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4 proconn classics

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As per title 4 proconn classics

1. is simply the best 20p £6


x's pay £2  and £4  so i have done double x's on (for £4) as there seems to be something to trigger it to pay double) but! i can't see anything that does.




2.the bank 10p/£2



has anyone played this one . or even better has an image(just for reference)?


4 wins


50p(which pays out direct)


and £2  twice.


all wins give repeat chance.


3.bars and bells (project coin)



4. 777crazy cash  10p/£5 (project coin)

will possibly play in v5.2(as only a handfull   of lamps come on)


simply the best is finished and so is  bars and bells.


so if anyone would like to give them a rigorous test , before release then message me please. thanks





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Nice work HT6.   Love the Project Coin machines.  Look forward to seeing these when released.



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