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  1. PCP Fan

    For sale

    I’m ok mate, down to two after my house move.... didn’t want to part with two that I did but got no choice in the matter due to space and that was it, so the main ones I remember are the ones left. Be glad to actually feel well after this move, had no time on machines both me and the Mrs been bad pretty much since moving. Onwards and upwards soon hopefully!
  2. PCP Fan

    For sale

    Nice machine that nudge double up, wonder where that started life?? 🙂 Northampton as a dead machine, PSU needed sorting and it ran like a dream... poor things being moved again as we all have no room mate 🤣 If only we all had more space!
  3. PCP Fan

    Frank Bird ex JPM Hello! ;-)

    Welcome, good to see you on here
  4. Thanks mate, another good set of machines to be emulated
  5. PCP Fan

    New cabinet base to replace rotten one

    Nothing looks much good now. Plastic, cheap and bad gameplay. Tickets are the thing for the kids now, I Struggle to get the lads to play anything except ball drop, fish bowl and lane master 😂😂 put them in the garage mind they will hammer the machines for half an hour.
  6. PCP Fan

    New cabinet base to replace rotten one

    Then I apologise for any scratches I put in the buttons, sand and dust in the coin mech and tubes or hot dog bits / sugar donuts that may still be in there. 😂😂😂
  7. PCP Fan

    New cabinet base to replace rotten one

    That’s the mablethorpe test pilot if I’m correct? if so it’s the exact machine I spent hours hammering growing up happy days.
  8. Don't we all! for many reasons.....
  9. Seems like pics are very thin on the ground.... If only we all hard smartphones in the 80's 🤣
  10. PCP Fan

    New cabinet base to replace rotten one

    Cool, thanks mate. Will do If you ever come across any of the last few PCP machines i would stick in the garage let me know, I went through a year of getting loads running out of space doing them up but now am seriously limited to 3 / 4 machines tops so not going to start getting excited unless i find the last few i remember. Cash Smash / Hit Money / Cash Alarm only ones on the list now unless space becomes more readily available
  11. PCP Fan

    build me an mfme machine!

    What machines do you have? Space is always an issue for most of us. If only we all had an arcade spare 😂😂
  12. PCP Fan

    New cabinet base to replace rotten one

    Yes I hope it turns around! As for the old age I’ve seen a hell of a lot of friends suffer this last few months too. Makes me remember I’m not invincible. House is 5 years old from memory, no mould that I’m aware of radon check shows ok. No power lines close to us and not near a phone transmitter etc. Closest transmitter is 1 mile away and is a low power (compared to some) 1000w relay at fish pond hill opposite side of Mansfield. Nothing jumping out, suspect more coming from a neck problem but trying to get a gp to do anything but throw pills at her is very difficult! but I will get this machine on it’s back and get the bottom sorted..... life and health first and still counting my lucky stars we got the house with garage or I wouldn’t have the two machines I’ve got left.
  13. PCP Fan

    New cabinet base to replace rotten one

    Well since posting this I've had a poorly other half..... day 26 of a migraine and no one can answer why! I will one day get around to sorting this base out, since moving ive lost a load of machines and we've both needed up manic and poorly. Maybe the place is cursed. Not amused, 2019 needs to turn around! Will post some pics when it gets looked at!! Will still be after some expert eyes on the bottom as it currently is.
  14. PCP Fan

    jpm pyramid 1600 dx

    What are you asking for it now? Seems everyone has dried up with spending money at the minute which is sad on all fronts. Is it in Essex?
  15. Hope you find a container full of PCP rubbish.... I'm working on the clearing of a bit more garage room......