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  1. decaff

    Gear for sale

    Sorry not to have been in contact sooner. Further my last reply on this thread, it turns out that it wasn't flu after all but some noxious virus that seems to be doing the rounds in this neck of the woods. Roughly translated: I've been literally crippled for the last two weeks and am finally getting back to work tomorrow. Managed to get all the tokens photographed yesterday and I'm busy prepping them and the other photos to get posted a.s.a.p.. I'm not going to put a date on it just in case this stupid virus resurrects itself as it has done before, but I hope it will be early this week.
  2. decaff

    Gear for sale

    Sorry for the delay (to anyone who is waiting for the list of gear): bloody flu that I've had for a week now doesn't seem to want to let go - one day feeling better the next day feeling like I've been run over by a truck again. Anyway, on Sunday managed to get the garage somewhat re-organised and brought the machines to the front where they are now accessible. Took photos of the COPs The Skier. Have managed to locate and remove from the loft most of the other bits and pieces today (Monday) so am hoping to find the remainder and provide the full list tomorrow. Thanks for your patience.
  3. decaff

    Gear for sale

    Graham, how are you? Hope life's treating you well. Yes, it's been a while since I frequented these hallowed shores. I'm trying to have a clear out and downsize (as you might have gathered!!!).
  4. decaff

    Gear for sale

    Thanks for all of the posts, PMs and interest. I can't answer any more questions yet until I have done a full inventory as stated above - this maybe tomorrow (Saturday) or Sunday hopefully. I hope it won't take me longer than this. As I said in my first post, this was just to test the waters to see if there was actually any interest. And yes, the pictures referenced by riche 100 above are the actual machines although the Fruitfall has seen better days (and my garage looked tidier in those days).
  5. decaff

    Gear for sale

    Hello Danno, yes, it is the Black Box one. I've already had some interest shown so I'll be doing an inventory of everything this weekend and posting a detailed list and possibly some pictures a.s.a.p. Cheers, decaff
  6. decaff

    Gear for sale

    Yes, I do realise that this is probably the wrong area to post this but ......... Machines, glasses, parts, coinage etc. for sale - if anyone is interested! As some of you may know, I quit the FM scene two, or three years ago or was it four? I can't really remember. The main machine that I have up for grabs is the BFM Big Deal (Club 4 reeler) £100 Jackpot - this machine has been kept indoors since I first purchased it from FruitSim for £200. It was converted by someone previously to accept some type of custom tokens but, I would imagine, would be easy for the initiated/enlightened to convert back to coinage. It can also be played with the back door open by pressing the test button which gives 3 or 5 (can't remember which) plays at a time. There is a Maygay Freefall 50 (Club 4 reeler) which is probably only suitable for parts or rebuilding as a project with a new case (all the parts are there). There is also a BWB Golden Spin (Club 4 reeler) which should be possible to get running if you know your stuff. JPM Arrow Drop (Electro-mechanical 3 reeler), COPS The Skier (One-armed bandit), various other machine glasses, various reel chassis, reelbands, coin slots and old coinage 50p/10p etc. I'm not going to produce a 100% list today; this is simply to gauge whether there is any interest otherwise I'll have to look elsewhere. I'd prefer it if this lot goes to a good home. I'm hoping for a one-off job lot - £250 cash - buyer collects (Portsmouth area). Regards, decaff
  7. decaff

    jpm sys80 font used ?

    The typeface is Compacta - freely available from numerous sites e.g.: http://www.911fonts.com/font/download_CompactaBdBTBold_2421.htm Reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Compacta_(typeface)
  8. decaff

    Just got this JPM electro

    Lovely looking old machine. The reel symbols bring back nostalgic memories of the old JPM SuperChance I once had.
  9. decaff

    Bell Fruit Electro pics

    Here you go; hope this is what you're after. I'll look to see if I've got any more. BFM_SuperNudgeGambler_Various.zip
  10. decaff

    anonymous users

  11. decaff


    Mercifully not!
  12. decaff

    the ritz

    Lovely ....... same jackpot tune as well. Always loved the humour of the name of this jackpot tune: "If my friends could see me now". http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5EAk4CIoVJY
  13. decaff

    the ritz

    I can take any number of hi-res photos of Big Deal if you're wanting to do a DX of that one John. Sadly not The Ritz however; but borgred's got it now hasn't he - so he should be able to do you the honours there along with some reel scans. Good luck! Maybe if you get heavily into this BFMulator thing, you would be kind enough to write an ongoing tutorial thread for it; I don't think there's much or possibly any documentation for it. I think DAD has done a number of layouts for it including a WDX for BFM Jackpot (which is not a million miles different fron Big Deal & Ritz).
  14. decaff

    the ritz

    Here they are side by side:
  15. decaff

    the ritz

    John, have you considered using the BFMulator classic layout for Big Deal (done by Bugs & Trouty) and just swapping the roms? Ritz and Big Deal are essentially the same machine - same gameplay, same sounds, different reelbands, different glasses. Would that work?