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  1. Juuunx2


    Some fantastic machines there. I used to lose a fortune on those back in the day. Now I spend a fortune trying to get them......
  2. Juuunx2

    Hi everybody

    Welcome I hope you find what your looking for. I’m not sure about that one sorry.
  3. It went for more than £900 as I was outbid at £915 🙄
  4. Juuunx2


    Many thanks all who responded. ian says he can’t cover NE. will take at look at moody logistics thanks Digby much appreciated Mart
  5. Juuunx2


    Good evening all. can anyone recommend a decent courier to deliver a machine from Newcastle to Cambs please... tried Ian but doesn’t cover the NE. Tganks in advance Mart
  6. Do you still have Crown J? What coins is it on please and where is your location? Mart
  7. Juuunx2

    Line up bottom glass strip bulb

    Ah thanks Wizard much appreciated will get a couple on order. Mart
  8. Juuunx2

    Line up bottom glass strip bulb

    Ok thanks Wizzad. Any idea of the normal wattage on these please? thanks in advance
  9. Juuunx2

    Line up bottom glass strip bulb

    Evening chaps can anyone tell me where to source an mpu3 short cab bottom strip light like ion line up or others please. Also after a red hex display for SLU also. any help appreciated Mart
  10. Juuunx2

    10PM coin alarm ?

    Yep tried that seems to have cleared itself now but happens quite a lot from start up
  11. Juuunx2

    10PM coin alarm ?

    Hi chaps anyone had 10PM coin alarm fault come up on boot up mpu3 chances unlimited please regards Mart
  12. Juuunx2

    Hello from Ireland

    Welcome aboard the good ship Mecca
  13. Juuunx2

    Nudges unlimited

    Looks a lovely machine 👍
  14. Juuunx2


    Looks in good shape to me Dazza great machine . Would love to add another BWB machine to my collection. They don’t come up for grabs very often. I have Rat Race and Banker. Both highly playable. Enjoy Mart
  15. Juuunx2


    Loved win-a-gain too be honest and cashcade which was also around then. Quality additive machines.