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  1. BarcrestPlayers

    Wanted: Scorpion 2 Power Wire Loom

    Hello mate have you had a chance to look yet?
  2. BarcrestPlayers

    WANTED - Epoch MPU

    Is that a psycho cash beast rip off?
  3. BarcrestPlayers

    MPU3 Lighting Tubes

    Yes I’ve Switched out the starters but the machine no where near to being working.
  4. BarcrestPlayers

    MPU3 Lighting Tubes

    Might be mate, magik recons they are 6W at the reels and 13W at top glass so that seems like a safe bet. Glad I asked this cause the ones I was going to buy were 24W!!
  5. BarcrestPlayers

    MPU3 Lighting Tubes

    Unfortunately not it’s all Rubbed off mate
  6. BarcrestPlayers

    MPU3 Lighting Tubes

    Hello does anyone know what watts the MPU3 lighting tubes are? Don’t want to risk burning the reel bands with to high of a watt ones. For a naughty but nice fruit machine project. Thank you
  7. BarcrestPlayers

    Wanted: Scorpion 2 Power Wire Loom

    Was going to try make one myself cause didn’t think I’d get one, but if you have one in good condition (no to little corrosion) that would be brilliant! Only needing the power cable. Thank you
  8. BarcrestPlayers


    My BWB Calimira club (1998) will boot and go into lamp test without its CHR and everything seems to work fine in test mode. So it’s confusing when people mention the lamps unless it’s only on centain machines.?
  9. BarcrestPlayers

    Casino Crazy

    I’ve got GUAB Club quite sinlar to it. This one run impact 1 (2) or 3
  10. BarcrestPlayers

    Wanted: Scorpion 2 Power Wire Loom

    It seems like the MPU4 Wire looms are the same width well the power plug anyways so going to use one of those for a donor but will do it in the next few days as I blow my multi meter 2 days ago lol so don’t want to risk putting wires in the wrong place.. that wouldn’t go down well!! Thanks for the suggestion @midibob
  11. BarcrestPlayers

    Pre MPU1 Fruit Machine Glass?

    Seen these come up on eBay just curious on how old they really are, incording to Barcrest Games list (posted here) it is not an MPU1. So how old is it? Quite nice looking art works
  12. BarcrestPlayers

    Wanted: Scorpion 2 Power Wire Loom

    I’ll have a look mate got a few spare MPU4 wires
  13. BarcrestPlayers

    fruit machine

    Looks more like a poker machine, be interesting to see gameplay of it
  14. BarcrestPlayers

    Wanted: Scorpion 2 Power Wire Loom

    Sorry to hear about that mate
  15. BarcrestPlayers

    Wanted: Scorpion 2 Power Wire Loom

    Just looked it up yes IDC thank you, I didn’t know the name of them