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  1. Joe1

    Rom need burning

    Hi guy I'm after someone to burn me a set of roms. Help with this will be much appreciated... pm me if you maybe able to help in is matter. Thank you joe👍
  2. Joe1

    JPM MPS PSU wanted

    Yes I'm sure I've got one if you dont have any luck ... I will have look see if I can find it out!
  3. Joe1

    MPS Machine tripping house RCD

    if i was the next door neighbour and on a 50p meter i would tell you to do one!!😂🤣😂 Sounds to me like the power supply swop them out and try a different one something is not right bud!
  4. Joe1

    2708 eproms

    Cheers Andrew I've just bought some of the first one on the link... But i will give him a shout you never know he might still have some worth ago... much appreciated 👍👍
  5. Joe1

    2708 eproms

    Have too say these are very low on the ground... after takeing a look at the link Andrew very much appreciated 👍
  6. Joe1

    2708 eproms

    Thank you Andrew thats a shame as there would have come inn handy!! Always the way when you are looking for one thing or another! Have you used these befor Andrew
  7. Joe1

    2708 eproms

    Anyone got a link to the best place too buy 2708 aproms cheers guys 👍👍
  8. Welcome to the site
  9. Joe1

    ebay machine

  10. Joe1

    Reel Crazy Payout Fault

    Dose it play as normal just no pay out?
  11. Joe1

    MPS Machine tripping house RCD

    Yes you should only need too fit a filter And it should be fine!
  12. Have to say snap not much to m.p.s 1 and two... much the same boards and tend to operate the same machines one being much the bigger board to two.. I'm sure a easy fix for you 👍👍
  13. Joe1

    ebay machine

  14. Joe1

    fruit machine glasses 80s ?

    Yes very nice rich... there are a few there that I've never seen befor (rock pile) looks a very interesting game Shame about what happened to the top bouncer glass! 😥😥
  15. Joe1

    chances unlimited

    Rob what was the problem with it not giveing credit inn the end ? Was it the refill or just a case of dirty pins?... comeing along nicely now 👍