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  1. RoadHogMad

    Bell Fruit PSU FUSES

    Hi, I am replacing the fuses on a Bell Fruit PSU Scorpian 2, does anyone know the order of amps etc the and which fuses go in which. Looks like I have to replace 6 fuses, 2 at the back near the psu switch and 4 on the card bit. Fanks.
  2. RoadHogMad

    BFM - PSU

    Dunno if you can tell anything from the pictures
  3. RoadHogMad

    BFM - PSU

    Pretty sure I was quoted £12 with them when I checked, hence me saying is it just worth sending the board
  4. RoadHogMad

    BFM - PSU

    FRUIT58, is it possible just to extract the board with the capacitors on and send that to you? The whole unit will cost about £30 for a 2 way post.
  5. RoadHogMad

    BFM - PSU

    Had it on for 1/2 day at the weekend, fired it up on Monday evening and it booted straight away, maybe it needed a run!
  6. RoadHogMad

    BFM - PSU

    Are you about the big blue things in it that look like them large c batteries?
  7. RoadHogMad

    BFM - PSU

    Yes on the first attempt, I plug it in, 30 seconds later it boots up and works fine. It's like it needs to warm up first.
  8. RoadHogMad

    BFM - PSU

    I took a gamble and got one off ebay, 32.50 inc. postage, takes 30 seconds to show any sign of life, and then works! I don't know if that is the norm but it is working so I am happy with it.
  9. RoadHogMad

    Wanted, a new machine

    I have recently passed on 2 machines and am looking for something else, something around the late 80's - 90's, is anyone selling anything?
  10. RoadHogMad

    BFM Cops N Robbers, DEAD PSU

    OK, i'll get around to sending it to you.
  11. RoadHogMad

    BFM Cops N Robbers, DEAD PSU

    Too early for fosters lol. Yes I'm on about the psu, you fixed the board on it. But I'm 99% sure the psu has died on it. I wasn't sure if you could mend psus
  12. RoadHogMad

    BFM Cops N Robbers, DEAD PSU

    I didn't think there would be battery damage on a power supply unit
  13. RoadHogMad

    BFM Cops N Robbers, DEAD PSU

    "This is a job for fruit man" lol I can tell you all you need to know about buses etc. But not electronics!
  14. RoadHogMad

    Maygay epoch Training Video

    Where was that tape dug up from lol
  15. RoadHogMad

    BFM Cops N Robbers, DEAD PSU

    My mate Fruit58, if you're able to fix I'll send it over to you with the usual beer tokens 🍺😁