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  1. BarcrestPlayers

    JPM 90s lover

    @Stick2000 have you got it sorted yet mate? If not you can send the processor to me for testing if you would like to, we can narrow down faults I’ve also got the same game so can test Roms at the same time if you want to send the Rom card. Hopefully you can get it running soon 👍
  2. BarcrestPlayers

    JPM 90s lover

    Same first thing I do is get the battery off 👍
  3. BarcrestPlayers

    JPM 90s lover

    Just curious cause my mate said his processor came up an error then he removed the battery and then the card worked. (No damage!)
  4. BarcrestPlayers

    JPM 90s lover

    I still don’t think it’s the processor faulty. Can you take a picture of the motherboard below the processor it looks corroded there, I also heard that impacts can stop working if the battery is flat @MattyL is this true?
  5. BarcrestPlayers

    Barcrest crystal maze

    It working mate? Be nice to see gameplay of it when up and running fully
  6. BarcrestPlayers

    Barcrest crystal maze

    @warlordoh the quiz one not the awp.. quiz is also a good game but there’s a few different programs on them edit: I suppose it’s more of an arcade machine rather than a Quiz
  7. BarcrestPlayers

    Impact 1 motherboards repairs and discussion

    I’ve got lucky then! Bought quite a few untested ones and they have always worked 👍
  8. BarcrestPlayers

    Impact 1 motherboards repairs and discussion

    Seem to be very reliable these, never had one break. (Except 1 one that was badly corroded)
  9. BarcrestPlayers

    JPM Indiana Jones - Tokens

    I think @BF74 is ron Clark here
  10. BarcrestPlayers

    JPM Indiana Jones - Tokens

    Ron Clark on Facebook
  11. BarcrestPlayers

    MPU5 Programme Card

    Was the program card you replaced it with a Star Wars the new hope card?
  12. BarcrestPlayers

    JPM Indiana Jones - Tokens

    Yes if you have a good amount of them I’ll have 20 quid worth to 👍
  13. BarcrestPlayers

    JPM Indiana Jones - Tokens

    Save some for me 🤣
  14. BarcrestPlayers

    JPM Indiana Jones - Tokens

    Got the mech updated was programmed for brass 20p Tokens
  15. BarcrestPlayers

    JPM Indiana Jones - Tokens

    Would only need a few at first to test the machine and see if it takes tokens. How much for 20? Or 10 and a few mixed etc just want to make sure the machine will accept them before buying a load 👍