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  1. Eastenders

    Bell fruit ten up

    Hello does anyone know anything about this machine ? Most of the videos I've seen on YouTube there's an issue with the forth reel not paying the money out , is this a common fault on this machine ?
  2. Eastenders

    No more vartas

    I wasn't talking about that I was talking about soldering wires to a board then solder the same wires to the battery
  3. Eastenders

    Fruit machine sessions

    Oh I see
  4. Eastenders

    Fruit machine sessions

    I seen him twice in margate and shaken his hand but trust me hes not the same off stage he's a respectable family man
  5. Eastenders

    Fruit machine sessions

    With tips you get are you a taxi driver or a waiter in a restaurant ?
  6. Eastenders

    Fruit machine sessions

    Hey I love your sense of humour mate ive got a very dirty mind lol and love keith lemmon and roy chubby brown lol
  7. Eastenders

    I won the day !!

    You actually won the day on the 20th april a day before me lol
  8. Eastenders

    Fruit machine sessions

    Im very sorry to hear that mate I really do hope you get your dream come true one day
  9. Eastenders

    I won the day !!

    Of course they do chris and mean that in a positive way , I just have more time in the day to post things on here than others and because im fairly new to all this I have to ask more questions but honestly dont mean to
  10. Eastenders

    I won the day !!

    Just looked at my profile and noticed I won the day on the 21st april for the most liked content !! Oh I must be popular I feel blessed lol
  11. Eastenders

    Fruit machine sessions

    On free play so knowone is actually gambling lol ?
  12. Eastenders

    Albert square 3D

    Hello all just found out theres a albert square 3D classic layout but ive not played it yet and really need it on disk rather than a download , I have a touch screen monitor and would prefer it touch screen enabled , could someone please put it on disk for me and I pay you and you send it out to me please ? Also if thats been done it really makes sence for someone to take a photo on the machine then we wi have the graphics , im not good at any of this so really need help on getting it done by someone , you anyone on here cant find a photo I will try to find one , dont you agree it should be done ?
  13. Eastenders

    Fruit machine sessions

    Sorry was only meant to post the one but my phone been playing up and wasn't sure if the first one was sent out sorry
  14. Eastenders

    Fruit machine sessions

    Sorry was only meant to post the one but my phone been playing up and wasn't sure if the first one was sent out sorry
  15. Eastenders

    Fruit machine sessions

    How long do you play your machines for per day ? How long do you have them turned on ? Do you have a break or do you play everyday ? Do you play games like £10 challenges put £10 in to see how much you can win ?