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  1. PCP Fan

    mps issues!

    Unlimited space time and money would be good Louie, life my end certainly doesn’t give me much of any! Got 10 mins on blue streak today, last weekend and this one out for kids hols. :)
  2. PCP Fan

    mps issues!

    Post some pics of the inside Steve. Be good to see the conversion done, sure it’s took you plenty of hours of effort to do it!
  3. PCP Fan

    mps issues!

    Looks good Steve, remember playing that one
  4. PCP Fan

    mps issues!

    Wicked, cracking PCP machine! 😊
  5. PCP Fan

    Jpm mps psu rifas

    Brill, thanks for the video. About to have a watch see if I remember it no don’t remember it but remember some of those sounds from miracles! good looking machine, back up and running in no time from it’s “spares” status on eBay and nice to see a £2.40 jackpot so quick
  6. PCP Fan

    mps issues!

    Hope nudge money is still running, glad it’s in your favourites. If I had the space would have kept it, good machine louie will have the others solved, MPS magician.
  7. PCP Fan

    Jpm mps psu rifas

    Looks good mate, as does Test Pilot sitting behind it Good to see it working Love my Test pilot but its slowly dropping to bits on its base..... Need to get another cab at least for it
  8. PCP Fan

    Jpm mps psu rifas

    Steve Lancett can help you with Rifa issues love this video makes me chuckle every time I watch it. can’t beat some PCP rubbish
  9. PCP Fan

    Jpm mps psu rifas

    Love PCP machines from the 80s. Looked at that a few times couldn’t remember it at all so kept hands in pockets. Glad your on it will be good to see it play. Maybe will ring a bell then? Who knows. Plenty of people on here will help you with stuff. May well run with the board as it is if your lucky, I’ve ran a psu without the rifas for half hour then got them sorted by an expert. Proved it ran was happy enough to wait then. Look forward to the updates :) good win, I have never got a cheap machine yet..... pot luck if you see one you want.
  10. PCP Fan

    2X system 80 rom sets (new March 2019?)

    Still finding new stuff hope your well Louie, your work is still firing on all cylinders got a good few hours this weekend finally to have a play! Wonder if a cash smash will ever appear with or without its Roms
  11. PCP Fan

    the fruity holy grail

    Great place to work, i need to change jobs! Computers or machines..... Wouldn't get much work done mind Thanks for sharing Ian
  12. PCP Fan

    the fruity holy grail

    I need to find his garage, guarantee its full of PCP machines Cant beat it, wish i had got hold of the ones on the east coast in my late teens.... If anyone finds a load it will probably be you an by looking at your line ups
  13. PCP Fan

    the fruity holy grail

    Well when you do keep me posted.... pcp there’s always room for one more
  14. PCP Fan

    the fruity holy grail

    Have you got any pcp ones Ian 🙂 you must have at least one.....
  15. PCP Fan

    the fruity holy grail

    Blue Streak, but you all knew that...... Followed by selected other PCP games..... Test Pilot, Cash Smash, Cash Alarm, Hit Money......