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  1. -Crest-

    Another Maygay M1 board repair

    So the M1 GAL/PAL chips can be programmed? If so That’s good !
  2. -Crest-

    mazoma monopoly bellfruit

    As above mate ^ have seen this on a machine before (maygay/barcrest Jewel in the crown MPU5) was a £25 locked Rom not switchable
  3. -Crest-

    New Machine! JPM Give Us A Break AWP

  4. -Crest-

    New Machine! JPM Give Us A Break AWP

    Scary! edit: the fucker got away lol, it’s still inside the machine somewhere
  5. -Crest-

    New Machine! JPM Give Us A Break AWP

    Given the reels a good clean looking nice and white. I changed bulbs for the reels just for good measure
  6. -Crest-

    New Machine! JPM Give Us A Break AWP

    Wow. Literally every single lamp works! Now that’s a rarity, less work then
  7. -Crest-

    mazoma monopoly bellfruit

    It’s error 49 probably cause it’s the wrong stake, for £5 JP, change to off, off, off, on, on, off, off, off
  8. -Crest-

    mazoma monopoly bellfruit

    If you have an adjustable key
  9. -Crest-

    New Machine! JPM Give Us A Break AWP

    Currently cleaning it, was a lot of dust and spider webs! Still got to hoover the front. I should of took a before and after photo
  10. -Crest-

    New Machine! JPM Give Us A Break AWP

    Hi mate yes I will supply photos but chances are they will be reflective, I just couldn’t get good photos of the great escape club. But I tried
  11. New machine is here ! I’d like to give a massive thank you to @stevelancett who collected and stored this machine for me for a few weeks so could get it shipped over to Northern Ireland. Top guy 👍 ill be posting more updates on it below.
  12. -Crest-


    There should a chart somewhere inside the machine