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  1. -Crest-

    Alphanumeric dead display

    Never knew they had that much voltage. Thought they were perfectly safe to go near when on
  2. -Crest-

    Alphanumeric dead display

    Ok so the MPU4 display will be no good for the MPU3?
  3. -Crest-

    Alphanumeric dead display

    Oh you might be right thought they were fully backwards compatible, MPU5 are with MPU4.
  4. -Crest-

    Alphanumeric dead display

    Pretty sure I have one, but it’ll be MPU4 the connector will need to be changed
  5. -Crest-

    Alphanumeric dead display

    Possible that a board fault is causing no alpha, but could be alpha faulty
  6. -Crest-

    Hello, newbie here

    What country are you from if I may ask?
  7. -Crest-

    Crystal - Buccaneer

    Will do mate I’ll give you the card as well will pm
  8. -Crest-

    Crystal - Buccaneer

    Are many MPU4 crystals emulated?
  9. -Crest-

    Crystal - Buccaneer

    I’ve a mystery crystal Rom here might not be emulated edit: bad news turns out it’s a sound Rom
  10. -Crest-

    how do i set it to 10p play donkey kong

    Pretty sure you’ll need Roms mate
  11. -Crest-

    MPU4 Ejects coin when switching on

    Good job mate just as long it’s no longer shorting that chip
  12. -Crest-

    MPU4 Ejects coin when switching on

    Get rid of this tho, may short the chip, think that’s part of the trace for the battery
  13. -Crest-

    MPU4 Ejects coin when switching on

    Track you pulled out is your to the battery easily fixed especially if it’s just ground