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  1. warlord

    Funny advert

    Maybe he should come on here,get it working for free then fleabay it for £1500.And of course don't donate.
  2. warlord

    Maygay m1a repair thread and tips

    Purchased a good few ics today,and the Q1 tranny.most of these are from silicon ark and verified nos tested and working.Im still removing chips and fitting sockets and I'm really hoping I can sort it next week.
  3. warlord

    Epoch engineers!

    looks a good machine.glad you sorted it.another saved
  4. warlord

    Funny advert

    did he accept
  5. warlord

    Funny advert

    What a load of cods wallop.£100 max.would anyone be stupid enough to buy it.??????????????
  6. warlord


    I like spam,with red sauce and bread
  7. warlord

    glass artwork help needed

    Go on mr p website and go to contact,email through that.he has 3 or 4 big arcades full of old fruities so im guessing they keep him busy.
  8. the mk2 were much better and all been snapped up i reckon.So i would get the psu working first.Quite easy really,even if you replace all the parts.from what i recall they are quite simple pcbs in them.Is it a stadium supply.They are quite cheap tbh
  9. warlord

    Good ics

    Im trying to fix a mb1 board.I have fitted 3 ics already but dont know if they are any good,so i could go through the whole baord and still not work.If someone has the facility to know they have good ics could i buy some from you please..if so i will list what i need for now and if you have them.many thanks all
  10. warlord

    glass artwork help needed

    Mr p has answered.i know he is very busy but he said he has a good few glasses and he will help if he can,i really hope he can.But he also said his memory is like a hard drive (so i presume very good) and he dont recall seeing one.Fingers crossed,but im very happy he is willing to help.Many thanks mr p.you are a star
  11. There is someone selling working epoch boards on ebay,maybe best to buy one,often boards outway machine value.but if you can fix it then i would say you can fix anything
  12. warlord

    glass artwork help needed

    Well i hope it does,but so far 7 months and nothing.I sent email through his web site and it dont even confirm its sent,no phone number,im not phsycic and for shades to do it they need a scan of a good glass.Photos as i said will not do it.
  13. warlord

    peter simper fruity

    So the tubes (t12) arrived today.The ballast fitted exactly where the original did using same screws.So now totally complete and working a treat.Been stood and neglected for 35 years and still a peice of piss to restore at side of mpu models.
  14. warlord

    glass artwork help needed

    Done that dude,will see
  15. warlord

    glass artwork help needed

    Dont know the guy.dont like to ring out the blue dude