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  1. If its old maygay m1a then usually mars me 126 coin mech
  2. warlord

    How about this lol

    Each to their own,but im really not into tattoos or body peircing.We are born with the holes we need lol.
  3. warlord

    Epoch board not reading dips

    Anyway,epoch,bin it.doubt you will find a working one now.Really bad tech.As for repair,if mr 96 struggles,we dont stand a chance.Correct me if im wrong.
  4. warlord

    just got this

    Its on 20p play with £6 jackpot.token mech and tube still there but i think i will just use cash.The guy i bough it from has done a great job.He has fitted new locks,new T moulding,new kick plate rubber,new battery.I have never seen such a lovely machine as purchased.Even after a 100 mile trip it worked no problem.
  5. warlord

    Epoch board not reading dips

    Absolutely.Some friends taking the pee like that.No wonder you dont take on repairs.People like that are dispicable.
  6. warlord

    just got this

    Too right,they sure do steal your heart with those big brown eyes.good at getting their own way too.I take it you have one or 2
  7. warlord

    just got this

    Thanks joe,yes they are lovely,and she is a spoilt little brat,but what the hell.The dog is about the only thing that comes before machines.
  8. warlord

    just got this

    I have just arrived back from cambridge with this maygay monopoly.Probably the best cond fruity ive ever bought without having to do work.Its really nice.
  9. warlord

    Any one got machines upstairs?

    I had 2 but sold them this week.revenge from mars and starwars episode 1.Problem with pinballs is they are such a weird shape.in the past ive had popeye,who dunnit,southpark,cueball wizard,batman wide body model,terminator and steeet fighter.oh yes and bugs bunny birthday ball.Loads more i would like but far too expensive.What machines you got
  10. warlord

    Any one got machines upstairs?

    Well i have a garage now but years ago i had to have them in the house,in spare large room i had 2 pinballs and 5 fruities.I put them round the edge but our beams are quite big as its a 1943 built house,not the new dolls house stuff.I was much younger then,deffo would not cart them up there now and thanks to my garage i have room for 10 fruities and the car plus all the other shit in there.
  11. warlord

    Maygay eastenders

    Yes thanks.im thinking following the battery tracks should be easy
  12. warlord

    Maygay eastenders

    only problem now is its alarming 4.2 ram clear when powered up.so must be a broken track around the batt area.so will sort that next.
  13. warlord

    Maygay eastenders

    Now removed other 2 caps,repaired and replaced,all working spot on,lights and sounds,the lot.My new coin bezel arrived today so will soon be done.Its looking good for a 30+ year old machine.Thanks to all who helped especially andrew who was correct in saying the through hole connectors may be a problem and mick for offering to look at the boards.And i collect my maygay monopoly soon.
  14. warlord

    Maygay eastenders

    Ok,i have removed c1 and done some repairs.Also i have resoldered all joints to eliminate dry solder joints.The machine now boots and plays but no lights at all.So i will remove the other 2 caps and do the same.Then im hoping it will all be ok.I will then leave it on a while to see if it shuts down like before.
  15. warlord

    Maygay eastenders

    Thanks for that.I cant read the text as its not clear,but i get the diagram.I will do some tests.thanks again