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  1. Eastenders

    Mpu4 power supply

    On an mpu4 power supply is there a fuse that controls the coin mech ? Does anyone know what one it is please ?
  2. Eastenders

    Scorpion 1

    Anyone I could possibly send photos to ?
  3. Eastenders

    Scorpion 1

    I need to send someone photos of my coin mech wire that plugs in to the main board as the plug and the pins look completely different , ive tried sending pictures on here but have trouble sending pictures , is anyone on Facebook or what's app so I can send them please and someone who knows about scorpion 1 boards and loom , if anyone can help let me know , thanks
  4. Eastenders

    Scorpion 1

    Just looked at my machine inside and the coin mech dont even have a y shute witch is weird , also my coin mech plug that plugs in to the board has different holes and looks completely different to the pins its supposed to plug in to , the coin mech was working before it the machine was shipped to me but typical it ain't working now
  5. Eastenders

    Scorpion 1

    Ok cool mines just the green light now phew I get very panicky if I think something is wrong or ive done something wrong
  6. Eastenders

    Scorpion 1

    How many lights are supposed to be lit up when machine is on ? Green and red or just green ?
  7. Eastenders

    Scorpion 1

    Sorry scrap that one it was the audio plug but all fine now thank goodness was well worried
  8. Eastenders

    Scorpion 1

    Need help please , on my scorpion 1 loom you know the lockouts plug next to the pay slides plug well the wire on the left hand side of the plug has come loose and now machine wont boot up and red light on the board wont light up any ideas where it has to go it will be a great help only got the machine today
  9. Eastenders

    My Gamesroom

    You must of spent a fortune on all your machines ive seen a video of your games room on YouTube !! Considering theres a mpu3 machine on ebay right now for 5 grand you must be rich lol and the amount of money you have in all of them must come to about 5 grand alone lol
  10. Eastenders

    Machines in a cold room

    Hi can problems happen to a machine if there left in a cold room ? Not a damp room just a cold room , played every so often but just in a cold room as I only turn on the central heating if im in that room
  11. Eastenders

    Anyone know this fruity?

    Thought you only wanted to concentrate on 80s machines now
  12. Eastenders

    Scorpion 1

    No its fully working just wanted some pointers that's all , will be sending you another board in February then another in march fruit 58 , cheers
  13. Eastenders

    Scorpion 1

    Wont find out till Tuesday as getting my first scorpion 1 machine on Tuesday
  14. Eastenders

    Scorpion 1

    On a scorpion 1 power supply does that control the payslides ? If so where abouts is the fuse please ?
  15. Eastenders

    Caster wheels on a machine

    Thanks for the info russdx