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  1. wilpic

    Up and up

    Does anyone have a glass in good condition for a up and up machine. Cash waiting Thanks
  2. wilpic

    scorpion 2 board

    Didn't see that will do repairs thanks for help Steve
  3. wilpic

    scorpion 2 board

    Photo of battery area thanks
  4. wilpic

    scorpion 2 board

    Can anyone help please I have a scorpion 2 board totally dead when I turn machine on nothing at all checked power supply and its fine any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks
  5. Hi got a problem with my machine for some reason it cant find hopper checked connections and wiring all seems fine hasn't had any work done on it last time it was turned on it was fine any help would be appreciated also has 009A CCT H ENCR ON READ OUT don't no if that helps Thanks
  6. Hi any help would be apreciated just turned on machine runs through start up when it gets to hopper it says 009A CCT H ENCR BASICLY CANT FIND HOPPER was working fine until this happend any ideas Thanks
  7. Hi does anyone no where i can buy new 50v reel solenoids from for bell fruit Up / Down Gambler Thanks