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  1. evo1

    Monopoly Walk Of Wealth Roms?

    Have to agree, Meme 3 may have started on the wrong foot to most members but at least he/she is trying and no matter how people keep trying to put the he/she down, keeps coming back! Which is more then in fairness to 1500ish members on DIF and FE cant be arsed to say THANK YOU! for the hard work that goes in to MAKING A LAYOUT
  2. evo1

    Bell Fruit closing

    Thanks for the info, but more important THANK YOU for the Bezel and more importantly the tour on saturday and the talk, really did put a smile on may face and took me back to my younger days. Such nice people about willing to share great history from the past. THANK YOU AGAIN.😉 hope to talk soon it was a pleasure.
  3. evo1

    just got this

    Thank you both for the info it really is appreciated, its the 30 pulse thing in the video that got me thinking. Now its being cleared up will pass on the info.
  4. evo1

    just got this

    Bit of a long shot but can some confirm/know that Bust Out pays 10p tokens when you get jackpot, as the video seems to indicate this. Plus with the age of the machine not sure if 20p tokens was out yet?????? but not sure. Many thanks
  5. evo1

    Mazooma Stag Night

    Thank you Player for sharing resources here to the community, it really is appreciated and am sure that which ever DX'er who is good enough and takes these on will do them justice.
  6. evo1

    Bell-Fruit Bell Trail

    Nice happy ending.👍
  7. evo1

    Fire Cracker DX - BFM - Black Box

    You are right you do need to be a member. Hi Mate, just pop across to Desert island fruit and join up you will be more than welcome it only takes a couple of mins.
  8. evo1

    Clickity Click - JPM (SYS 80)

    A big thanks to all involved in bringing this 80's JPM goodness to the scene. THANK YOU. MERRY CHRISTMAS.
  9. evo1

    JPM Poolplay classic

    Ya and Dan told me he was just learning😯 Very nice classic Dan. Thank you for your time in putting this together great stuff.
  10. Two Step Bellfruit (Blackbox) 10p/£3 Thanks goto Road Runner (Mpu Mecca) for roms and topic on (two step project) using pictures as reference. Hitthesix for advice on getting roms loaded/running. Vectra666 for advice in some graphical issue on the fruits. Stevelancett (Mpu Mecca) for youtube video for reference. Extra Thanks Danno (Mpu Mecca) for play testing and going though blackbox tech and learning me some new things THANK YOU. Thanks as always to Wizard for making all this possible. Two Step BFM Blackbox 10p £3.zip Use 19.8 Enjoy.
  11. evo1

    Treasure Hunt (Maygay MMM) Classic

    Thank you, hopefully Rio Gambler will turn up one day??? This is why i did this machine cause as you said, its basically the same machine. Used to play both BITD but tended to play RIO more. Cant find no pictures,flyers,videos anywere☹️ Just to see a picture would be great. Again thanks for your feed back and lets hope one day Rio Gambler turns up!
  12. Been in the scene long enough now so had a go at doing a layout. My first classic layout Maygay's Treasure Hunt (MMM) Thanks goto Paulgee - (Mpu Mecca) for resources/pictures and roms without these this would of not been possible. Vectra666 - for the blank bmp and explaining how to make the reels up Reg - for sticking with me on them 3 chests!!! Amusements/Frig - for playtesting Wizard - for finding the nudge up button & bringing us the emulator to play these game on Treasure Hunt Maygay MMM £1.50-2p.7z ENJOY!!
  13. evo1

    Bouncer DX (JPM) System80

    Many thanks to all involved in this 80's classic saved for all to enjoy.
  14. Really great photos there thanks for the upload. Nice to see history like this.
  15. evo1

    Hi Ho Silver DX

    Just like to say a big thank you to all involved on this, Paulgee, Jonno, Spa and Ploggy. although not one iv played from the £4.80 era when they was around still looking forward to having a play. Again a big thank you for every bit here a great team effort that is really appreciated across fme land.