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  1. warlord

    is this a trusted seller?

    Courtney blush I believe is another
  2. And there's me thinking you are a bodge artist even though you have no machines to bodge,then you come out with a fab repair idea like that,you are a dark horse dude 😁
  3. warlord

    is this a trusted seller?

    yes it is,i remember that one,why would you need more than one ebay account if you are not a rip off doh ball
  4. warlord

    is this a trusted seller?

    Im sure paget is from birmingham
  5. warlord

    is this a trusted seller?

    He has several.im sure someone will know, pinpanther is one I think
  6. warlord

    MPS Machine tripping house RCD

    Seems like the machine may have an earth leakage on the mains input side.Have you checked all connectors Inc kettle lead input.Is it possibly an over reactive trip.This may sound daft,but run an extension lead from next door if they will let you and see if it trips that.
  7. warlord

    is this a trusted seller?

    steve paget does,he tried to rip ron off.??
  8. warlord

    is this a trusted seller?

    I thought it was you adding to your collection
  9. warlord

    Nudges Unlimited

    That's good then all sorted.nice way to start the year.shame mine were smaller
  10. warlord

    Nudges Unlimited

    Found em.I know there are many sizes and pin layouts.Ive attached 2 pics,these are 12.30mm by 19.25mm.If anygood you can have them.I have 4.I have them with an electronic vernier.
  11. warlord

    Nudges Unlimited

    Ok Mike,I will dig them out,fingers crossed.
  12. warlord

    Nudges Unlimited

    I have some segment displays,got them for warlord but turned out to be a chip on display board.what size are they,if same you can have them
  13. warlord

    Bell Fruit closing

    Well there are plenty around,like all machines,after late 90s they are shit anyway.That is game play and build quality.Plus nearly all now will have crappy dongles and impossible to fix surface mount tech
  14. warlord

    fruit machine glasses 80s ?

    I can sell him one.😁
  15. warlord

    Another Maygay M1 board repair

    I really dont know how you get them links so neat and close together