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  1. warlord

    Bell Fruit closing

    Another great company gone,what the hell is going on.Very sad 😭
  2. warlord

    M1 help

    The original rivets dont seem to hold once removed.Either put 20mm long screws through or use the car trim plastic rivits..
  3. warlord

    M1 help

    Nice one matty,hats off to anyone who can fix these beggars.well done
  4. warlord

    Wanted gas structs and a fruit machine button

    Sgs are in derby near me,i got my struts from there for my pacman pusher.very good and helpful company.podt pics of struts and any info on them
  5. warlord

    cam setting tools on ebay

    Oh thats bad news ron.at least you all ok is main thing.Make sure that dickhead pays.I certainly would.Have a great xmas dude.And celebrate justice.all the best dude
  6. warlord

    cam setting tools on ebay

    Ron,are they any good and have you tried them out yet
  7. warlord

    Another Maygay M1 board repair

    That is magnified a lot,would be nice to see the standard pic of same bit next to each other
  8. warlord

    Wanted Homer's meltdown bottom door

    Yea i meant on ebay not here.i did say his ebay name is roundlet as superbank pointed out.You may not get one for months but one will turn up.
  9. warlord

    Need some roms burning please

    Sorry mate,i cant do that
  10. warlord

    Wanted Homer's meltdown bottom door

    Ebay,was on for weeks.there is a guy with user name roundlet he might have one
  11. warlord

    Wanted Homer's meltdown bottom door

    Ive had 3 of these,good game with lots of features.Only thing that lets it down is epoxey tech.seen the front doors on ebay before.They are around,put a wanted ad on facebook or gumtree.
  12. warlord

    Barcrest Ten Quid Grid quiz machine

    well crap machine or good machine i dont like to see this.
  13. warlord

    Epoch Madness

    Thats a good few dude,must have cost a bit in shipping
  14. warlord

    Barcrest Ten Quid Grid quiz machine

    I would swap it for my its a knockout.that takes new coins,cab excellent,pretty good mpu but needs work on mpu
  15. warlord

    wanted epoch mpu board

    Would that be the crossdresser pinball dude by any chance.as for finding a decent epoch board you may aswell buy a shovel to scrape up rocking horse shit.you stand more chance😁