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    Fruit machines , arcade machines

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    Mario kart 64 maygay
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    More bell fruit electromechanical machines
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    Only fools and horses purple version
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    Eastenders albert square red version
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    Cops and robbers red version


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  1. Eastenders

    maygay back glass

    I know lol you have to get used to my sence of humour lol
  2. Eastenders

    maygay back glass

    Im 39 lol
  3. Eastenders

    maygay back glass

    If I had it would of helped and for free !! See I do look at other people's threads and reply
  4. Eastenders

    To everyone on here

    Dont understand What you mean ?
  5. Eastenders


    Anyone got a pacman fruit machine I might be able to buy ? Preferably pacman plus but dont mind any of the others
  6. Eastenders


    Will be making more soon mate you have my word on that one everyone even if knowone has helped me or anything
  7. Eastenders


    I wanted people to know that iam genuine and not just a greedy little time waster
  8. Eastenders


    Will make more donations in the future just to be helpful even if knowone has helped me
  9. Eastenders


    Just made a donation !
  10. Eastenders

    Other arcade machines

    I like arcade gaming machines like the 80s pacman and ms pacman donkey Kong ect and arcade cocktail tables
  11. Eastenders

    Other arcade machines

    All cool stuff !!
  12. Eastenders

    Scorpion 1

    Scorpion What a name for a fruit machine manufacturer or developer lol we all know what a scorpion is lol just a weird name for the technology
  13. Eastenders

    Scorpion 1

    Me too lol
  14. Eastenders

    To everyone on here

    Hello if people ask me for help on anything I would help them if I knew how to help them and I knew what I was doing of course I would am a decent person and would help anyone if I knew how to
  15. Eastenders

    Scorpion 1

    Hello does anyone have a photo of a scorpion 1 board please as ive just found out that scorpion 1 exists and thought that scorpion 2 was the first release of machines made , thanks