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  1. Joe1

    Other arcade machines

    Cheers mate ..glad you like
  2. Joe1

    fruity repairers?!

    why would you come out with a silly silly statement!! It shows what you are very very silly boy!
  3. Joe1

    fruity repairers?!

    That's the difference between me and you niftynudger Im old skool once you have made a deal and both parties are happy on the price there is no going back!! But thank's for the heads up your like that!
  4. Joe1

    Other arcade machines

    Cheers mike... well it was very nice to work on to be honest lucky for me the cab was in lovely condition even after all those years... so a case of emptying it fully Polishing the cab to a inch of its life Fully powered coating legs and leg arms Powdered coating all the monitor fitting/stand New speaker's/and amp/power supply/adding power supply switch L.E.D.. monitor L.E.D buttons/ New joysticks Jamma 60 in 1 Finshed off with 6mm toughened glass with polished edges and powered coating fittings... Games runing are your... pac-man ,space invaders, donkey Kong, the list go's on all the ones from back in the day Cheers fruit 58 Andrew cheers sorry no i couldnt get it too work so it went in the skip... kicking myself no tho i should i asked if anyone wanted it... would have just been a pain in the bum to post as we all know how they are not bothered about smashing things we post...
  5. Joe1

    Other arcade machines

    To this...happy happy looks sweet
  6. Joe1

    Other arcade machines

    Here is one ive just finshed rebuilding From this....
  7. Joe1

    fruity repairers?!

    I had arranged to buy this .. Offered him £?00 and he was happy i was happy So deal done..!!! (And the machine was taken off eBay as sold to me) Oh no its not!!!!!@ Half hour later i received a mail saying he had been offered £950.... Well i dont give a shit what you have been offered now... its sold ive bought it So a lesson for you once goods have been sold you should not email sellers offering any thing Very very naughty
  8. Joe1

    WANTED... MPU4 MOD2 Board

    What an offer dont get any better then that fair play too fruit 58
  9. Joe1

    fruity repairers?!

    I take it that this was the one on ebay last week ...that was up for sale with a price tag of £700
  10. Joe1


    Hay welcome..glad to see you injoy the classic j.p.m
  11. Joe1


    Here you go looks like its here for you
  12. Joe1

    Which pair do you like the best

    Think i like the rust better😂😂😂