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  1. scoodyemu

    lovely brenco king strike

    Gone already
  2. scoodyemu

    Mpu4 psu help

    Thanks Andrew
  3. scoodyemu

    Mpu4 psu help

    Sorry for asking the obvious Andrew but does that mean that you would probe between 2 pins rather than 1 pin and ground?
  4. scoodyemu

    Mpu4 psu help

    Would you still put the black probe to ground when checking AC volts?
  5. scoodyemu

    Yet another test rig!

    Andrew96 I rarely understand the technical aspects of your posts but I always find them fascinating. I have no doubt at all that this will live up to the hype.
  6. scoodyemu

    Fly wired battery vs battery on board

    Is there a third option?
  7. scoodyemu

    Bell fruit 1970s electromechanical machines

    Unless I'm missing an 'in joke' it's definitely sought after
  8. scoodyemu

    Bell fruit 1970s electromechanical machines

    Is it the jpm version?
  9. scoodyemu

    Winning streak

    To make room for a couple of machines that I want, the first to go is my 'Winning Streak'. It really is in excellent condition and other than a new lock on the coin door, some chips on the front, a segment out on the display and a bit of damage on the left hand T moulding it's pretty much as good as you'll get. I've attached pics (the one of the footplate is only to show how good condition it's in). Would be to collect from Leeds but could deliver for diesel costs within a reasonable distance.
  10. scoodyemu

    Wanted !

    Is this machine still for sale mate?
  11. scoodyemu


    Just discovered this guy and fucking love his covers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0RV0kgdqJU
  12. scoodyemu

    Bellfruit big deal sys85

    Do you have any pics of the machine Nick?
  13. scoodyemu

    Guitar and my Big 50

    Send a letter that has to be signed for. At least you'll know for sure mate.
  14. scoodyemu

    MPS 2 fault

    Turned out that changing the coin mech sorted it. Thanks anyway Andrew.
  15. scoodyemu

    MPS 2 fault

    I'll check that Andrew, thanks a lot for your help.