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  1. Joe1

    Any one remeber this one

    Cheers bud im lost to this! only ever played the real thing! Might have too have a play saves on space πŸ‘
  2. Joe1

    Any one remeber this one

    I will give it a whirl see how get on something ive never tried after seeing a cloud 999, blue moon jolly joker, passing my way from time to time seeing if I can get it too work.. maybe πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ nice to know!!
  3. Joe1

    Any one remeber this one

    Glad to see that this as now emulated Some work as gone in too this! Just wondering on the hidden feature it only shows Β£1 win but on the real machine this can be anything from 60p to the jackpot not that it comes around very very often!!. Just wondering why it only pays that in emulator and why the letting lights up as on the real machine its only the jokers face and not the letters. I know nothing at all about emulator never played one.. wondering if you can tell me if this can be done. Tried the switch off three times fast but not got the nine credit's will give that a few more times just too make sure.
  4. Joe1

    Any one remeber this one

    Not the best video nick Yes so right yes Small cab same as could999 blue moon and so on. Nice size cab I think! They did a cab in the same style but a bit taller and wider. Yes it will go on a streak see if I can get it on video when i get some time.
  5. Joe1

    Joke of Year - Ben Moore 2019

    I Fully know that and fully understand what the battery dose in a machine!! It's nothing to lose compared to the people so worry about what the naughty little bugger πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚..... Dose to their board or boards as it seem that it's giveing you restless night's.
  6. Joe1

    Joke of Year - Ben Moore 2019

    Got too be honest vartas are the most popular on most of the the MACHINE'S I've come across not that ive got anyπŸ‘And never had no problems so I've been told πŸ˜€! Think you will find all batterys give off vapour but if this gives you sleepless nights dont put any on! You will find you will get a good night's sleep and never look back πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ‘!@@@
  7. Joe1

    Any one remeber this one

    Cheers nick Fingers crossed this works happy to try and capture more if you would like to see more..hopefully someone might throw some light on that remandom feature
  8. Joe1

    Any one remeber this one

    I've not for got to get a longer video done.. I've been trying to upload alonger one but haveing trouble up load it at the moment any thought guys ,?
  9. Joe1

    CTL Eachway Shuffle (SRU)

    Well the clt glasses you are fitting mate look in good nick!... Yes mate j.p.m would be better but like you say not easy to find and red glass well rocking horse, comes to mind . I wouldnt mind a red set but long shot like you say a long shot... nice to see it comeing along.. any more movement on the cab? πŸ‘
  10. Joe1

    Joke of Year - Ben Moore 2019

    manufacturers did not think of that when makeing a machine and back in the day a machine was lucky to last a couple of years befor it was striped if lucky for parts .. 99% of the time by two years out in the field it had made its money and a skip called out !!!! Us guy who injoy machines from back in the day from lad to man only call out now to late ... Manufacture only think of money nothing eles.
  11. Joe1

    CTL Eachway Shuffle (SRU)

    I see from the ctl glass you are useing have you or are you running the Β£3 ,,roms for this too match the glass is πŸ€”
  12. Joe1

    Any one remeber this one

    I will try and upload a longer video this weekend guys Hopefully i can catch a few of these things this one brings πŸ‘ And if im right I've had it hold a few times after the hold useing the cancel hopefully i can catch this on video for you guys
  13. Joe1

    Any one remeber this one

    Not a problem super bank loveing the young bit only wish mate πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ I will try and get it up loaded this weekend for you guys who remeber this one πŸ‘
  14. Joe1

    Any one remeber this one

    I will get one done nick that is a little longer glad some many of you guys a can remember this oneπŸ‘
  15. Joe1

    PCP In for a Penny, In for a pound

    Looking nice will look alot better when you have finished!! Bottom glass dont look to bad mate Nice to see one haveing the work put into itπŸ‘πŸ‘