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  1. warlord

    red target ebay

    Think its you that should be banned,bit of a stalker
  2. warlord

    red target ebay

    Well spotted rich,good price too
  3. warlord

    Simpsons maygay m1 bits epsellialy bottom glass

    May take a while dude
  4. warlord

    MPU3 Lighting Tubes

    Tube wattage goes on length,so provided it fits should be ok
  5. Did you say you had a Bellfruit Crackpot for sale? Any details...

  6. warlord

    fruit machine

    I knew andy would know,thsnks mate
  7. warlord

    BFM Cops N Robbers

    Pretty sure matrix had one,but not 100%
  8. warlord

    Various chips,m1b

    Is there a good way to check ics rather than just keep changing various ones till you get it working.
  9. warlord

    Various chips,m1b

    Where the batt sits the 2 pins are positive and single pin negative.Join the 2 pos pins and simply leave a length of wire about 12 inch or longer depending where you put battery.Same with neg,use red and black so its obvious which is pos.As for soldering,get sone old pcbs and practice,apply heat for as shorter time poss and keep the tip clean.A good join will be smooth and shiney a bit like mercury.A dull finish not good and like a dry join,may not conduct and will breakaway.
  10. warlord

    Various chips,m1b

    No,most are soldered direct to board.I always fit a socket if i remove a ic so it prevents damaging board and makes changing ics easy
  11. warlord

    Various chips,m1b

    Well i think u32 and u33 for a start.im sure the larger chips are pia as pinballs use.Pia is perepheral interface adaptor.So the ram feeds info to these and they feed info to other chips.I think
  12. warlord

    Various chips,m1b

    So,i may need to swapout various chips inc the mb1 programmed chip and the main ram chip.So where do you get these.Now i know to some its easy and programming is easy,but not to me.I think cabinet repair is easy but others may not.We all have our specialities.So please respond in an unstandable way.Thanks all
  13. warlord

    Help needed

    Look at the thread anything else and instance automatics.Im looking at getting a glass done and im sure they can do yours.As for stickers any local print company can d them
  14. warlord

    Stop the Clock MPU4 Barcrest

    Nice story and was meant to be.Its come home to be pampered like a spoilt pet.Nice machine,great stuff
  15. warlord

    ebay electro

    Great machine,i had the hot dog and yes not much spare space in there,makes a proper machine sound when playing but due to weight of back door and slim cabinet it can tip over..im not a cat fan so i wont be interested