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  1. shaun2097

    Hi-Lights DX

    that looks bloody awesome....
  2. shaun2097

    Bfm's countdown classic

    thank you
  3. shaun2097

    Jpm Bouncer (Classic update)

    Thank You
  4. shaun2097

    Fruit machine sessions

    i like to play with mine each morning, night and every time i go for a piss.......and if i owned a fruit machine, i would play with that as well.
  5. shaun2097

    Can anyone identify this machine

    im 99.9% sure its SYSTEM 5. MFME has a layout running on SYSTEM 5 also....so now im a 100% certain.
  6. shaun2097

    What are These?

    for a pic of the SP-ACE mpu, see here...
  7. shaun2097

    Simpsons maygay m1a help

    are there any tokens in the 20p token tube?, and if there are, are you sure they are all sitting flat, and not "on end" near the token level switches on the tube?
  8. shaun2097

    Can you identify this?

    maygay...moon bug?
  9. shaun2097

    the fruity holy grail

    i would be deeply thankfull. thanks.
  10. shaun2097

    the fruity holy grail

    oh wow, what a delight this layout is... 10/10. what the hell else of fruitworkz layouts did i miss out on... ? it really is a top notch job. MPU3 was my era, proper, so i love this.. thanx again
  11. shaun2097

    the fruity holy grail

    thank you for this. it appreciated.
  12. shaun2097

    the fruity holy grail

    where can find that one? ive just rechecked at here, dads, fruit emu and google, but i cant see a fruitworkz layout there, for this machine. ive seeen his exchanges galore though. nice.
  13. shaun2097

    the fruity holy grail

    yes, i would be very happy to wait...
  14. shaun2097

    the fruity holy grail

    the first 5 machines in that "line up" , ......thats my childhood right there...... id piss a ballock to own those 5... great pic.. any chance of some good clear pics of exchanges unlimited glass pls Ian?....the are no layouts (that i know of) with any super clear pics.... thanks.