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  1. Joe1

    New arrivals Mpu3

    Hay rich dont worry mate one day you might get lucky ... fingers crossed 🤞👍
  2. Joe1

    New arrivals Mpu3

    Happy day"s phil .. couple of lovely mpu3 Looks in cracking condition too👍
  3. Joe1

    Eachway shuffle CTL SELLING!

    Mmm! Interesting would be nice to see the real data base by j.p.m Or wondering if this is just hear say ! Stef looks like out of your three according to what chirs is saying about S/N NONE OF YOUR STARTED OUT AS A RED GLASS EWS. wondering if any one eles on the form as one Inbetween the numbers which according tell you it started its life as a red glass EWS! ?? Im going to have look inside mine !! It would be nice to know out of all the Ews owner's there S/N fall into that numbers gap.
  4. Joe1

    Eachway shuffle CTL SELLING!

    So what are the numbers you are looking for Chris? And you got a link ? TO THIS Data base for all JPM delivery numbers which will tell you if your machine was originally?? Cheers
  5. Joe1

    Reel Band Production

    Baz you have done well,and as you have taken this into your own hands, makes it alot better for your self.. as you understand alot more that go's into printing now.. good on you HATS off to you 👌👍👍👍👌
  6. Joe1

    Eachway shuffle CTL SELLING!

    Chris just a question How do you know that your ews started its life as an original red glass vision! Before being converted to the blue ctl ?
  7. Joe1

    Could anyone pick up a fruit machine for me

    Yes Ian from Birmingham transport is the best guy too use! Use many many times may be over 25 times never a problem 👍
  8. Joe1

    Eachway shuffle CTL SELLING!

    Might just be the case it as been wired for just cash once you get it have a noise in side ... easy if so!
  9. Joe1

    Reel Band Production

    Well done they look good .. not easy printing on white.. so you have done good!
  10. Joe1

    Eachway shuffle CTL SELLING!

    You have to put it back to 10p tokens nothing better than hearing them big old 10p tokens hitting that pay tray and bouncing out all over the floor lol! Shame it's the ctl glass. But hay its an ews ... I wouldnt mind butting the red glasses in mine.. an one got a set they would like to move ? Give me a shout
  11. Joe1

    Hey hey

    Welcome to the site
  12. Joe1

    Eachway shuffle CTL SELLING!

    Hay Rembered this one well it sure looked shot to shit... shame really would have been nice if some one had a old sru cab just a case of swoping it around Nice and easy.. repairing that cab is going to take some doing Good luck.. look forward to seeing some close up photos of the cab after its be repaired. Good luck
  13. I remember mailing a guy over one and a half years back about back lite bands Have never had a reply still waiting .. Take thing into your own hands I did and got mine done 👌👍👌👍!