the old school jpm's and such and really want to download roms a plenty. is there a limit or such like as im not the most conversational of people but am very into my fruits


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Cheers. I have been a jpemu mainstay over the years and am now after some newer editions which are very well achieved I may add. I'm not sure where to post my poor knowledge and requests for help..?

I am struggling with a few probably (point and laugh) simply fixed issues and I am really hopeful to resolve them in plain English without much difficulties and if you want me to check the FAQs instead I am going to after the post. 

I imagine they are common; screen size only 1024 games fit?? Can I change that?  I have occasionally been given the following; missing soubd, ROMs, although unpacked as well as usual.

Wrong stream?? 



I was trying to unpack run homers meltdown. Am I using the wrong emulator? Is there a one for all solution? 

Dond!! Wow!!! £70 jackpots!! Good work!! Can you advise which emulators I will need and point me to the dummies guide please.


Many thanks for your time. And please congratulate all the people who have continued to provide a fantastic real life reminder and the efforts that took are very applauded

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You need to be over on fruit emu or desert island fruits more for emulation.

The Mecca is mainly for old fruit machine enthusiasts. Real machines.

Read the beginners guides and faqs there to get you started.

Unless you donate to the site or reach many constructive posts then you may only be able to download one or two layouts (machines) per day.

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