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  1. Joe1

    Hello newbie

  2. Joe1

    Electrocoin RED BAR still won't boot!

    So thats the original psu sat in the bottom of that So thats the original psu sat in the bottom of that machine ?
  3. Joe1

    Electrocoin laberynth

    Happy days rich... no worries at all👌
  4. Joe1

    No more vartas

    Dont do that.... you might end up not needing to shave that week!
  5. Joe1

    Electrocoin laberynth

    Top guy rich... always there to help as like my self.. i will have a noisy around see if ive got one.. Always happy to help😂🤣😂👍👍
  6. Joe1

    Electrocoin laberynth

    These cant be your rich as you dont have any machines like my self 😉! You doing a friend a favour again👍
  7. Joe1

    Electrocoin RED BAR still won't boot!

    Looking at the psu in the photo! Is that the right psu ?
  8. Joe1

    Ebay any lov

  9. Joe1

    mpu4 not triggering payout solenoids

    Fuse on psu..would be my first port of call
  10. Joe1

    Injector program

    That YouTube as got everything lol
  11. Joe1

    lamp holder

    Lamp holders tend too be brittle no matter what make.. after so many years with all that heat its going to go brittle I would keep looking
  12. Joe1


  13. Joe1

    lamp mask

    aluminium is a great conductor of heat You might find useing aluminium that it will get twice as hot I would keep an eye on that if i was you
  14. Joe1

    New old guy from Holland !

    Hay welcome