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  1. -Crest-

    Indiana jones system 5!

    Also impact
  2. -Crest-

    Indiana jones system 5!

    It’s not system 5 mate, it’s an Italian JPM impact, but I think a U.K system 5 may or did exist.
  3. -Crest-

    My YouTube channel. chris217

    I’m so many videos behind lol
  4. -Crest-

    Crystal - Gold Fever

    Awesome thanks!
  5. If flashing ive got all engineer codes
  6. Is it flashing green, green, red etc or just plain red?
  7. -Crest-

    New but not improved

    Yup correct one 👍
  8. -Crest-

    New but not improved

    No probs, for the refill key it’s a 87000
  9. -Crest-

    New but not improved

    Ok let me know the results
  10. -Crest-

    New but not improved

    Hm ok will upload it to YouTube
  11. -Crest-

    New but not improved

    Perhaps for testing or the machine wouldn’t lock properly
  12. -Crest-

    New but not improved

    That’s quite a good idea better than tape, remove that for demo play and test mode