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  1. scoodyemu

    PCP Snap Happy

    You might want to have the Antiques Roadshow have a look at that calculator Barrie 😀
  2. scoodyemu

    MPU4 Reel Adjustment

    And a really top bloke.
  3. scoodyemu

    PCP Mirracles & Nudge Money

    Nice collection mate. Just out of curiosity, how many wall sockets do you have powering them all?
  4. scoodyemu

    A joke that I thought was rather good...

    I took my new puppy for his first shots today, but the poor thing threw up everywhere. Maybe should have started him on something weaker than Sambuca
  5. scoodyemu

    Fruit machine flyers

    What a star, thank you.
  6. scoodyemu

    New member - PCP machine searching....

    Sniff! Sniff! 😂 I agree with everything you've said though mate. Last September I had 1 machine and no idea. I still have no idea but have 10 machines. No way would that have happened had it not been for the forum. There are some top guys on this site.
  7. scoodyemu

    Fruit machine flyers

    Nice collection, you don't have a Bellfruit or JPM folder do you?
  8. scoodyemu

    barcrest mpu3 instant replay 1982

    Great thread Nick. Looking forward to seeing the finished machine.
  9. scoodyemu

    A joke that I thought was rather good...

    With all this media attention on celebrity abuse during the 70's, I'd like to press charges against Pan's People who made me abuse myself at 7 o'clock every Friday night from the age of 11.
  10. scoodyemu

    PCP Mirracles & Nudge Money

    Barrie, get your tissues out mate
  11. scoodyemu

    slot machines

    Definitely worked for me when I was having problems. Correct posture is essential for downloading as well as helping to prevent back injury. A quick DSE risk assessment is all that's needed. http://www.hse.gov.uk/pubns/ck1.pdf
  12. scoodyemu

    Capacitors mpu4

    Buy the screen and digitizer off Ebay for £15 and do it yourself. They even supply the tools to do it in the price. I've done it and although it's fiddly and time consuming it's not particularly difficult.
  13. scoodyemu

    A joke that I thought was rather good...

    The waitress said, “are you ready to order?” “My wife is in the ladies, “ I said “Do you know what she’s having?” “Well she’s been gone 10 minutes so probably a shit.”
  14. scoodyemu

    Tales from Midibob's workshop. MPU3

    Fix the timing issue?
  15. scoodyemu

    Wanted - PCP Blue Streak / Cash Alarm / Test Pilot

    I notice the naughty machine in the backgtound being forced to face the wall. I really do empathise with it, I spent a lot of my schooldays in the same position