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    Line up on original roms
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    Hyper Vyper on original ROMs
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    JPM Clickety Click
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    JPM Silver Ghost
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    MPU2 or MMM techs


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  1. barcrest junky

    Maygay fruit'n'nudge

    Keep your eye on here, loads of requests for working Epoch boards, you'll sell it no trouble, but take the battery off.
  2. barcrest junky

    New addition exchanges galore

    Need Hyper Vyper with original ROMs in.
  3. barcrest junky

    New addition exchanges galore

    Too many times...... Prefer exchanges u/l myself, but would still play it anyway.
  4. barcrest junky

    Jpm Silver Ghost

    Thanks Alex. I'll look forward to downloading this when I get back from holiday.
  5. barcrest junky

    My history with fruit machines

    Welcome Chris. Clickerty Click is one of my all time favourites as well. Hopefully the ROMs will be made available soon and we can enjoy playing it again in the emulator at least.
  6. barcrest junky

    My Gamesroom

    The earliest ROM set for Adders is still missing in action. Would love for it to turn up and play extensively in the emulator to see if there are any tricks I missed back in the day.
  7. barcrest junky


    Pete W tends to put a request out annually around November /December, so just once a year is fine.
  8. barcrest junky

    Hi newbie

    Dirty fuckers
  9. barcrest junky

    For the EMU Chaps(a small teaser)

    Excellent news Alan. Thanks to you and the ROM provider.
  10. barcrest junky

    Fruity reels copying

    Not sure you were aware of this active thread https://www.fruitemu.co.uk/ib/index.php?/topic/6350-reel-band-production/page-37
  11. barcrest junky

    Organising Fruit machines

    Just use v6 for everything. If an older layouts doesn't run in v6 then run it first in 5.1,then save then run in v6 from then on.
  12. barcrest junky


    Welcome and congrats on the xmas jumper
  13. barcrest junky

    anyone no this seller? i doubt this is working.

    Yeah whatever
  14. barcrest junky

    anyone no this seller? i doubt this is working.

    For those who cannot read, is how it began, followed by roughly a copy and paste of us earlier post. It wasn't very funny and seemed to be having a cheap go at a site supporter who was trying to make a good point about an eBay seller people need to avoid. And then we get your post which appears to be having another go. Thanks for that.
  15. barcrest junky

    anyone no this seller? i doubt this is working.

    I recall there was an attempt at a humorous put down made by Wizard which has now vanished or been hidden.