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  1. scoodyemu

    Wanted !

    Is this machine still for sale mate?
  2. scoodyemu


    Just discovered this guy and fucking love his covers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0RV0kgdqJU
  3. scoodyemu

    Bellfruit big deal sys85

    Do you have any pics of the machine Nick?
  4. scoodyemu

    Guitar and my Big 50

    Send a letter that has to be signed for. At least you'll know for sure mate.
  5. scoodyemu

    MPS 2 fault

    Turned out that changing the coin mech sorted it. Thanks anyway Andrew.
  6. scoodyemu

    MPS 2 fault

    I'll check that Andrew, thanks a lot for your help.
  7. scoodyemu

    MPS 2 fault

    When booting up my Lootshoot this happens. Does anyone have an idea s to what is causing it? I've checked all connections etc. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ESHdZZRdCps
  8. scoodyemu

    Coin mech reprogramming

    Thanks Steve
  9. scoodyemu

    Coin mech reprogramming

    2 and Leeds
  10. scoodyemu

    Coin mech reprogramming

    Can anyone on here reprogram Cashflow 126DFX mechs?
  11. scoodyemu

    Metal coin plate

    Does anyone have a spare metal plate that this attaches to that they would sell me please?
  12. scoodyemu

    MPU 3 Board Repair

    Have PM'd him Rich.
  13. scoodyemu

    MPU 3 Board Repair

    As per title. Can anyone help?
  14. scoodyemu

    High Striker

    Definitely a board fault Nick. I have a Winning Streak club machine on the same tech. I put the suspect board in it and got exactly the same as on the High Striker. Put the Winning Streak board in the High Striker and it booted but faulted when initialising the reels with a 'Reel A' fault. Could this be anything to do with the board 'remembering' settings from the Winning Streak as it's got a battery fly-wired to it?
  15. scoodyemu

    Coin Mech Part

    What mech is it from mate?