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  1. scoodyemu

    Nudge gambler

    Thanks Ron, It'll be Friday before I can get to it but I'll try that.
  2. scoodyemu

    Nudge gambler

    Hi Ron Checked and it was definitely a 50V solenoid that came with the machine. Is there any way of checking what voltage the machine is putting into the solenoid as I would guess there will only be a voltage present when it is activated.
  3. scoodyemu

    Nudge gambler

    Thanks a lot Ron I'll check them out tonight.
  4. scoodyemu

    Nudge gambler

    First off a massive thanks to Rich for his link to the S1 manual. Ok so I got a Nudge gambler that had been converted to new coins and all cash. I prefer my EM's to be as the makers intended so here's my progress so far. Using the guide I managed to get the mech sorted and set about sorting the token one. Unfortunately the slot was slightly smaller than the token but 10 minutes with a needle file soon sorted that problem. Next adjusted the mech to accept. The coin tube and solenoid had been removed but I've got plenty of spares so found one to suit the token diameter. The problem I have now is the wiring has been doctored and I do not have 2 connectors for the solenoid. It looks like this Anyone any ideas please?
  5. scoodyemu


  6. scoodyemu

    Ian Delivery Man

    07812 590191
  7. scoodyemu


    Thanks Ron, I'll check the machine when I get home.
  8. scoodyemu


    Thanks Wizard, will upload a pic tonight.
  9. scoodyemu


    Thanks Ron, but I can't see any pictures. I don't think it's the reel 3 problem as it will pay out 20p wins on 3 of a kind, it only affects the 50p wins.
  10. scoodyemu


    Rich, you are an absolute star. Thank you.
  11. scoodyemu

    New addition to the family

    Have you managed to get yourself a machine yet Rich? 😀
  12. scoodyemu


    Nudge gambler On 10p and 20p wins it is fine. The bells and melons are both supposed to pay 50p but only pay 20p. Any ideas?
  13. scoodyemu

    Reel alignment

    Hi guys Just picked up an old nudge gambler but reel 3 and the nudges reel are not aligned with reels 1 and 2. Is it an easy fix?
  14. Nowhere near as good as Phil's EWS but a machine I've been after for a long time. It used to eat up all of my pocket/paper round money.
  15. scoodyemu

    New Bell Fruit Project

    If you do decide to strip it for spares let me know.