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  1. Eastenders

    Bell fruit electromechanical

    I thought the coin switch would of been one of those busy b switches with the lever and If you press it down manually you will get credits , can you please point out this white plasitic bit and the thin wire please , how can this wire be tripped by hand and does that mean the mech will take coins again ? Thanks
  2. Eastenders

    Bell fruit electromechanical

    Where abouts are the coin switches ?
  3. Eastenders

    Bell fruit electromechanical

    Hi if a bell fruit electromechanical turns on but dont register a coin but then you press a button on one of the relays then the reels turn around how would it be fixed properly so a coin does register ? How would you clean the contacts if thats whats needed ?
  4. Eastenders

    No more vartas

    Recycling if you can recycle them lol
  5. Eastenders

    No more vartas

    Lol I create nasty gasses everyday its a natural bodily function lol
  6. Eastenders

    I won the day !!

  7. Eastenders

    I won the day !!

    Ok cool thanks thing is with me I sometimes worry to much thats my problem always worrying about what other people think , iam a very nice person too and I like to have banter too but its nice to know knowone is taking the piss I just need to take a chill pill lol
  8. Eastenders

    I won the day !!

    Was it aimed at me then ?
  9. Eastenders

    Bell fruit ten up

    Is the reel 4 error a common error ? If it happens is it an easy fix ?
  10. Eastenders

    Bell fruit ten up

    Think I got 8 now
  11. Eastenders

    Bell fruit ten up

    Only asking as im buying it from someone
  12. Eastenders

    I won the day !!

    Most probably aimed at me and my name is chris too !! Most probably just taking the piss !!
  13. Eastenders

    Bell fruit ten up

    Hello does anyone know anything about this machine ? Most of the videos I've seen on YouTube there's an issue with the forth reel not paying the money out , is this a common fault on this machine ?
  14. Eastenders

    No more vartas

    I wasn't talking about that I was talking about soldering wires to a board then solder the same wires to the battery
  15. Eastenders

    Fruit machine sessions

    Oh I see