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  1. Hi Pete,

    Do you have any machines for sale ?



  2. hotbmw

    Wanted !

    Hello all, ideally WINSPRINT, or lite a nudge, eachway shuff, nudge double up etc etc Let me know what you have for sale, will pay good money Cheers Reg
  3. hotbmw


    Wow, what a collection ! for sale ?
  4. hotbmw


    Another nice one, how much ?
  5. hotbmw


    Lovely, for sale ?
  6. hotbmw

    Wanted !

    Hi all, consider any JPM, bell fruit etc, Eachway nudger, nudge double up, Lite a nudge, Winsprint, Top sprint, anything similar etc Cheers Reg
  7. hotbmw

    wanted Topsprint or Winsprint

    Hi all, Still looking for one of these if anyone knows please...................... Cheers Reg
  8. hotbmw

    looking for any of these......

    Here is a Q for you experts ! Does tuppeny nudger mps 1 version from about 1983-85 have a hold function or not ? Cheers
  9. hotbmw

    looking for any of these......

    Thanks R R, In work so will have a look after, cheers
  10. hotbmw

    Noisy reels on spin until warmed up

    LOL Thanks, I am a refinery engineer, and it feels like it needs lube ! I just can't see exactly where too ! if that makes sense.... a little spray and it will be fine - just cannot without stripping see where to point the gun !!! Sounds sexy, I know................ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. hotbmw

    looking for any of these......

    Hi Road, OK, send me some pics of winsprint/ topsprint Cheers Reg
  12. hotbmw

    Noisy reels on spin until warmed up

    Thanks Road, No way of lubricating ? Cheers Reg
  13. hotbmw

    looking for any of these......

    Hi Road, Mail me some pics ? drduncanddd@yahoo.co.uk Show me what you have for sale please Thanks
  14. Hi Guys, I have a JPM reel bingo, working great, when started up the reels are a little noisy, after 20 or so spins the noise goes. Is there a way from opening the back to spray WD or similar into the bearings ? I have had a quick look but it seems very difficult to see the actual bearings/ shafts Thanks in advance Reg