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  1. -Crest-

    M1 help

    Good job so far mate hopefully just a track issue there for you.
  2. -Crest-

    M1 help

    You Should be able to just save the images and print them out?
  3. -Crest-

    M1 help

    The board was found in a bin btw (seriously)
  4. -Crest-

    M1 help

    Hopefully they are easy enough to fix but I have a act for picking bad boards This is one I swapped to James hardy last year. Magik loved this one Looked quite clean to haha
  5. -Crest-

    M1 help

    Glad to help it’s good that they were posted on here years ago, a lot people hide schemics unfortunately
  6. -Crest-

    System 5 mouse trap

    Definitely a cool looking machine to like tom and jerry lol
  7. -Crest-

    System 5 mouse trap

    There was a deal a while back between Paul knowles and someone else on Facebook there were a few system 5s.. I think this was one of them?
  8. -Crest-

    Oh ffs.. it’s back!

    Now bet com owns the rights. Hopefully just a 1 off. But probably not
  9. -Crest-


    Welcome mate
  10. -Crest-

    Best of an Era (Community Driven)

    Wow that’s a crazy long list! But you just covered most of them lol, very good @sulzerned
  11. -Crest-

    Best of an Era (Community Driven)

    Doing all eras just the £6 Jackpot ones to start with. Any suggestions for other JPs let me know Trying to capture all the iconic and most popular of there respected time.
  12. -Crest-

    Best of an Era (Community Driven)

    The £6 Era Barcrest Road Hog Barcrest Andy Capp Barcrest Crystal Maze Barcrest Viva La Espana Barcrest Viva Las Vegas 6 Barcrest Hyper Viper JPM Indiana Jones JPM Popeye JPM Big Banker (£6/£8) Bell-Fruit only fools and Horses Bell-Fruit Cops and Robbers Bell-Fruit Big Breakfast BwB MPU4 Videos
  13. Thought I’d start a new thread which I don’t think it’s been done before, Going to include the most popular and iconic machines of the time, all jackpot eras, hopefully all you’s will join the thread and put your opinions on the machines and machines you personally enjoy of the era.
  14. -Crest-

    M1 help

    M1B is there to if you read on Down