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  1. Meme3

    Countdown Classic

    I'm banned forever?
  2. Meme3

    Countdown Classic

    This is just my own work.
  3. Meme3

    Countdown Classic

    Consonant, Another Consonant, Vowel, Another Vowel and a Consonant.... Here is a classic layout which failed test a long time ago: Countdown by Bell Fruit. Set on 25p/£25/84%, it was one of the machines that inspired the time limit board. Play on MFME V19.8 Only. As always you can find more information and download this layout at unknownlayouts.weebly.com. Countdown Classic.rar
  4. Meme3

    Diamonds Are Forever DX

    Here is my large DX of Diamonds Are Forever by Empire, set at 30p/£25/78%. Thanks to DAD for the original DX of this machine. Play this in MFME V19.8. For more info go to unknownlayouts.weebly.com. Diamonds Are Forever DX.rar
  5. Can anyone get Pile On The Pounds to work? I tried different reels and it errors. Pile On Pounds.rar
  6. Now here's a layout that you may have never seen in the wild, I'm talking about Snake Rattle & Roll, the AWP & the Club Versions. For the AWP Version, it's set to MS/£70/78%, and for the Club Version it's set to 30p/£250/72%. If anyone has a happy ram for the club version, post it here. You know what emulator you need, and you can find out more at unknownlayouts.weebly.com. QPS Snake Rattle & Roll Classic.rar Snake Rattle & Roll Club.rar
  7. Meme3

    Monopoly Walk Of Wealth Roms?

    Because this machine hasn't been done yet.
  8. Meme3

    Monopoly Walk Of Wealth Roms?

    No roms for this machine, no sign of them on any rom site i could find.
  9. Meme3

    Monopoly Walk Of Wealth Roms?

    I have done the other one, vectra666.
  10. Never done this, but it's a double release! This time it's Monopoly In A Spin, set on 25p/50p/£1/£70/84%. Made it into a few places, but the disc reel on the classic doesn't spin, so you'll need to see the alpha when clicking spin. Also takes a long time to boot up too. Thanks to captainhaddock for the roms, and MFME V19.8 must be used for this one. Find out more at unknownlayouts.weebly.com. Monopoly In A Spin.rar
  11. Meme3

    Hyper Games DX

    Here's a Olympic themed fruit machine from Mazooma called Hyper Games, set on 30p/50p/£35/84%. Use MFME V19.8 to play, which can be downloaded on desertislandfruits. Thanks to DAD for the roms on MPUMecca and remember you can find more info on unknownlayouts.weebly.com. Hyper Games DX.rar
  12. I started a classic for this machine and there are no roms for Monopoly Walk of Wealth (Scorpion 5) by Mazooma. Probably it's missing from the rom dat, any sign of roms for this machine?
  13. Meme3

    Monopoly In A Spin Roms?

    This machine has a disc reel that's why i'm getting reel 5 error.
  14. Meme3

    Monopoly In A Spin Roms?

    I only found a picture of it on fruit-emu, and it is a mazooma scorpion 5 machine. I started a classic layout and are in need of roms. Here's where i am at so far.
  15. There is a fruit machine called Monopoly In A Spin but i can't find roms anywhere. Please are there any roms for the machine?