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  1. evo1

    Treasure Hunt (Maygay MMM) Classic

    Thank you, hopefully Rio Gambler will turn up one day??? This is why i did this machine cause as you said, its basically the same machine. Used to play both BITD but tended to play RIO more. Cant find no pictures,flyers,videos anywere☹️ Just to see a picture would be great. Again thanks for your feed back and lets hope one day Rio Gambler turns up!
  2. Been in the scene long enough now so had a go at doing a layout. My first classic layout Maygay's Treasure Hunt (MMM) Thanks goto Paulgee - (Mpu Mecca) for resources/pictures and roms without these this would of not been possible. Vectra666 - for the blank bmp and explaining how to make the reels up Reg - for sticking with me on them 3 chests!!! Amusements/Frig - for playtesting Wizard - for finding the nudge up button & bringing us the emulator to play these game on Treasure Hunt Maygay MMM £1.50-2p.7z ENJOY!!
  3. evo1

    Bouncer DX (JPM) System80

    Many thanks to all involved in this 80's classic saved for all to enjoy.
  4. Really great photos there thanks for the upload. Nice to see history like this.
  5. evo1

    Hi Ho Silver DX

    Just like to say a big thank you to all involved on this, Paulgee, Jonno, Spa and Ploggy. although not one iv played from the £4.80 era when they was around still looking forward to having a play. Again a big thank you for every bit here a great team effort that is really appreciated across fme land.
  6. evo1

    Cash n' carry classic

    Many thanks for this,as said before in another topic a machine that i had played when i was 12 many moons ago and never thought i would remember what it was let a lone play again
  7. evo1

    Top Streak DX

    Well after you released Fortune Trail i thought that would be it for a while. Then BANG!! you've hit us with another cracker. Even though am over 40 which i don't like saying,i never seen this one/play it,so its a bonus for me. JPM at its best. Thanks go to: Alex1974 Launton Nick Sulzer Road Runner and yourself Ploggy as ever.
  8. Well f**k me,that's it!!! Back in 1984 i lived down Brighton i would be 11 years old and for those that know west street it was full of arcades and i always use to play on this machine and ever since getting into FME and joining mecca i look thought countless pictures for anything that could jog my memory,all i could remember about it was its small and it was 5 plays for 10p. So with not much info trying to ask the community and get an answer was second to none (it would be like trying to find a picture of Maygays Rio Gambler). But,well thats it the machine that after all these years of looking at endless photos to find this machine and know that i wasn't going mad,and as a youth i did play this thing and not dream. Many thanks for the pictures and the video so many memory's and nice to see the roms getting dumped maybe one day see a ploggy DX. Thank you and a nice find.
  9. evo1

    Fortune Trail DX

    It may of been a while but if your going to hit us with a layout like that then don't rush back on your next one😉 A big thank you to all the above Alex74, Louie Bee, riche100, Road Runner and of course yourself Ploggy for such a classic saved.
  10. evo1

    MFME video cab project for sale

    i Click on the link and all i get is, Sorry, you don't have permission for that!is this a locked area or have i not donated enough???? to gain access. Which also brings me to my next question about the downloads area. Was there years ago an area where members uploaded there layouts? i seem to remember me downloading some layouts from here, and not from posts
  11. evo1

    DX'Cellent Update

    That's great news Dave glad you've been able to get somewhere to host your work,and a thank you to Reg for helping to move to scene forward.
  12. I noticed this last night on Dave's site as i was checking that flash cash was where i download it from,cause my folders/layouts are all over the place at the mo with updates to mfme and old layouts getting reworked,well i try and put things in to some sort of order, to find old layouts missing! All for moving forward/change thats how great opportunities open up. Just look how mfme over the last two years has changed and how members are now bringing videos channels to promote mfme. I myself dont do facebook and never have dont wont to end up like my lady! every spare 5mins she gets on the f*&cking thing,phone stuck her face. Does my box in facebook was in a way a great idea,but people over time use social media the wrong way and its become the norm,(causing trouble,backstabbing,bitchiness) i dont wish to be apart of that shit TBH. I would much rather go out with my lady or anyone for a day without the phone being tied to the face and have a conversation!!!!(sorry rant over on facebook and off topic there) I wish dave well in moving forward and producing the excellent work we've all known to love and look foreword to hopefully some nice new reworks of some old layouts. Dave
  13. evo1

    Viva Espana Wdx's

    Thank you Mr C, for these as said before nice to see old fruit machines getting a re-vamp/new life. Plus layout creators willing to spend time redoing. I myself much prefer these sort to the new stuff,much more game play. Well pleased with how them are looking,as just been looking back at some of the same machine that was done all them years ago in fme land. Thanks again Tommy.
  14. evo1


    The first machine the introduced me to the iconic project range,Many memories of trying to get that pocket full tokens steak!! Artwork is stunning as ever! Thanks to jonno for the resources without such people these layouts would not be possible.
  15. evo1

    Werner Lass Kesseln! Scorpion4 German

    Not download yet. But would like to say happy new year to you lot over there!