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  1. I wonder if we could work out a list of every BFM product, along with production dates and numbers?
  2. 'Full House' is on my wants list. PS. My 100th post! Can I see the sales/wanted pages now?
  3. Brigham

    Fruit machines more of a man thing ?

    Good place to meet Hartlepool girls, down the Bingo.
  4. Brigham

    Fruit machines more of a man thing ?

    Well, it would probably be hard work!
  5. Brigham

    "Time Out"

    You have it! THAT is the machine I remember. I just got 'Time Out' in the wrong place, due to imperfect memory.
  6. Brigham

    Fruit machines more of a man thing ?

    Or simply 'Fully Working Order', even though the payout hopper is entirely missing!
  7. Brigham

    Bally the showman bottom glass

    I was reading BALLY threads from 2015 not half an hour ago.
  8. Brigham

    Bally the showman bottom glass

    Go into the Forum and search. There's been LOADS of talk about BALLY machines over the years.
  9. Brigham

    Bally the showman bottom glass

    Have you noticed that they ALL have the wrong top glass, and, indeed, are in the early, shorter cabinets? I'm not sure they are still in original Greaves condition. Both the name, and the dubious showman's engine are totally absent. Rebuilds of a conversion? Perhaps Greaves just had plenty of bottom glasses left over?
  10. Brigham

    Bally the showman bottom glass

    Well, you're closer to Margate than I am. I think mine still has the HOLD buttons. I'll go and check at the weekend. All this BALLY talk is getting me interested again.
  11. Brigham

    Bally relays

    Do we know that the fault is in the hopper? If the machine isn't registering the win, then it won't pay out, even with a 100% working hopper.
  12. Brigham

    Brenco money bank machine

    I haven't a clue where these machines need lubrication. I will be overhauling the reel set on mine; it sometimes starts with a squeal, especially when first switched-on. I'll be unplugging the mech., then putting it on the bench to work out what needs lube, and, importantly, what does NOT.
  13. Brigham

    Brenco money bank machine

    Mine goes into a heavy bout of 'coughing' after a 'WIN'. I call it 'coughing-up' !
  14. Brigham

    Brenco money bank machine

    I'll be buying a second BRENCO machine as soon as the right one turns up. I'm very impressed with the one I have. Are you particularly sensitive to abrupt sounds? These machines are far from silent, but the 'normal' sounds are mostly regular bouts of clicks, plus 50-cycle 'mains' buzzes. If there are any 'screeches', or any other 'un-mechanical' sounds, then these are faults, and probably due to lack of lubrication.
  15. Brigham

    Brenco money bank machine

    With both of the arms lifted, you might find that you don't get many normal 'HOLDS'. If so, change the elastic band to hold up the OUTER switch arm only, the one on the OUTER switch, nearer to the camera; leaving the INNER one to run on its cam. Have you looked in the lower pocket on the inside of the rear cover of the machine? On mine (KING STRIKE), the wiring diagram, PLUS the description of the operating sequence were stored in this pocket. I'd never been inside a BRENCO machine until I got this one, a week or so ago. The diagrams told me all I needed to know.