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  1. Hi there, I got a supa money ace system one(Dutch machine) , and when i power up the display shows P0.60 After i pressed collect button the machine boots up and is working. Whats is P0.60 battery error? And how do i turn on the attractive light, in the manual there is no dipswitch setting for that. I hope you can help me Thanks
  2. barrye32

    Searching sp. Ace service manual

    I did a donation but no manuals or links
  3. barrye32

    Searching sp. Ace service manual

    I have some problems with a ace fruitmachine the board is damaged by a leaking battery And now searching for a manual/schematic for this board
  4. barrye32

    sp ace tech

    I dont know,cant find anything about 100 post
  5. barrye32

    New lady member needing help

    @ stephanie Check the connector on the hopper, the solder will crack, reflow the solder and your error is gone
  6. barrye32

    sp ace tech

    Donate button was not visible on a android Phone haha I used a laptop and make a donation now How long will it take for the donation is accepted?
  7. barrye32

    sp ace tech

    How do i get this manual I get a error if i want to download it Can someone please help
  8. barrye32

    ACE Swop Shop (Sp-ace)

    Nice machine, i love ace machines Have anyone a service manual/schematic for the sp-ace mainboard for me?
  9. barrye32

    Note Acceptor

    Try eBay
  10. barrye32

    letters missing on disply

    Can you do a display test, and check al the cables on display and mainboard
  11. barrye32

    Changed monitor on B3 Elvis RIO and now no video

    Great to hear you solved the problem
  12. barrye32

    help needed with this board

    The hole board was wrong 😡 As the manual say the machine needed a Pluto 5 mpu not a mpu what i had But Nearbye my Home there was a Astra machine thats was broken Only the Pluto5 board was good, so a buy this machine for a few euro's and place the working board in the Luxor Now the game is running, only fixing some things and cleaning ðŸ‘👠Thanks for the help
  13. barrye32

    Changed monitor on B3 Elvis RIO and now no video

    So you have 2 problems ? The screen is not working and the touchscreen is not working ? I think you did something wrong with the disassemble of the touchscreen Run the procedure again and check everything (cables) Make pictures of it for yourself So by a misstake you can see your pictures Good luck
  14. barrye32

    help needed with this board

    Fpga with the same code also found Now fingers crossed Anybody nows where to find those cash falls coins
  15. barrye32

    help needed with this board

    Manual and software/roms found... One eprom missing a part of software Maybe and i am hopeful the fruitmachine will boot with the new eproms I get them wednesday, so i let you know