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Astra's Partytime Player £5 & £25 Dx's

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play this in the latest emulator update mfme6.1.0.363


Another release (or two)this weekend!!
 One i've been keeping for a while due to Captain Haddock's classic release earlier in the month.
One of my favourite astra machine the single version of Partytime now in dx format set on £5 and £25 jackpots, personally i don't think its as good as the original multi players.
 Thanks goto Captain Haddock for his classic layout of this and the flyer he uploaded to the £25 decals used
also thanks to Astraluke for the £5 decals and to Wizard for updating mfme6.1 to accommodate this layout, if you've not downloaded the latest mfme6.1 then its available via Desertislandfruits.com but you'll need to be a member and follow the criteria to be enabled to download this 
here's the link for Mfme ...http://www.desertislandfruits.com/forum/index.php?/files/file/116-mfme/

shortcuts are as standard


 Enjoy and Happy Gaming!!!

Astra's Partytime Player £5 Dx.zip

Astra's Partytime Player £25 Dx.zip



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