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  1. PCP Fan

    Merry Christmas to everyone

    Have a good one everybody, may new year bring everyone health and happiness!
  2. PCP Fan

    WANTED... MPU4 MOD2 Board

    Top bloke Mick, dealt with before and is a very honest and generous member!
  3. PCP Fan

    Wanted !

    Nice cab, if only it had hit money or cash smash in nice looking machine
  4. PCP Fan

    Which pair do you like the best

    Aladdin’s. nice machine
  5. PCP Fan

    PCP Mirracles & Nudge Money

    Be the new £1 coin mate. Put an old one in be fine 😂
  6. PCP Fan

    PCP Mirracles & Nudge Money

    Mate if you need another board I’ll sort one after the move as they are all boxed up. Already fixed up by Louie and working :) will be just after Xmas. If your struggling text me it’s no problem. My blue streak wouldn’t boot earlier but I’m sure it’s because this damn garage is damp :( need to move and get it re-housed quick smart.
  7. PCP Fan

    All the bands I've made

    I am grateful for the ones you have done, thanks for your efforts and for sharing! Your a top bloke and very helpful and honest. Hope your well, I'm down to a couple of machines now as house move on the 18th december will lose me a lot of space
  8. PCP Fan

    Mps2 psu help

    Good old Rifas, i couldn't help but post a link to this video...... Steve knows how to deal with Rifas 😂
  9. PCP Fan

    CC & SG

    Silver ghost...... Nice, i hear a lot of people love that machine!
  10. PCP Fan

    Wanted mpu3 ram

    The bloke that’s got your 6 old mpu3 boards mate, they must still have the ram in 😂😂😂
  11. PCP Fan

    Wanted mpu3 ram

    I’ve heard there’s a bloke up north with about 6 lots of it mate..... getting it may be an issue hope snap happy isn’t fire wood yet...
  12. PCP Fan

    Wanted - PCP Blue Streak / Cash Alarm / Test Pilot

    And as the nights draw in the machines get brighter.... E28D7AC5-170A-4FEA-90C3-ED90FF19D395.MOV
  13. PCP Fan

    Wanted - PCP Blue Streak / Cash Alarm / Test Pilot

    And the 50 streak BF53A892-64DD-42D7-B32F-9A4A6E261CBB.MOV
  14. PCP Fan

    Wanted - PCP Blue Streak / Cash Alarm / Test Pilot

    A few videos I’ve been reel swapping today to make sure the originals under the bed don’t get no use! heres a few £££ in it in glorious hd 081CC494-4F96-42CF-919E-AF0C23F1E9DD.MOV 500068E5-6AF8-4324-A355-838916EC7D0F.MOV
  15. PCP Fan

    system 80 jpm club vegas

    Another revival 🙂 hope you enjoy it Tony! where would so many of us be without louie for mps / sys80 etc and midi bob with mpu stuff? this forum and you guys are keeping these cracking old machines alive!