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  1. jezza83

    Couple of ROMs

    wtf, did i claim them as my own or try to sell them, no. was just trying to share.
  2. jezza83

    Couple of ROMs

    ah ok layouts then, just trying to share what i have acquired. I wont bother.
  3. jezza83

    Couple of ROMs

    Some of my favourites Blackjack.zip Psycho Cash Beast 1024.zip Super Breakout.zip
  4. jezza83

    Couple of ROMs

    Hi guys Not my creations but a couple i have in my collection, more to follow... Big Cheese.zip Son of Dracula.zip
  5. jezza83

    Hi Everyone

    Might be a silly question but fairly new to this, how do i find out what type each ROM is? MPU 4, MPU 5 for example
  6. jezza83

    Hi Everyone

    Not sure Vectra, i will have a look through and try and get some uploaded today.
  7. jezza83

    Heyup everyone

    Welcome Grey
  8. jezza83

    Hi Everyone

    What are the rules on uploading roms? I have around 100 or so that a friend sent me that he bought on ebay, happy to upload them to this site.
  9. jezza83

    Hi all

    Welcome Matt, what machine is it?
  10. jezza83

    Homers Meltdown (Classic)

    Good luck I love this machine
  11. jezza83

    Rom differences?

    They seem to be all over, gotta search everywhere lol
  12. jezza83

    Oldie machines on fleabay

    Ebay can be so frustrating, i recently just missed out on a Super Blackjack Club machine! i was gutted but the mrs was relieved.
  13. Just found the website, loving the wealth of information on here. Used to love playing £25-£35 pound jackpot pub machines and have spent many a night at service stations playing till the early hours.