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  1. cashbox2

    Top Streak DX

    ploggy yet again you pull a corker out of the hat mate..... another superb classic for the sys80 collection,thanks mate
  2. cashbox2


    thank you
  3. cashbox2

    BWB - LUCKY LADY 2p / £1.50

    many thanks Orchid mate
  4. cashbox2

    Fruit machine flyers

    nice collection there mate...some real classics
  5. cashbox2

    Sinbad BWB German mpu4

    thank you
  6. cashbox2

    Jpm Silver Ghost

    oh my.... happy days with this one... ive shoved a couple of hundred "virtual" quid through this...plays exactly as i remember it, loves to drop the 7`s and isnt stingy on lower wins either,Statto,i think that Golden Ghost is the only one we are missing now,it was a clone of Golden Steppa,but without the bonus reel. just to throw another one into the pot, JPM also did another very similar machine ( almost identical sound samples) called Golden Bars.... anyone remember it ??
  7. cashbox2

    Free Bee mpu4 machine

    that artwork wont want too much doing to it for a dx if the roms are about
  8. cashbox2

    Jpm Silver Ghost

    Alex you legend ! fantastic mate, the ultimate tokens to cash machine lives again :D thank you
  9. cashbox2

    Step 'n' Skip [BWB]

    many thanks Steve
  10. cashbox2

    Indego machine need help building

    would make a stonking mame cabinet
  11. cashbox2

    WIP - Step 'n' Skip - [BWB]

    looks fantastic Steve....looking forward to its release
  12. cashbox2

    Crown Jester (Famous Games)

    what a corker this one`s going to be....fantastic stuff
  13. cashbox2

    Jpm Silverbonanza

    fantastic alex,thanks mate
  14. cashbox2

    New arrival

    sheer magic,thanks for the video
  15. cashbox2

    Jackpot and the Beanstreak dx

    fantastic thanks vecs