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  1. Brigham

    ebay machine

    If that's a telephone number, then the rebuilder is in Norfolk. Fakenham, or thereabouts. Not Louth Automatics then. What's it based on? I must learn more about these modern, decimal machines.
  2. Brigham

    ebay machine

    The glass isn't bad. It'll have had 'NUDGE' originally. I wonder why someone would make a conversion that lost such a popular feature? Pity it's so far away.
  3. Brigham

    electro mechanical machines any love ?

    Can't find it...
  4. Brigham

    electro mechanical machines any love ?

    You are in collection range...
  5. Brigham

    New Bell Fruit Project

    Do we know who made the conversion?
  6. Brigham

    New Bell Fruit Project

    I was all set to bid on this, until I noticed the state of the glass. It appears to have been on fire!
  7. Brigham

    gemini on ebay

    £200, 200 miles away. I'll give it a Miss.
  8. Brigham

    Electro virgin

    Why does it say 'pre-decimal coins only'?
  9. Brigham

    electro ebay

    A 'known' make, then? Worth a punt, do you think?
  10. Brigham

    Latest arrival

    Yes. I'll go with MDM. Thanks.
  11. Brigham

    Latest arrival

    A more complicated conversion than my 'Odds On', which is basically just a re-glass. The 'repeat chance' is great...but LOOK AT THE SYMBOLS! Why anyone would feel the need to re-create the Mills fruits, when the originals are known throughout the world, eludes me. Does anyone know who did the conversion?
  12. Brigham

    Crediting up Electro's

    Don't forget, it was perfectly normal to put one coin in at a time. The all-mechanical bandits only accepted one coin per play, and the electro-mechanicals simply followed suit.
  13. Brigham

    Ebay any lov

    Another one partially hacked for new coinage, then given-up. They all do it...
  14. Brigham

    Brenco or bell fruit

    There's usually a description of each operation of the controllers and relays, along with the diagram. If you have this, you can't go wrong.
  15. Brigham

    Brenco or bell fruit

    I was fortunate to have the diagram still in the back door pocket when I got my Brenco. It certainly makes things easier, along with a rubber mat and gloves.