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WIP Layouts from Myself

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I am not going to beg, but if you like any of the layouts that I do - please consider doing one thing for me and thanks to wearecity for suggestion I also posted this here.


I've never really asked anything for the layouts I do - but please consider subscribing to my YouTube channel so I can hit 100 subscribers.  This unlocks one feature that I need to allow having a proper URL for the channel - it really is as simple as that.


I want to be a more then just a random string of characters... biggrin.gif ...thank you in advance for helping me fix the shit URL below !




There will always be more layouts shown on the coming soon releases then what I post on sites, but here is a couple.


Double Your Money


Rainbow Riches Bingo


Elsewhere, as there is a lot being shown I was asked about release timeframe, this was the reponse I gave.


We know a new MFME is just around the corner, Wizard has said he's going to release in another thread.  When that comes out, the layouts will come out at that point in a nice pleasant flow.  The video stream was never originally about new layouts, it was going to be used as a method for reviewing when the new MFME comes out, so the written word would also have a video of some sort at times as well as clips on how to fix things when needed. 


wearecity suggested do it for releases as well.


When they start - the flow will be steady and continous and I do believe that if I keep it stready but going, rather then ...layout, layout, layout... for days on end, people will enjoy them.  You will get what I am showing you - this is not a ransom scenerio - all I am after is 100 followers so I can unlock a real channel name rather then just have shit like it is atm.

I want to be a name, not a random string of characters !

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Many thanks - this really does help - apprichated. :)

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Good Morning !


We are now 75% of the way there.  This is great progress so I want to just take a moment to thank everyone concerned.


It's clear we're going to hit the targets, it's just a matter of when so I will donating to the following sites today as promised, but earlier.


MPU Mecca


Fruit Emu


Desert Island Fruits


...no, scratch the last one, I give you everything for free ( well - simply now a request you can subscribe to the channel ) ! smile.png


Thank you.

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