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  1. shaun2097

    Hot shot classic

    Thank You
  2. shaun2097

    Extremely distorted sound

    looking at yours and mine avatars, i can tell were going to get along just fine! lol.
  3. shaun2097

    Pcp - Crazy Coyote Classics

    thank you.
  4. shaun2097

    Impact 3 mpu e31 payout rem error

    when u replaced the MOBO, are you 100% all the looms are correctly seated and no miss/bent pins? esp on the payout loom at the MOBO end?
  5. shaun2097

    Impact 3 mpu e31 payout rem error

    just a guess, but "payout assembely removed" check the payout tube assembely is fully inserted...its all on one drawer below the tubes, held in place with a wing nut......
  6. shaun2097

    12v meter alarm on my Barcrest Lucky Strike

    your back door switch MIGHT be wired up incorrectly...the previous owner(s) may have changed the order of the wires on the back door switch to try and fix the 12v alarm (possibly) when you take your back door off, the machine thinks its in "closed door" mode (hence the 12v meter alarm) when you put the back door back on the machine, it thinks your in "door open" mode (hence, no payouts) its been a long time since i serviced machines in the field, so ive no idea what the correct connections are anymore. im sure someone here can help...if you have the manual, it may help also... "IF" it is incorrect wireing (it might not be!) and you wire it up correctly, It will NOT fix the 12v issue.... (it may just be a faulty meter. get another one, and change them out, 1 by 1, until you find the faulty meter) good luck....
  7. shaun2097

    Let's talk tools!

    A brain and a pair of hands....best tools in my toolbox!
  8. shaun2097

    Let's talk tools!

    😁black marker pen.....best tool. fixes all imperfections. 😁
  9. shaun2097

    Jolly Roger (extreme) £25 Dx

  10. shaun2097

    Ghost Buster (BWB)

  11. shaun2097

    Round the Bend DX

    Thank you.
  12. shaun2097

    Fortune Trail DX

    thank you so much.
  13. shaun2097

    Jpm Fortune Trail (classic)

    this is one of my top 10 all time favorite machines.....its making me feel like a kid again, just from looking at the pics!!! ill look forward to the DX...nice one @ploggy