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  1. PCP Fan

    JPM Reel Money

    2 machines, what was the other mate? see why you’ve not had meter in hit money yet 😂😂😂 good find
  2. Needing artwork or a set of reels from a Top Take / Top the lot for trying to get a set to print. Does anyone have scanned artwork or a set from either of these two machines? I have a set of art from pook which I’m working with and is pretty damn good, however before finishing them would like to know if anyone has originals or art scanned in to compare and get the best result possible? Not one of my machines as it doesn’t have a PCP badge but it’s a project to get a dead machine with no reel deck back up and running any help / comments welcome.....
  3. PCP Fan

    NEW Machine / Project - PCP Hit Money!

    Nice one steve, look good being backlit as for the random lights the rom seems to stuff them up mine does the same will pm you shortly I’ve got another question seeing your machine.... glad they went in ok and work well. Turned out better than I expected in the end...
  4. PCP Fan

    PCP Raffle Ticket

    Well I’ve never seen one of those..... looks a different type of game be good to see it going mate! Back off holiday Sunday will sort out post and bands Monday back to work with them Tuesday. 👍
  5. PCP Fan

    Reel Band Production

    Both lots fitted now. Transformed blue streak as well adding back lights. Thanks again to everyone who’s helped especially Johno for scanning the reels or this wouldn’t have happened. Much appreciated all. IMG_2699.MOV
  6. PCP Fan

    Reel Band Production

    And luckily just before I ran out of daylight! And away on hols soon
  7. PCP Fan

    Reel Band Production

    Well here we are. All done. Blue streak next IMG_2691.MOV IMG_2692.MOV
  8. PCP Fan

    Reel Band Production

    I spent an hour going through them all until I got to this one, hopefully with it being 3M it’s not a load of rubbish. 3M photo mount spray adhesive they are all sat flat and have been for 24 hours. Not got time to stick them to reels yet and away on holiday in a day.... they seem well stuck so far.
  9. PCP Fan

    Reel Band Production

    3M are the market leader in studio spray adhesives and give consistent results with 3M Photo Mount offering their strongest bond. Photo mount is a high strength spray adhesive, which provides an instant and permanent hold. pH neutral, non-yellowing, professional grade spray adhesive with good resistance to both high temperatures and UV light. Ideal for archiving, mounting photographs, illustrations, prints and mounts
  10. PCP Fan

    Reel Band Production

    Cut a set out today and spray mounted them together. Now to allow to dry then fix to reels when I get chance.
  11. PCP Fan

    Reel Band Production

    Ill put some pics up as soon as I've got em running
  12. PCP Fan

    Reel Band Production

    They are laminated mate, first one i had gloss but its too harsh, these are silk laminated so between gloss and matt. Look good with light on
  13. PCP Fan

    Reel Band Production

    New bands arrived. See if they fit! Also dropped some shine and had silk finish. I don't think ill get it much closer now
  14. PCP Fan

    Reel Band Production

    😂😂😂 No mate it’s just for linking the bands. Might be an issue locking the reel bands on ay 😂
  15. PCP Fan

    Reel Band Production

    Ok so im impatient... New reels and masks ordered and permanent spray mount. All coming by Thursday. Might have time to do before holiday might not.... we will see Anyway, after all the stress of wasting time and cash on the first lot here's new art and a document contained in the zip with websites for printing. Reel Bands v2.1 Final.zip