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  1. Doubt it,just dont pay if you are not happy.Simples
  2. warlord

    Brenco project now under way

    so,major bedroom refurbish done,see pics,took 3 months.Now working on brenco,got glass out,the perspex is 2.5mm and not available,so an old friend of mine is using 3mm and machining 20mm in round the edge so it will fit frame.All motors checked,a switch adjusted and some re soldering to tidy main board,its had a clean aswell.more to follow
  3. warlord

    Joke of Year - Ben Moore 2019

    I was under the impression that button cells would not last long before being drained on m1b.may be wrong
  4. warlord

    Joke of Year - Ben Moore 2019

    So what would you use then ?
  5. warlord

    Barcrest Spiker Biker Fruit Machine

    Get bulbs from swallow amusements.
  6. warlord

    Oh ffs.. it’s back!

    If you cant find it i will send a box with free fire lighters
  7. Even if you do it would not be a patch on this.I just love it.always have always will.And in 20 years its never let me down.Unlike some m1b i can mention
  8. I was offered 800 last year but money dont matter,its not for sale
  9. warlord

    M1 help

    Not sure if any schematics available.good luck mate,they can be a bastard
  10. Jennings,another quality machine.,so whos house was it.my gaffer is after a mechanical bandit for about £300.i told him it will be a struggle for that price.It must be mechanical in operation but can plug in for lighrs only
  11. Now thats nice,worth a few quid i rekon.he lives just up road from me.about 5 mins,
  12. Well it was 20 years ago and it was a dog.Yes mark hill took me down as he was buying from him.Not heard from any of them for ages,although dave runs the penny machines site.There was jeremy from alfreton and baz pete barson and michael jordon who sadly is no longer with us.Very nice chap.
  13. Dont think it was john.i got it from dave lavender in birmingham for £90
  14. Yes i did mate,but i wont be having anymore epochs
  15. Thanks ben,ive had a good few german machines and they are built like tanks.Nearly all are wall mounted and the size of a small suitcase.